The Top 4 Things That Will Make You An Amazingly Successful Rapper

how to be a good rapper

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Good Rappers Understand What They Stand For

Why are you even making music in the first place?

Where does that inspiration comes from that allows you to relentlessly keep chipping away at your solid piece of marble that is to become the masterpiece statue you will be?

how to be a good rapper fastKnowing what you stand for builds your mentality to continue growing and be something more than just a ‘Rapper’. I stopped considering myself a rapper a long long time ago, I am a mf artist, I create ART.

I’m sure you would agree with me saying the statement that “There is a huge difference between a RAPPER and an ARTIST.” When I see a RAPPER calling himself an artist… I want to smack him or spit in his mouth. lol sorry for the aggressive words but it’s infuriating for someone to consider the garbage they release ART when really it’s just a dumb ass screaming about drugs and gettin money on a beat.

This person has NO substance. He is just trying to fit in with what he thinks is cool at the time. This is the same guy that would probably rap just like Nicki Minaj if it was considered cool for guys to do.

You have to have a PURPOSE in your words and with your approach so that people have a reason to Rally behind you and even more importantly they have a reason to STAY behind you through tough times.

Find your purpose and you will eventually find success.

Being yourself helps you grow faster, because you are naturally being who YOU ARE and how can you get better at being someone else faster?

Having a purpose will help you get up every single day with no reason to sleep in. Trust me… I hop out of bed like I slept 12 hours even if I only slept 4, which is usually the case.

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Understand Hip Hop Is Primarily Based Around Culture, Not Talent. 

A lot of rappers aren’t actually GOOD rappers. What?!?!? Yea…. it’s true though. A bunch of rappers are actually only ‘HOT’ because they represent a piece of culture and people follow them.

Chief Keef hasn’t been hot since his first release. I can’t think of a single song he has had since ‘Love Sosa’ or ‘I Don’t Like’. I listen to every rap artist new releases and there hasn’t been 1 hot song. A few decent ones, but nothing good enough that should warrant a MASSIVE fan base continuing to follow an artist who hasn’t evolved and has actually gotten somewhat progressively worse.

Now I’m not saying this to down him, he is probably trying, I’m saying this to use an example in Hip Hop that is very large so you can clearly see what I mean when I say you need to ‘Understand The Culture’ if you are asking yourself “How To Be A Good Rapper”.

Another example would be Trinidad James…. or ASAP Rocky.

Trinidad-James rapper ASAP Rocky

My entire mission is to create my own culture and my own rule book so people follow me and feel like they are a part of something different, not something that’s already the same as everything else.

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Find The Image For YOU, Not Someone Else.

Along with understanding the culture is understanding your image has a big part in how people see you. What do you represent? There is a reason why when a white rapper dresses like he is completely black he looks stupid as fuck.

You can be from the hood but that doesn’t mean your culture is black culture. It needs to be the culture of who you are and what you are creating, not what others have created around you that you are mimicking to fit in.

I used to dress like a total wigger, baggy clothes, chains and everything just to fit into my environment since I was literally the only white kid there was in my entire school. I always looked stupid as fuck but I felt less stupid wearing that around those kids than I felt wearing normal clothes I should have been wearing.

I’m getting a bit off topic… but you need to find who YOU ARE. Don’t copy others… test styles and test looks in order to answer the question “How To Be A Good Rapper”

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A Good Rapper Will Practice All Of Their Skill Sets 

1) Multismicrophone_icon
2) Flow
3) Punchlines
4) Choruses

The practice isn’t only to keep sharp and stay on top of your game, but to continue growing and get better and better and better. You can see in my How To Write Rap Lyrics Like A Genius Course that I write MINIMUM 1 hour a day. It’s pretty obvious I don’t NEED TOO, but I do it anyways because It keeps me growing.

I not only have more and more lyrics everyday stock piled to choose from the hottest lyrics, but I also learn more and get better and stay ahead of everyone who isn’t practicing. I’m not where I am today from sitting around doing nothing.

how to be a good rapper

If you want to check out the How To Write Rap Lyrics Like A Genius [Course] that comes with 3 hours of video training go here:

At the time of writing this I have literally sold nearly 100 of these courses and they just released a few weeks ago. Nothing but incredible reviews on them so far because people’s minds are blown when they actually learn 10 years of writing technique in a matter of a few hours.

Now this is a staple when asking “How to be a good rapper”. You need to be GREAT at your craft… no… You need to be AMAZING at your craft.

becoming a good rapper

How to be a good rapper can really be answered by you simply looking at all of the artist you respect and look up too. Why do you look up to them? That is what makes a good rapper. Learn from your idols and become a rival of your idols by working your ass off. I know I did.

– NovAK

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