Future Reacting To Demonic Accusations Is Hysterical!

Future Reacting To Demonic Accusations Is Hysterical!

Future Reacting To Demonic Accusations Is Hysterical! Transcript

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What up, I’m Rob Level. And first I’m going to give you his brand new info about future. Then I’m going to tell you how you can apply these diamonds from this Future information, how you can apply it to your music career for yourself, your friends, artists you manage no matter what you can you smarter. Hey, check this out real quick.

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So read this DM. Future said you got all them freaked out demonic energies in your studio, do better. Stay blessed. I mean you say do better. I just realized she said, I did not read that the first time. Future responded, shut your broke ass up hoe. I love it. Yeah. All right. And then she said, Laugh my ass off.

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Damn, not that, praying for you. You are one of my favorite artists. Don’t be mean. I’m not your enemy. Well don’t tell him to do better. First of all, he is doing better. Just go to church and shut the fu… I probably would have said the same thing. So what can we learn from this that you can apply to your music career?

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Now, this is one thing I’ve learned myself that this really solidifies for me, that you can’t respond to someone that you think is being a hater. She wasn’t purposefully being a hater. She was actually wishing him well, wishing him to, you know, be a better person, which she felt like there was demonic-ness inside of his music when she heard some of it.

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She’s a fan. She’s following him. She DM’d. Okay. She’s from Atlanta. There’s like a love there. I went there, looked at her profile, all that research and stuff to. Like there’s times where something I’ll say something to me in a DMS not there is times. There’s not times anymore. There used to be a bunch of times somebody would say something to me and then I would take it as an insult.

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And then sometimes, I would ignore the message thinking that it was somebody hating. And they DM’d later in the second one was saying how much of a fan that they were. So then the previous one sort of realized it’s about the perspective of how you read these DMS and you’re going to get a lot of these DMS from people that are haters as people that, you know, just last week DM me and said, that’s why you father’s dead.

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People do that. People send those DMS, you’re going to get them. When you’re established, you will have haters. There’s no way around that. Okay, But you’re going to have way more fans than you have haters. And remember, you can always convert a hater into a fan. And on the other side, you can always lose a fan. If you do something, ok? You can still take that as a lesson as well.

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But really, though, please try to take it from a perspective. If you see somebody, they feel like they’re hating it, the message just has keywords in it that feels like it could be hating. They may not be hating, they may be a fan. They took the time to DM you. Now certain comments clearly hating. You suck, suck that like like, oh no, like who cares, right?

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Remember to try to think from the perspective of somebody else. Maybe they didn’t mean it like that. Also make sure to check to see if the following you. Because I’ve done that before. I’m like, You’re following me while you’re hating on me. Exactly right. And then you realize they’re not hating, hating on me. Lesson two, superstars do see your DMS, kind of laugh it, especially when you’re a hot girl.

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Okay, I tell you right now, I check my DMS, if the girls the picture a little hot girl, I read the DM. Or if it’s a guy, I either assume it’s a fan or it’s somebody asking for something. There’s even people. I mean, it’s just ridiculous the amount of things that people would DM me. But the thing is though, is even at that level, no matter how many DMS you’re getting, you’re going to get your DMS seen by the celebrity.

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They’re going to see that DM in some way, shape or form, especially if the first line of text that you can see in the beginning, looks like something that they would want to read. So remember, if you ever send a DM, send it like that, take that as a lesson as well and, and that there is a chance that they’re just sitting on the toilet and they’re just going through the DMS.

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They might see your DM. Okay, just thrown that out there for you. They see them. I see them right, because I like responding to the fans, stuff like that. Not all the time. I don’t see all of them, but they might get seen, just throwing that out there. Hope you took some lessons away from this. Don’t think the fans are hating on you because they may not be.

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They may be a super fan even if they hating on you, say something nice that will convert them into a fan, something funny. You never know because you give them attention. They may fuel them, but if you do it in the right way, as nice as possible. I’ve immediately converted people in the fans. They’ve hated. They were like, oh no, I’m just kidding man.

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After I say something nice. Hey man it’s all good. I respect your opinion. People be like what the hell? I didn’t expect that. I was trying to make that mother fucker mad. Okay. I respect that. You know what I’m saying? That’s how that works. It happens, I’ve done it dozens of time’s. Probably 100 times I’ve done that, I learned to start saying nice things. Take that away, too, because who cares?

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What they said, they was having a bad day. Great, whatever. I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper. I have almost 150 master classes and I organized them so that now as bundles for starter, advanced and serious level to organize for artists like you so no matter where you are in your music career, I can help you get where you want to go.

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Remember, it took me like seven years to build all this stuff and it’s helped tens of thousands of music artists just like you have got my programs right, and I have some for as little as $3. Either way, I got free cheat sheets so go to a musicindustryshortcut.com/programs or it’s going to be a link in the description that will bring you over there.

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All right. Hit me with a subscribe, hit me with a like. Hit me with some comments. Let me know what you think about this. Keep hustling gang and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

Future Reacting To Demonic Accusations Is Hysterical!

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