Accessorizing With Hip Hop Chains For Your Rapper Image And The Best Places To Shop For Them

How to determine a chain length online
online and offline chain length comparison
chains and neckwear
online and offline chain length comparison

I can honestly say after trying tons of different neck wear that it is a must to gain a better look for yourself.

I am not talking about just big gold chains here, I am talking about small chains, dog tags and other neck wear you can use to make yourself look like you actually know how to dress.

When you look like you know how to dress yourself people will take you more seriously as a rapper.

how to dress like a rapper

Let’s go over the types of neck wear.


No one cares if they are fake.

We are at a time where the richest rappers have been called out for wearing fake jewelry.

Plies (who was infamous for buying big ridiculous chains) said after his run in Hip Hop had slowed down that buying those chains were the dumbest decisions he ever made.

The fact is, if you have the confidence to wear it, they think…. Yo, what if that’s real though? Who the hell is that person and how do they have the confidence to wear that?

They can’t prove it’s fake unless they steal it and get it tested which you know isn’t going to happen. Unless they rob you and later feel stupid af when they try to pawn it lol

See how cheap you can get good jewelry here: Click Here For Good Quality Cheap Hip Hop Chains

online and offline chain length comparisondetermining the length of a chain online comparison

How To Determine The length of a chain online

Hip Hop Chain Size Chart

How to determine the length of a chain online chart is above

the Most common chain sizes are 20″ 24″ 30″ 36″. I recommend 24″ as it is not to long and not too short.

online and offline chain length comparisondetermining the thickness of a chain online

How To Determine The Thickness of a chain online

In order to determine the THICKNESS of a chain on the internet here is a chart for you compared to an item you are very familiar with.

Hip Hop Chain Thickness Chart
How to Determine the thickness of a chain online

My recommendation is to start with a smaller MM chain and move up in size and length. A good starting size would be 24 inches and 8MM in thickness.


ALWAYS Check the clearance section of these websites. You get the stuff for like 80% off.
Click Here For High Quality But Cheap King Ice Chains

online and offline chain length comparisoncoolest dog tags for rappers

Dog Tags

Below I’ve linked Dog Tags that are $4.50 that you can get in any color PLUS they are custom lines. See below for what my custom tags say.

Read the description you can see that you inbox them what you want on the tags after purchase.

Click Here To Check It Out On Amazon

Here are my custom ordered Dog Tags with custom text.

novi novak dog tags

It is all the things I feel like I am, have, and will have.

Look at the difference in appearance and style dog tags make with and with out in the picture in the next section.

online and offline chain length comparisonwrapping up

Image and style is all about accessorizing. The clothing outfit is just the base of everything. After that it is all about the accessories (chains, bracelets and rings) to really make everything pop.

You got this! And just like I showed you in the Rapper image growth article… you will find your look and grow more everyday over time. Just be conscious that you have an image.

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