How To Become A Ghostwriter For Rappers And Pop Music Artists

How To Become A Ghostwriter For Rappers And Pop Music Artists

1) To become a ghostwriter you must have credibility for being a good ghostwriter who makes good DEMOS

You probably know this and you probably think you are already at that level but the thing is… there is A LOT of people who are good at writing songs and want to be a ghostwriter.
To be a ghostwriter you are going to need to understand you WILL BE recording rough cuts of these songs.
If you are capable of creating incredibly good songs that are littered with amazing melodies or amazing bars… you need to be able to show the artist what it would sound like on a track.
They then hear that, know they can add their energy and sound to it and they then might buy the song from you.
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When I wrote Jordyn Jones’s first single that is now over 10 Million views, I made a demo for her song by mimicking what a 16-year-old girl might sound like on the track, then I pitched my voice up.
Their team loved it so much when they heard it they were in the studio with me and my team to record it within 48 hours.
Rappers even make demos of their own songs to show their team before they spend a ton of time perfecting the final one.

2) You gotta have a connection to the circle of the rapper to ghostwrite for a rapper

How are you going to get your songs into the ears of the artist who has 10,000 people trying to send them songs every day?
If you can infiltrate the circle you can more easily get yourself in there and get heard.
If you have those GREAT DEMOS that is a great start.
Because now you just need to get it into the hands of the artist you wrote the song for, right?
In order to get into circles of rappers to start getting your songs heard, I recommend you work from their outermost circle inwards.
You start with their cousin’s best friend and connect with him for a few weeks, then move to their direct cousin, then smoothly move your way into getting to know the main artist.
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All you need is for that artist to hear your song and like it.

3) You need consistently produce AMAZING SONGS to become a ghostwriter

If you think you are somebody special who can just write 100 songs and somehow you are amazing and write hits, you’re probably delusional and on a heavy amount of drugs.
If you are trying to be a songwriting/ghostwriter, you need to be just that. You need to be writing songs on a regular basis.
The reason for this isn’t only practice to get better… it’s so that if you ever get the opportunity to send an artist a song, you can say “Oh I know just the song!” because you have a large catalog of songs.
Write a song to show Drake, just in case, write a song specifically for Cardi B… The list goes on.

4) You don’t have to do this NOW, but consider it for your long term plan for becoming a ghostwriter. 

Place yourself somewhere that allows you to consistently be co-writing and collabing with other songwriters.
I am not saying move to Los Angeles or Atlanta… but if you want ghostwriting and songwriting to be your JOB and not a hobby…
Being somewhere that all the other songwriters and artist are allows you to be in the rooms with these artists and connect with them easier.
I’ve been in songwriting sessions with HUGE songwriters and ghostwriters. People that have written songs for Drake, J Coles Artist, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, James Brown, and the list goes on
I couldn’t have done this without being where these people are.

5) You need to get your BUSINESS Together for Ghostwriting so they don’t MURK You

In the songwriting industry if they know you don’t know your stuff… people WILL take advantage, take higher cuts, and try to screw you out of money. I’ve had people try to do that to my team many times.
Get your publishing together, copyright your music, learn how to make your demos and how to submit them without them getting stolen, and more.
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Lastly, if you are AMAZING at writing songs, record labels will actually sign you to a songwriting deal. They will move you to LA, give you a place to live, and pay you to write songs all day.
You should research that a bit if you are SERIOUS.
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