10 Secrets To Get Likes On Instagram (3 Times The Instagram Likes!)

10 Secrets To Get Likes On Instagram

How do I know how to to get likes on Instagram? Well all of my pictures get 8-14k likes every time I post.

Stay till the end of the video for number ten secret tip.

I’m Rob Level, and this is how to get likes on Instagram

1) Don’t like the comments on your photos until you post your NEXT photo, it alerts people to come back to your page, then they see your new picture or video. THey already commented on your LAST picture, they are sure to come to your profile and like the new one

2) when you make ANY post, put your own name in the caption – people are more prone to clicking to your profile through that instead of through clicking your actual name up above. According to sprout social doing this increases interaction by over 50%

I know this works because this is another reason shout outs do so well for big pages. They mention each other and people at the very least click to the profile to check it out.

Doing this will increase the chances someone comes to your page, therefore more picture likes

3) like every photo in your feed EVEN IF you normally wouldn’t – reciprocation – reminds ppl of you
comment on every photo in your feed if you can – has the same affect as the previous tip

4) write valuable captions – Don’t just say, “HERE’S THIS PICTURE” – Look at my captions, they are all inspirational and people make comments saying “This is just what I needed today, Thank you” it gives people reason to interact with photos and comment. People can like your photo for the value of the caption even if they don’t really like the photo. So you double your chances of getting a like.

Know human color psycology to increase clicks, pictures with BLUE tints actually get a high like rate so does green and orange. This is because the human brain associates those 3 colors with happiness.

5) Connect your Instagram account to your Twitter and Facebook. This way every time you post, it posts to those as well and reminds your followers to check up on you on Instagram. therefore giving you more Instagram likes

6) DM at least 10 people a day saying something uplifting – they then go and like a few of your pictures

7) Figure out your perfect posting time, this is when your picutre is going to get seen by MOST of your audience. If you post when it’s PEAK time for your audience, you may get swept away about 40 photos deep from all the people they follow and they never even get a chance to see your photo or video. So figure that out and increase your likes by upwards of 40%. Morning posts, after lunch posts and after 5PM posts when people are home and on their phone.

8) Don’t post low resolution photos – No one wants to like them, so why would they

9) Every time you post a picture and post hashtags, go back to your photo, go to the hashtags you just posted, and like 10-20 pictures for each hashtag.

The law of reciprocity here helps you get more likes since you are liking a picture in the same niche.
If you make this a habit You’ll be liking about 150-200 pictures every time you make a post. That is 200 people that will now wonder who just liked their picture and possibly come to your profile and do the same thing

10) Set up software to automatically like 1,000 pictures a day and watch your Instagram likes, comments and follows go up 10 times faster.


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