How To Find Your Rapper Hair Style w/ Major Artist Before And After Pictures

How To Find Your Rapper Hair Style


Most people don’t know this, but the way you do your hair depends on a bunch of factors, such as the shape and size of your head, the thinness of your hair and the length.

Face Shape

There are 4 PRIMARY face shapes

When you have branding experts like allllllllllll of these major artist do, you are shown how to make the best of your image and what will work the best for you.


Let’s go through a bunch of major rappers and their evolution of their hairstyle to fit their growing fame and fashion growth.


Kendrick Lamar Hair Styles

At first he was just K Dot. Now he is Kendrick Lamar.

From no style to being professionally branded.

Stage 2 was those cuts in the side of his hair.

Stage 3 was to fit into his ‘African American’ image for the release of his 2nd album. Constantly evolving! You need to stay the same way.

Started here
kendricklamar haircut
Stage 3 lamar

Future Hair Styles

Future went from no hair, to having some of the coolest hair in the game. Those blonde tips he ended up with sure add a lot to his style now huh!

Witness his transformation from average joe to having branding experts and multi millions of dollars behind you fuel your image.

rapper future in high school
rapper future 1
rapper future 2
rapper future style evolution

Wiz Khalifa Hair Styles

I typically use Wiz Khalifa as a main example for hair evolution.

I mean… look where he started. Now look where he is with his hair.

Money does great things!

Witness his transformation from average joe to having branding experts and multi millions of dollars behind you fuel your image.

wiz khalifa starter hair
Wiz Khalifa hair

Eminem Hair Styles

As most of you should know… Eminem is not actually blonde. That was a marketing tactic used by his record label to make him look like a blond hair, blue eyed white guy to pretty much brand him to be what people viewed as the ‘White Guy’ in America.

Out of any artist ever put together and branded, Eminem is one of the most perfect. The timing, the approach, the controversy, the image, just everything was so well put together behind the scenes that he has become a walking legend.

Witness his transformation from average joe to having branding experts and multi millions of dollars behind you fuel your image.

Eminem (Marshall Mathers) Freshman Year 1989 Lincoln High School, Warren, MI Credit: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library
Eminem 1
Eminem 3

(W)rapping Up

I made this article to show you that there are numerous types of hair styles and that all artist start somewhere and gradually grow.

Study hair styles and find the one that is best for you.

I am currently still working on finding the best one for me. It takes time for hair to grow but I already love where my image is heading.

Remember, Smart Rapper was made to show you all of the mistakes I made and help you evolve and learn as I evolve as learn. I am more than happy to bring you along on my journey like no other rapper has ever done.

That includes image and style. So continue following along the journey and let me help you. Sign up to my email list so I can send you 1 e-mail a week with all of the new articles I write.

Thanks! Have an incredible week!

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