The 7+ Types Of Pants You Can Apply To Your Rapper Image And Brand

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Best Pants For Men 2023

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Did you know there were so many kinds of pants? I sure as hell didn’t. I just thought there were like… pants lol. It may sound a bit stupid but it’s true. I thought they either fit or they didn’t. I didn’t realize there were ‘Types’ of pants until a few years back. Since then, have taken the time to compile a list of the best pants for men in 2023.

Now I understand all of the ‘Types’ of pants and how they can fit into a brand’s image.

There are things like buying pants so that you look taller, look shorter, look thinner or fatter… but most people don’t buy clothes with that understanding.

I’m here to just help you understand a bit more and help you understand the kinds of pants you need in your closet.

The baggy clothes used to be the cool thing from like 98-2008. Now it’s a lot more about skinny jeans. It just adds a bit more to everything since it adds a contour to your body.

If you are tall and skinny (like most rappers) the skinny jeans really add more to their image.

best pants for men 2016

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best pants for men 2016pants and jeans

Let’s talk about types of pants and ones you should wear. Below is a chart of the basic pant types. Yes, there are many more types, but they aren’t something you need to be wearing.

best pants for men 2016

Straight Leg

rapper pantsAs you can see Straight leg pants are obviously…. Straight.

They are the common looking jeans and fit almost every style of clothing. It is good to have a solid dark pair of straight jeans and a solid light blue jean pair. These 2 types of pants will fit almost any look you want to pull off.

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best pants for men 2016

Slim Jeans


These are the jeans right in between Straight leg and Skinny. It’s a clean look. A little less room in the crotch area than the skinny jeans.

These are clean, I’d wear them. I own quite a few pairs of Levi’s. Again, no one knows they are Levi’s but you. And they last for freaking ever.

best pants for men 2016

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best pants for men 2016

Solid Pair Of Light Blue – Slim Leg Jeans

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best pants for men 2016


Are just what they are called, they are skinny and tight fit to your body.


best pants for men 2016

Booty cut jeans

They leave a little room in the crotch area for you, get skinnier as they go down the leg, then flare out at the bottom to allow room for ‘Boots’. Lol I said booty cut, you know what’s on my mind haha.

But I’m going to leave that there since it’s a funny mistake. *Boot Cut*


best pants for men 2016

Wide Leg pants

NEVER EVER GET THESE. Completely unnecessary for any style in 2016+.

best pants for men 2016

Cargo Pants


These fit certain looks and are a useful type of pant to own because you can match it with certain things to stand out.

I don’t know what your specific style is, so again, I can’t tell you what is right for you.
You will have to figure that out for yourself. But now you know the pant types, so when you purchase you can understand what the terms mean.

wrapping up

Now you understand a bit more about the best pants for men in 2023. Just realize you have the options so you should try to utilize them. Test things and see what works!

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