Accessorizing Watches, Bracelets And Rings For Your Rapper Image

watches bracelets and rings
Watches for rappers

This article is on how to accessorize Watches, Bracelets And Rings For Your Rapper Image.

As well as where to get the best deals on watches, bracelets and rings for you to accessorize with!

Watches for rappers

Watches For Rappers

Get one solid black watch it generally goes with every outfit.

I currently have this Marc Anthony watch from Kohls that looks fantastic with every outfit.


The face of the watch should match the size of your body. If you are thinner, a smaller watch may suit you better since the face is smaller.

Watches for rappers

Look at this picture of Young Thug (Just being used as an example)

Watches and bracelets

Now imagine him without all of the chains, the watches and the rings. He would just look…. well…. Average. And you don’t want to look average… do you?

Let’s just imagine he isn’t even wearing a watch in this picture, neither watch (since he is wearing 2). Wouldn’t that take a lot of ‘Swag’ away from his right arm?

Now imagine no bracelets AND no watch. That would make his arm bare and plain.

Accessorizing adds so much more than you realize to your image.

And you can do it for CHEAP too.

You have to shop around for deals and find things that match the style and look you are going for. Or even get things you see on sale that you may be able to pair with an outfit later.

For instance, I had to get this watch, It’s only $7 and it’s free shipping.
It’s not AMAZING quality, but no one knows that but you.

Watches for rappers

Click Here To Check It Out On Amazon

Or Check out some watches on Hip Hop Bling.
Click Here For Great Quality Affordable Hip Hop Watches

Watches for rappers

Bracelets For Rappers

One thing I LOVE about bracelets is that you can try so many combinations of things and they usually look good and add the appeal to you that you really know how to dress.

Look at this picture of Kanye below. Yes yes I know, those bracelets are all over the place color wise and it’s kind of ugly. But it still has it’s own charm to it. You can stick to basic colors and really get a cool look from bracelets.

Watches for rappers
bracelets kanye
Watches for rappers

 Black bracelets or wrist bands can also go with the silver or gold bracelets for a great look. You will instantly stand out at a party if you are the guy that is accessorized.

Watches and rings

Look at Young Thug’s combination of gold. fake diamond(maybe) and silver bracelets. Looks really clean. That combined with the rings, chains, glasses, hair style, clothing and everything… makes him truly stand out and be something to talk about.

I always wear 1 or 2 Villain Squad bracelets on my left wrist and a watch on my right wrist. You can get them for cheap here Novi Novak Store

Watches for rappers

Rings For Rappers

I’m not going to go too deep into rings because they aren’t really something I know a great deal about and I don’t want to falsely give you information I’m not super informed on.

But I do know that one ring per hand is generally the best rule of thumb (No pun intended lol) even though you can try numerous things and just see what works for you.

Watches for rappers

2 Big random rings… they really make everything in that image pop, don’t they?

Watches for rappers
rings and accessories

Look at how much different these rappers look with all of these small accessory add ons. The bracelets, watches, rings, chains…. it all really adds so much true flare to their image.

If you are into rings though, check out some cheap $5-$10 ones here: Click Here For Quality Hip Hop Rings

Watches for rappers

(W)Rapping Up

It’s all about buying cheap items and trying them with one another. I get compliments on my accessorizing all the time. You’d be surprised. Especially when I go to the mall and enter a store.


Because people who work in clothing stores understand fashion a bit more.

Keep learning and applying ideas to your image to see what works. Read the other articles on Smart Rapper for information about accessorizing in the Image And Brand tab at the top of the page.

Congratulations! You finished learning about watches for rappers.
You just gained 1 more point to your Rap IQ and you’re officially a Smarter Rapper!
The more articles you read, the smarter you get! At this rate you’ll be a genius in no time.

– Novi NovAK 

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