Get Comments On Instagram! (5 Times Your Instagram Comments)

Get Comments On Instagram

1) Comment back to every person who comments on your posts. This doubles your comments

2) Every time you make a post that uses hashtags, you get likes from pages that randomly see it in the hashtags.
But then they leave your page, and never come back.

What you want to do, is every time you see someone who liked your photo after you posted, go to their page, like 3 pictures and comment on 1 picture saying something nice. Now they will reciprocate, come back to your page and most likely follow.
If you don’t do this, well, they may never come back. Do it while it’s fresh in their mind.

3) Use fill in the blank posts in the captions. It entices people to get involved with the post especially if you can make it funny. “Yesterday I ate _____ and it gave me _____” lol

4) Start your post off with 5 Comments that are all different colored Emojis – it increases attention when it’s in the feed

5) Use calls to actions in your captions, ASK for people to comment
Use calls to actions in your ACTUAL picture / comment your favorite/like if you/

6) *Tell people to CAPTION THIS for a chance to get shouted out * Then you simply caption their photo

7) Create a group

8) Jumping back to #1 but a slick trick is that when you respond to some1, ask them a question so they have to respond back AGAIN and it gets a conversation going that other people might join into as well.

9) write valuable captions – Don’t just say, “HERES THIS PICTURE” – Look at my captions, they are all inspirational and people make comments saying “This is just what I needed today, Thank you” it gives people reason to interact with photos and comment

10) Tag friends ON the photo itself

12) USE SOFTWARE to comment and like other people’s pictures so that they respond. I use a software that likes 1000’s of pictures a day and can follow 500-1000 people… while I’m sleeping. I wake up with more likes and follows.

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