If You Drop A Song A Week Will You Blow Up?

If You Drop A Song A Week Will You Blow Up?

You have probably heard about Russ dropping a song a week to blow up or other artists doing this and seeing great results. So I really wanted to make a video and article on if this is one of the music marketing strategies that will work to blow an artist up.

There are pros and there are cons and it’s smart for any artist marketing their music to think about all of these things before they step their foot into this very work-heavy water.

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1) Number 1 – It’s going to drain your confidence fast. 

If you don’t have a fan base yet, you’ll be releasing a song a week to…. well, no one. And that lack of seeing streaming numbers on those songs will really hurt your confidence.
You need to be able to spend time preparing a marketing strategy for a song and a week between each one really doesn’t give you that time to help you get those numbers you deserve which brings me to number 2

Number 2) 1 week isn’t long enough to promote a song. 

If you believe in a song, you need to be CONSISTENTLY PROMOTING IT… even if you release a new song next month, you should still be promoting this month’s song as well.
So a weekly release isn’t really that smart if you want that song to get heard.
And if you go back to number 1, the last thing you want is to release a song and it not get those numbers you feel it deserved.

3) Hard to keep quality consistency when doing quantity. 

Making great songs usually takes time or at least time to come across the right beats and right hooks.
If you are forcing yourself to release a song every week, the chances of them being AMAZING instead of just being great is pretty low.
Because of this… Listeners would expect a sub-par song week after week since making amazing songs takes time and energy
You don’t want your audience to think all you ever release is “OKAY” music.
You’ll also have to worry about getting the song mixed, making an artwork for the song, and by the time you release one song you’re already preparing to release the next.
What I recommend is you consider releasing 1 song a month, but before you start that monthly release process, make 6 of your HOTTEST SONGS that are all single material.
This gives you a 6-month buffer to also be creating new music in that time frame of those releases in which time you’ll have 6 more.. and the process repeats.
Then at the beginning of every month, release that new single with a music video. Something you couldn’t really do with weekly releases.
Then spend 1 month promoting each song then release the next one… and repeat.
And this isn’t me just talking and recommending things because this is actually my strategy. I have my next 18 singles all ready and ONE of them is bound to blow up.
While I was creating the community and growing smart rapper last year hardcore… I was evolving my music style, trying new things, and creating the best music I have ever made in my life.
Now for the Pros of marketing music like this.


Where there are cons, there are also pros.

1) constant content for your listeners – over time they will come to expect it

And if you are constantly creating GREAT MUSIC even if it’s somewhat mediocre, people will start telling each other “Hey, he/she releases a new song every single week.”
Doing that alone is pretty impressive. Similar to how you guys call me a workhorse for being able to release a new video damn near every day while also running 3 businesses and being a music artist.

2) This forces you to consistently release music. 

Without a constant release schedule, you might not be able to convince yourself to really have a reason to consistently make music.
You may make excuses and not want to create as often because you think “I have extra songs, I don’t really need to create more at the moment”
But by having a weekly release schedule, you HAVE to constantly be creating or you know you’d screw yourself.
This is very similar to why I try to release a video every day for you guys. It forces me to be creative and keep creating something for people who care enough to watch it.

3) By constantly creating and finishing music on such a regular basis, your music style will evolve and get better 100 times faster than most rappers.

If you are dropping songs, getting feedback from fans weekly, seeing what works and what doesn’t work… you are light years ahead of other artists.
You go through the learning curve WAY WAY FASTER!
And there you have it, the Pros and Cons of releasing a new song every week.
You just became a smarter rapper.
If you want over 100+ Genius Music Marketing strategies I have a 3-hour video course that will help you get your music heard.
I also have a community full of 1,000s of rappers just like you that are all helping each other grow by collabing and sharing fan bases.
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Keep hustlin’ gang, I’ll see you at the top.
– Rob Level
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