Top 10 Tips To Make A Music Video Go Viral

how to make a music video go viral

How to make a music video go viral tips

1) Make sure it’s an amazing song 

This one is pretty obvious. I mean you can’t expect people to really like something that isn’t very good. If you want something to catch on and go viral, the obvious answer is for it to be your BEST work and nothing less. It has to be catchy and memorable and make people bob their head and look at their friend and smile as they do it.

This will definitely make people want to spread your music around, helping it go viral faster and faster.

2) Make sure it gives people an emotional response. 

Contagious book cover social proofJust like in the book ‘Contagious – Why things catch on’ that I recommended to you in a few articles, it is imperative that the song and video affect someone emotionally. When people are emotionally excited, no matter the emotion, they take action. Whether that action is to comment happy, comment angry etc.

There is a reason upsetting news travels 100 times faster than happy news. There is a reason people will share a funny song over a normal song. These things create emotional responses in us that make us share. If you can trigger those responses with your music and video, it will spread like crazy.

3) It should be relatable so people are more likely to share it 

It is similar to #2 because people are emotionally responsive when they can relate to something. If it is about their city, they will like it more. If it is about their sports team, they will like it more. If it is about their field of work, they will like it more or at least have an opinion that will warrant a comment or share or at least notice of it.

4) It Can Be More Video Than Song If Your Song Isn’t Amazing

As you can see, some of these tips are also suggestions. A well practiced one take live performance is always a very unique video for someone to see because it is rare anything is done in 1 take that is amazing. If you can do something really cool in your music video in 1 take, it will be a lot more likely to get shared.

A great example is Ok-Go who did that treadmill video. It’s 1 solid take of them jumping treadmill to treadmill. Their music isn’t even that great, but the video made them viral. Then they just tried to replicate their success by putting more focus into the videos than the music. Time after time they had videos that went viral, which lead to record sales and success.

5) Do A Song On Current Events And Make A Music Video For It

Current events are CURRENTLY touching on people’s emotions. It is on their mind and therefore has a better chance of going viral. This is a great tip on how to make a music video go viral. What is relevant right now? Can you make a song about it that will resonate with people?

6) Release More Content And Be Consistent To Gain Momentum

This one is a bit different but it’s something you need to realize. Sometimes your first idea, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th idea won’t work. You have to keep going and KEEP releasing content. On Smart Rapper I have mentioned being consistent probably 100 times.

You build momentum with each new release. You need to keep the videos coming for your current fans and new potential fans. You never know which new video will go viral. If you put hard work in to 10 videos instead of just 1 video… you have 10 times the chance to go viral, do you not?

7) Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) To Make Your Music Video Go Viral

SEO Search engine optimization

YouTube has it’s own way of setting up it’s algorithms a side from

What you need to learn is how to make sure your video will come up properly in not only searches for itself, but potentially other searches of HOT KEYWORDS. SEO will take you a few weeks to learn and get a handle on, but it is well worth it.

For instance, if I never taught myself SEO wouldn’t be getting 1,000s of page clicks a day. I generate TONS of traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. That isn’t accidental, that is because I put the work in to understand how and what to do to get that traffic.

You can apply the same principles to your music videos to help your music videos go viral.

8) When It’s Finished E-mail It To Blogs And Other Relevant Sites

You need to get it heard when it’s finished. It gets heard the fastest by other sites with audiences posting it up for people.

You can focus your marketing around whatever the video is about. For instance, if for some reason your music video takes place in a kitchen….. It doesn’t matter if the song is about food or not, you can possibly get a food blog to post about it.

200 rap blog email contactsIt is thinking outside of the box like that, that will gain you random fans that will add up. Most people wouldn’t think to promote sideways like that, but you never know who will post it. I will e-mail anyone… numerous times. Especially if they have a following and can potentially gain me fans. It’s called hustling, get in line.

Lastly, You can send it to all the music blogs in your genre. That’s the pretty obvious choice. I have a hand made list of over 200 Hip Hop blog’s Contact E-mails that you can use to send your music video out that you can cop here

9) Make Sure To TELL People What You Want Them To Do

This is called giving a CTA or Call To Action. If you don’t tell people what you want them to do…. they might not think to do it. So make sure you tell your fans ‘SHARE THIS’ or ‘COMMENT BELOW’. It’s the same reason at the end of every YouTuber’s video they will tell you to do things. If they don’t mention them, you may just click to the next video.

SmartRapper brings a lot of psychology into your music marketing. That’s what sets us apart from all of the other sites…. being smart. So be sure to check out more of the music marketing articles if you haven’t already.

10) Set Up Your Marketing To Market For Your Automatically 

I 100% believe that if you do not have marketing automation going that you are not only missing out on something that is absolutely genius, but that you are not a serious artist.

A serious music artist will take any opportunity they can to make sure they are getting heard anywhere and every where. They invest in themselves and use the right tools for success.

genius tip for rappers

So I recommend you start automating your Instagram using this

And I especially recommend you start automating your YouTube channel using this

These tools combined will give you the reach of over 4,000 potential new fans PER DAY. Even if you only gained 10 fans it would be worth it. Check those out and get serious before it’s too late.

And those are my tips on how to make a music video go viral.

wrapping up

Combine all of these and get your music heard!!! That’s all I really need to say about how to make a music video go viral. Be Smart!

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