2017 UPDATE: How To Choose A Publicist For Rappers

How To Choose A Publicist For RappersHow To Choose A Publicist For Rappers

In my original video and article on choosing publicist and music pr for your music career I said you shouldn’t waste your money on PR in the beginning stages of your career.


Well, I just interviewed a ton of music PR firms who have done work for some of the biggest artist out there and you know what?

They pretty much agree.


You have to be at a certain level and be ready before you can even utilize the music publicist.


If you want to see the article where I interviewed the music pr firms check it out here.
Wait until you’re ready

You probably didn’t expect me to say this but DO NOT waste your money on a publicist.


What I want you to take away from this is that you need to learn how to publicize yourself.


Build relationships with blogs and people.


Use the tips I showed you in Level 2 to reach out to blogs and E-mail them until they respond!


Spend your ‘Publicist’ money on creative ideas like contest or give aways that will entice your own fans to spread your music for the contest.


THEN, when you have a solid base and a solid project with marketing dollars behind it you can hire a publicist.


the benefits of a website for rappers

The benefit of waiting to hire a publicist until you’re ready

Spending that marketing money in another way such as a contest or creative idea can provide benefits such as these:


1) You involve your fans in something to do with you, which makes them stronger, more hard core fans.

2) Your fans get the chance to win something from you and that excites them MORE about you.

3) They are better word of mouth than anyone else.

4) It brings attention to you if any random person joins the contest just to win stuff who wasn’t even a fan!


Or you can use any other creative idea that costs $500.

You can get 75 T shirts made for $500 to give away…. Or you can get 350 Hard copy CDs made with 2 page inserts.  Or you can give away $100 to 5 people or $50 to ten people. Or you can give away $300 and use the other $200 on Youtube adds which would be equivalent to 10,000 click throughs worth of marketing.


Anything is better then spending money on publicist and music PR when you just aren’t set up or ready for it yet.


Most people that you can actually afford at this level are just self proclaimed super promoters and really can’t even compare to the software automation I already showed you.


After showing you EVERYTHING I have shown you for FREE would you not call me a SUPER PROMOTER? And I have WAYYYY more tricks up my sleeve buddy! You have NO idea!


Be sure to sign up to my E-mail list….. You don’t wanna miss when I post those other tricks up!


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Back to what I was saying.

Some low end publicist will charge you $500 just to send your music to ALL these website blogs that won’t even respond to them because they send everyone’s music who gives them $500 to them.

So it really isn’t worth the money.


You need to go with a solid, well known music publicist or music pr firm. Those ones will typically bit a bit more expensive.


You get what you pay for.


By the way, I know this is true because I talked to a chick from a online music PR Company at a party in Indianapolis once and she told me they have a list of blogs they send music too for any person who pays.


How much money do you want to bet that they are just sending E-mails to the same E-mails I already gave you for in The 200+ Hip Hop Blog Contact E-mails lol.


Smart Note

I want to mention really quick that if you are thinking about hiring PR before you even have your own home studio set up that is a huge mistake.

I’d recommend spending money on everything that is going to help you build your craft and make better music before I’d say to spend money on marketing sub par music.

If you are able to work and make better music, the publicist has so much more to work with when you finally hire them.

This comes back to the fact that you need to be ready before you hire PR.

So make sure you have your home studio set up and check out this article to get more information on how to set your own studio up at home for great prices.


wrapping up

To wrap up, be smart.

Spend your money wisely.

That $500 can buy you an AMAZING microphone or A LOT of other marketing strategies.

You just have to be creative and a true independent artist! Good luck my friend


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