What Are The Best Microphones For Recording Rap Vocals? [Entire List]

what are the best microphones for recording rapper vocals

Here is a quick list of the best microphones for rap vocals. 

I remember when I spent weeks, even months trying to find which rap microphone I wanted and which ones to start saving money for when I was dirt broke and delivering pizzas to survive. This is the list I ended up coming up with for myself. I know these are the best choices for the dollar, so I figured I’d share them with my fellow rap artist like you!

microphones for rappers

 These microphones are completely affordable and you can have your hands on them by next week if you have a day job making even minimum wage.

Start planning on which one you want and then get your hands on it to start recording! Be Smart!

Microphone 1 | MXL Microphone

rapper vocal microphone MXL Microphone

To be honest, you probably have a friend that already has this microphone that he/she uses to record rap vocals. It is a very very common microphone for rapper vocals because the price is so cheap.

It is a very solid microphone for the price.
MXL is like the home studio rappers company that makes an array of microphones knowing that the boom of home studios was coming.
Therefore, there is a large variety of microphones and colors of microphones with a very similar design and quality close to this one.

Click the picture to check it out


Microphone 2 | Audio Technica AT4040

Audio-Rap Vocals Technica AT4040 Cardioid Condenser Mic wPop Filter and 20' XLR Cable

This actually comes with more than just the microphone.
It comes with the pop filter, cable and also the shock mount.
Audio Technica is very very well known in the home recording space. It is a well known and trusted brand.
But I can’t help but inform you that of course, there are much better options out there.
You get what you pay for.

 Microphone 3 | Rode NT1-A

microphone for rappers home studio

Honestly, I craved… well, that word sounds weird, I really really wanted… yes.. I really really wanted this microphone for a long time.

After knowing I was going to take my career seriously I decided to just keep saving more and more and more money and get an even better microphone though. If I didn’t end up purchasing my M-Audio Sputnik Microphone I would have probably got this microphone.

This is actually an awesome deal, you get the microphone PLUS the microphone stand and it’s $30 cheaper than most places with just the microphone itself.

I don’t know how long this deal will last but you better hurry before the deal is gone.

Click the image to check out the microphone


microphone for rap artist vocals bundle deal

I saw this when I was getting the pictures for this article. This is actually a really really solid deal.

I generally recommend the Focusrite Scarlett as a great preamp, you can see that in other articles where I talk about home studio for rapper recording.

So to get the microphone, the microphone stand, the microphone pop filter, the microphone shock mount, the mic cable AND the Focusrite Preamp….. This is a home rapper recording studio complete set up.

For the money, this is one of the best microphones for recording rap vocals.

It’s a pretty good idea to check this bundle out and at least give it some consideration.


Major Note

The NT-USB Version of this microphone is no where near the same. Don’t get it confused just because it is $100 cheaper.

It is a USB version that doesn’t require a preamp. But USB microphones have incredibly shitty quality compared to microphones that have a quality preamp.

Microphone 4 | Shure SM58

shure microphone for singing

Now, this is the staple microphone for all BASIC vocals across the map for rappers.

I am almost positive you have heard about this microphone in some way shape or form in your adventure to looking for the right microphone for your home studio.

I remember this was the microphone that was originally recommended to me and that I almost bought.

It is so cheap and has such a good standing around it’s name for a microphone. Plus it is Shure and they are a solid company for Shure. ;D

This also comes with a microphone stand and cable. Solid deal.

But I need you to know that there are also different kinds of microphone patterns. The way that the microphone intakes the vocals you put into them.

For that reason, I recommend all the above microphones before I recommend this microphone. But it will still do a fantastic job at giving you great rap vocals so I included it. Click the picture to see the microphone

wrapping up

Check out my article on ‘The Best Pre Amps for Rapper Home Studio Microphones‘ Because in order to make the microphone work, you will need a quality pre amp.

That was my list of the best microphones for recording rap vocals. The price ranges vary so you have plenty of options. Don’t let anything stop you or slow you down.

Don’t forget to share this on your Facebook or Twitter using the buttons below! I’d truly appreciate it! Good luck my friend.

– NovAK

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