Top 10 Rules Of Songwriting (Songwriting Tips And Secrets)

Top 10 Rules Of Songwriting (Songwriting Tips And Secrets)

Top 10 Rules Of Songwriting (Songwriting Tips And Secrets)

These are rules I have learned over the years that I really want to give to all of you. I have read a lot of books on songwriting tips, watched a lot of videos on songwriting tips and everything that has to do with songwriting in general.

I have iTunes top 100 albums, major artists song placements and more. I have even created a full songwriting tips course where I bring you into the studio and show you everything step by step from writing the song to bringing it into your DAW and recording it.

**My Full 6 Hour Songwriting Course**

These are rules I have learned over the years that I really want to give to all of you.

1) Try not to let your song intro go more than 15 seconds without entertaining the listener with something

2) Make sure your chorus comes in BEFORE 40 SECONDS. This allows you to pull in the listener and then also give the listener a reason to keep listening to the song to want to hear the chorus again.

3) Do NOT show anyone an unfinished song, especially before you get good

4) Learn naturally what works best, you don’t have to learn music theory, keys, notes… you need to learn what sounds good. Then learn that stuff later.

5) Listen to more music.

Don’t just stay in your box and keep listening to the same music artist, expand your music knowledge by listening to everything, even other genres.
It will help you understand more music styles and sounds and this will help you be more creative and know how far you can expand yourself

6) Record yourself, DON’T JUST WRITE – so you can actually build your music style

People send me lyrics ALL THE TIME. I really can’t do anything if you just send me lyrics. It’s great to practice writing but you are tring to build a music career not a writing career.
You won’t develop your music style, voice, delivery and everything else if you don’t record your lyrics. You won’t find a unique way to say thingsa dn stand out if you don’t record.

7) Try 3 different options for every melody and end rhyme

You should never settle with just ONE option, continue writing and see what else you come up with because it might be better than what you initially made.

8) Work with other songwriters or artists that are HONEST and wont blow smoke up your ass

This way you can get HONEST feedback and also learn from what they learn and grow your music style MUCH FASTER.

When I started getting honest people to review my finished music that I trusted, my style got A LOT BETTER.

Remember there is a reason record labels spend years developing artists for them to be ready to blow up.
There is a lot that goes into all of this.

9) Write something EVERY SINGLE DAY

There is no reason you shouldn’t be writing songs every day and you can’t grow your style if you don’t write and learn.

By writing everyday you keep the thought that you ARE and WANT TO Succeed as a music artists in your life. You don’t take any days off or stray from your dream and this momentum will help you grow a lot.

10) Always go for writing a HOOK first

If you can’t find a good hook for the song, don’t waste your time trying to write verses for the song because without the chorus you’ll never release the song anyways. You want the BEST SONGS you can possibly release and without a chorus there isn’t anything to release to a fan base that wants catchy songs.

Rob Level

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