How To Easily Double The Amount Of Lyrics You Write Daily

how to double your daily writing output

We all want to get more done in the least amount of time possible

In this article, we will learn how to effectively double your daily writing output! That’s a skill that is worth more than anything to certain people!

I wanted to show you the techniques I use to get more work and writing done every single day. It’s enough work where I am capable of writing lyrics, writing songs, writing Smart Rapper articles and doing the other 100 things on my daily to do list without stressing for a single second about any of it.

I am an organized BEAST! I have 22 minutes left to finish this article then I move to my next task. That is how organized I am. Let me help you get your mind right so your writing output is at it’s maximum like a Smart Rappers should be.


Put Yourself Under Pressure 

Have you ever had a test you had to study for the next day that you completely put off studying for? Then suddenly the night before you are insanely motivated to study for it because you know you had too? So motivated that you pound cups of coffee and energy drinks and damn near stay up all night. You would suddenly do all of this with intense motivation like your life depended on it. Yet every day before that you procrastinated all the way up to the night before the test… Why?

getting over writer's block writing capacity

Well when we are put under pressure of a time crunch or a deadline, we tend to work a lot harder. That’s the case for anything in life. If you have unlimited time to do something then you will just procrastinate and do other things because you don’t feel like the _____ thing is that important and you can do it later. That is until you are almost out of time haha.

So what am I saying? I’m saying if you want to increase your writing ability you can do a couple things that will trick your brain into doing more.

1) You can set an online timer.

I give myself a set amount of time daily to write these Smart Rapper articles. It forces me to get it done quickly and also do a great job for you guys. This allows me to release more content on a consistent bases. I only give myself so much time and so what do I do in that small amount of time to get it done?! I hustle!!!

When you go to write a song or lyrics, put a time limit on it. The pressure of knowing the clock is counting down will make you write faster and with more intensity. There won’t be those little pauses or breaks checking your Facebook or e-mail. This is because you know your goal is to get as much done as you can in that time limit.

Here is a site I use for countdown timers – You can download them for free to your computer as well:

The side benefit of this is that it also subconsciously helps you become better under pressure. You won’t have the same issues Peyton Manning has. :’D

Another major benefit is that it gamifies your writing. It turns it into a competition against yourself. You are trying to write as much as you can like it’s a game instead of just writing to be writing. So there numerous benefits to this tactic that all lead to higher output.

You can also follow my 1 Hour Writing session that I posted up for everyone that is exactly 1 hour long and has instructions.

2) Tell a friend you are going to give them _____

Accountability partner

I have a weekly mastermind group that I am in. I make the mastermind group hold me accountable for finishing X amount of songs EVERY WEEK by the time Sunday comes around and we have the Google Hang Out Mastermind Meeting.

Because I know they are going to hold me accountable, I know I have to get the work done. When you are just relying on yourself and no one is making you do anything, you can get lazy and just say “Nah, maybe later.” but for me, If I don’t do it, because I have what are called ‘accountability partners’ then I look lazy and like I’m not as much of a hustler as I say I am.

It also makes the other people in my Mastermind group think that they can slack too and it’s just a downhill slope from there.So it’s like I’m doing it for everyone.

So tell a friend of yours that you are going to write five 16 bar verses by every Monday when you see them at school or wherever you see that person. That is 5 days of simply writing 16 bars which honestly could be written in 5 minutes. But you can add contingencies to those 16 bar verses like “They must be HOT” or “They have to be all nasty punchlines” etc.

This applies pressure that makes you work harder.


Use Tricks To Make More Time So You Can Write

How can you write more? Well, by making more time for yourself to write of course! “But How?!” you ask.

1) Use Snazzy Plug Ins To Avoid Distractions

Yeah I said snazzy, so what, you wanna fight about it? 😛

Similar to how most people have Adblocker installed to avoid being annoyed (and distracted) by advertisements, you can install other plug ins that help you avoid wasting time on social media sites where you do happen to spend time.

Saving time on these websites means you have more time to write.

Have you ever gotten on Facebook and then suddenly 20 minutes later you are asking yourself “What the hell am I doing? How did I end up doing this? What was I just doing? Oh Yeah… that’s right, I was going to _____”

And that all arose because you logged into Facebook and saw a news feed of distracting memes or friends posts pulling you into their drama that you honestly don’t wanna be a part of but you couldn’t help yourself.

Well check this out!

I NEVER have that problem. I NEVER waste time going down the Facebook news feed rabbit hole. Why? Because I installed a plug in into Google Chrome called ‘Kill News Feed’

How To Double Your Writing Output Daily

It literally blocks Facebook’s news feed and instead of showing drama and time wasting stuff, it shows “Don’t get distracted by Facebook!” no lie!

how to write more music daily 2

Isn’t that amazing? I LOVE IT!

It is for more than Google Chrome but you can get it for Fire Fox too and I think Safari as well. Here are the links for you to save you MORE time 🙂

Chrome –

Fire Fox –

It is 100% FREE btw.

2) Kill Your Phone

'Noooooooo! Please don't kill my phone!'

I don’t mean lean over a hotel balcony and drop your iPhone 6 stories down to the pool’s cement floor kill it. I just mean silence your phone and put it on the other side of the room. Will power is massively increased when the object you are tempted to want isn’t within eye sight.

This will save you masses of time and you won’t be checking your phone every 10 seconds like I want to do even this second while typing this… brb. No just kidding. Because I put my phone on the other side of the room before I wrote this :’D

wrapping up

Of course there are other methods but I don’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of ideas. Start with these great tips and I’ll write another article in the near future from a different perspective to give you another mindset you can add to these tricks to increase your daily writing output fast.

– Novi NovAK 

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