How To Become A Rapper That Gets Better EVERYDAY

How To Become A Rapper That Gets Better EVERYDAY

The Smart Rapper How to become a rapper GUARANTEE!

You just need to understand and have some self awareness. The ability to ASSESS where you are right now and what you can do to get better.

If you keep doing the same things over and over but don’t look at what you might be doing wrong, you won’t grow.

I read a book about how we learn and it all came down to taking notes, reviewing the notes and assessing everything we did then taking more notes and reviewing the notes to make sure everything stuck.

As I read that book I thought about the years I just WROTE LYRICS and WROTE SONGS but never thought MORE ON “What could make this better, what am I doing wrong?”

How To Become A Rapper

Sure I thought “What am I doing wrong every so often but I didn’t STOP… then assess what I was doing wrong. I just kept working with the same thought process thinking that just working would make me better

Now… working does continue to wire your brain to make whatever you are doing easier and easier BUT it doesn’t TEACH YOU.And in the beginning stages building the wrong habits can really hurt you down the road.

So this video is to talk to you about taking just STOPPING every so often and thinking, What am I doing here, what could I do slightly different here that might be cool, could I change the way I say this, could I stretch out a vowel a little longer, could I add a different word here and when you do one of those things, what do you notice immediately changes?

Take note of those moments when you realize “OMG THAT JUST _____” then after you take the notes, review the notes from time to time so they really stick with you.

You got this! Now you know How to become a rapper!

Rob Level

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