How To Get Your Songs and Album On iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify

how to put your music on itunes

How Do I get my Album On iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify?

I know a lot of rappers, singers and all around up and coming music artist ask the same question to each other. That question that these music artists ask is “How do I get my album and song singles on iTunes, Xbox music, Pandora, Spotify, Google Play and every other music market out there?!”

This is a serious question I had to ask myself for a long time. I was wondering if it was only a possibility if I was signed to a label. Of course I was just uninformed at the time. Now I know that I can get my singles and full music albums online in less than 72 hours on most platforms.

For a step by step video of how to sell your music on iTunes check this new page out.

Sell Your Music On iTunes


 When you get your music on iTunes it will sometimes take a week or longer to get up there. So don’t trip or worry. Just follow the rules of putting your music on iTunes that the below link gives you when you try to sign up.

You can put your Mixtape/Album onto iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and every other major site by using it will cost you about $50 to post an entire album up. This is pretty standard and Tune Core actually shows you your daily Spotify plays and also how many units you sell. 

For Example

how to get your music on itunes as a rapper

It will be distributed to all the sites you click when you are in the Tunecore set up pages.


 You will need artwork for your album that is 1600 x 1600 for iTunes and every file will need to be in WAV format.

There you have it ‘How do I get my Album On iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify? and everywhere else haha’

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