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In this article on how to get Instagram followers I supply a mix of really really smart tricks, psychological tricks you probably would never even think about and some really… well you are going to see!

If you really want to know how to get Instagram followers fast and how to get more likes on your instagram pictures and more comments than this is 100% the right place.

You probably wanna be famous 😉 This will definitely help you on your way.

Combined with the tricks in this how to get Instagram followers article, you will gain followers daily, get over 2,000+ people to potentially see your profile everyday and massively increase engagement on your posts.

That’s not even a tiny bit exaggerated. You’ll see.

I save the best Instagram tips and tricks for last so make sure you go through all of them.

 how to get followers on instagram fastinstagram hashtags and emojis

1) Post Emojis of numerous colors BEFORE and AFTER the text

For WAY more likes than you’d normally get on an Instagram picture. Use this trick to capture people’s attention to your post easier.

Do this trick In your pictures actual post. Put witty or inspirational words surrounded by numerous color emojis. This way a bunch of colors (red yellow and blue) from emojis catches the viewers eye as they are scrolling through their feed.

To see examples check out what is in the RED BOXES and BLUE BOX in picture below. It is a super smart and subliminal tactic for Instagram that I came up with and definitely helps acquire more likes and engagement to every picture you post.


how to get followers on instagram fasthashtag the comments

2) DO NOT Post your Instagram hashtags in your actual picture post.

Instead, Post the hashtags as your first comment.

When you put hashtags in the comments instead of your actual post title, Instagram will treat it just like it was in the actual post and apply it into the Instagram hash tags feed, don’t worry! 🙂 See  the GREEN BOX in the picture below.  


I like to have the hashtags ready to just copy and paste as soon as I post the picture. This way no comments come in before you post the hashtags.


how to get followers on instagram fastDouble Your Comments

3) Boost Your Instagram Comments INSTANTLY Every Post

This trick is in the picture above as well 

Notice how after I posted the hashtags I post 3 comments worth of a bunch of emojis. It is outlined in the BLUE BOX

This covers the hashtags I used from view of anyone scrolling through their Instagram feed. They will only see the emojis.

A great benefit of this is that ALL those emojis will catch their attention for picture as if people are commenting like crazy on it.

You can also tag a bunch of people as the comments so it looks like the picture is so good you gotta tag people. 

That catches their eye too.

The above trick also increases your comment count to 5 right off the bat. Sneaky huh 😀

instagram followers trick

Another major thing to consider is that when people comment on your picture, you can respond back saying “Thank you” or just use an emoji to each person in an individual comment.

This builds your comments up more and more. If 25 people comment and you respond to all 25. You now have 50 comments plus your initial 5 I showed you how to start with.

That is 55 comments for the cost of 25 😀 People notice how many comments you get as a sign of interaction and being a ‘Somebody’.

You are interacting with your page viewers. They may have randomly stumbled onto your profile through a hashtag you used. Responding to them is a great way to get them to follow you.

This isn’t wrong, sneaky or bad to do at all, it is smart on your part.  


how to get followers on instagram fastShow accomplishments

4) Make sure your Instagram bio is COMPLETELY set up to make you look like the SOMEBODY you are

I have 51,000 Instagram followers now. This is an updated version of my Instagram tips on how to get more Instagram followers fast.

Anyways, number 4 is for when all of these marketing tricks I teach you are bringing people to your profile. When they finally get to your Instagram profile you need to give them a reason to follow you or click to your bio link.

Post things that let people know you are established and a somebody. Say anything that is true that you can brag about so they know you are a hard working individual.

My music has been posted by almost every major website for media online. I make sure to let people know I earned that!

Let’s look at how I do it! 



how to get followers on instagram fastbest instagram Bio tips

5) The Best Instagram Bio Tips 

1)  Use a great picture to make girls (or guys) come to your profile if they see your picture in another persons comments and also in their feed liking their picture. You can make it mysterious or as attractive as you can. Notice mine is kind of blurry and TOO bright, so girls come to my profile wondering if I am attractive or not. lol it works. Trust me.

2) Use Emojis all through your Bio where they matter. Before and After statements which corresponding emoji faces. It adds pizazz and shows people you have a sense of humor.

3) I let people know why they should click my link. 10,000,000 other people have! So you should too.

4) In my last Instagram post, it is a snippet of my last #AsknoV video on Youtube. I tell people to click the link in my description which leads to my Youtube channel where they will stumble onto my music as well. But first they get to know me as a person. How unique and fun I am in my videos 🙂

5) It also let’s people know a bit about my brand. That I am kind of a bad ass 🙂 Since my brand is my life story through the music. A  South Side Chicago Hard Life Kid With A Story To Tell

6) Include info to another Social Media network too. I chose SnapChat because no matter what you cannot link to a Snap Chat and it has to be manually added and people know that. So they are more prone to adding you on there.

7) I put Tatted And Gym to let people know I fit into LARGE groups of people. Possibly relating to them. I am tatted up and I hit the gym.


how to get followers on instagram fastEntertain to gain

6) Posting Pictures Strategically

Notice the order I posted these pictures in.

RED BOX – 2 funny pictures

GREEN BOX – Inspirational Words To People For The Day And A Tattoo A Fan Got Of My Lyrics

BLUE BOX – Showing I Am A Somebody With Other Major People And linking to their profiles. That girl has 1.2 Million followers on Instagram. The guy next me, we wrote the first single for that girl. That is now probably well over 3 Million views since currently it is at 1.5 Million in 3 weeks. 😀

Lastly, ORANGE BOX – Which is promotion to the link in my bio and also shows what I do.


So what is happening here is that I am only promoting my product/video 1 out of every 6 picture posts. Usually 1 out of 10 is good! Give material to make your followers stick around. Then politely ask them to check out your content or whatever you are promoting.

I instantly unfollow anyone promoting their music by posting 5 pictures / videos a day. Entertain me and I’ll spend my time on you. Right? 🙂

That’s how you build a real relationship with friends, the opposite sex and family. You provide value and when the time comes they are down to help you out. That’s life, even on Instagram.

Just the bottom

You can see why I called this page The Best Sneaky Instagram Marketing Tricks


how to get followers on instagram fastCross promote

7) Occasionally post a picture of another Social Site You’re On

This way they add you on another Social Network where you can promote yourself.

Post a picture of your Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Youtube or SnapChat add me image!

This is a must. The picture is there forever so anyone scrolling through your profile will see it! Now they know they can add you on Twitter or SnapChat and they didn’t even think to do that until you added that picture 😉

Posting your Snap Code like this really helps you gain a larger following on SnapChat.

If you don’t know what a Snap Code is it is this

Snapchat Icon

how to get followers on instagram fastinstagram features

8) You can post a web link inside of every picture or even your SnapChat 

Novi Novak Screen Shot


  1. Click the “…” under your picture. Where my right arrow is
  2. Then Click on ‘Edit’
  3. That left arrow is where you’ll type in the website or say “My SnapChat is ____”

This stuff all adds up 😉 I got your back 

how to get followers on instagram fasthashtagging smarter

9) Instagram Hashtag Secrets

Yes, my Top Instagram hashtag secrets 🙂

You can put up to 30 hashtags but I recommend around 20. Reason being is if it looks like Spam to Instagram it won’t post the hashtags and you’ll have to RETYPE them lol. It sucks, I’ve done it a bunch of times in this learning process.


Where do I get the Instagram hash tags?

You can use Tags For Likes to look for groups of hashtags you can just copy and paste.


What Hashtags do I choose?

Whatever hashtags make sense with your music/brand. Also consider they should be things that people are actually looking at. Not just random hashtags.

No one is sitting on Instagram scrolling through the pictures of the hashtag #love or #happy. But they are probably sitting there scrolling through the hashtags of #amazingpicture #superhotguy etc. 😀


Major Note

To save time from having to type hashtags EVERY TIME I post a picture, I keep a bunch of note pads on my phones desktop so I can just copy and paste them in 2 seconds.

You should do this too!  

Novi Novak Instagram Tips

Again….. The Best Sneaky Instagram Marketing Tricks haha!


how to get followers on instagram fastBlock and delete haters

10) Block and Delete Negative Comments And People 

Novi Novak Haters 2

Most people are very easily influenced by what others say.

So the last thing you want is someone saying negative things about you on your Instagram page.

Make sure everyone is being nice to each other and staying positive and keeping each other driven!


Block any negative people or haters and keep those comments off of your page. Don’t let that kind of energy get anywhere near your hard work. Save your energy for the people who deserve it, not the people who are jealous you work hard to be where you are.

how to get followers on instagram fastinstagram growing followers today

11) DO NOT Post things that
may turn people away from being a fan of you.

You don’t know who is coming across your page. If the content is TOO inappropriate, semi racist or you’re posting ANYTHING religious or political. You will offend some crowds and lose a potential fan.

Stay neutral ESPECIALLY when it comes to Politics or Religion. If you mention how Christianity is the best and someone is Muslim and stumbles onto your page, they may take offense to that. So why even post about it? It does nothing for you.

If you want to post religious posts, just post a post that says GOD. Not a specific religion.

I’d like to post a bunch of the funnier sexual memes because I know the female fans think they are funny and it adds a sexual element to the page that keep females sticking around. BUT that same element turns the male fans away so I can’t post them.

Notice in the picture above that I posted that is sexual. It is funny to guys AND girls. It gets what I want done with out scaring away any potential fans and also shows my sense of humor.

how to get followers on instagram fastUse the best memes

12) Finding Instagram Picture Memes to Post 

If you are looking for funny memes to post on your Instagram, just follow the same tips I give in the Facebook Tricks page here.

While you are at it, post the same Memes to your Facebook page using that guide. Knock out two birds with one stone.


how to get followers on instagram fastdouble your followers

13) Trading Shout Outs With People Of The Same Follower Level

This is one of THE best tricks for gaining followers and potential fans FAST.

If you have 2,000 followers and you tell another person with 2,000 followers that you will shout them out on your page by posting a picture of them if they do the same for you, you are exposed to their 2,000 followers.

Plus you are on their profile until they delete the picture which they might not ever do.

Imagine when you’re at 10,000 followers and you trade with another 10,000 follower person. You could gain 500+ followers that day. Then at 20,000 and so on until you have 1 Million.

I actually just found out about doing this. I was never really down to just randomly shout out someone because I think that would make me look amateur. BUT, what I can do to keep it professional is do a WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY Trade with a hot girl for a MAN CRUSH MONDAY post on their page. 😀

I am now doing those with people at my follower level and I know it works because that is all the other profiles do for each other.

This is an incredibly sneaky marketing trick most people don’t even realize is constantly happening! The Best Sneaky Instagram Marketing Tricks 😀

how to get followers on instagram fasta unique trick that works

14) Liking And Unliking Shout Out Pages

You can try this method, but these aren’t quality or even really potential fans. They are just inflated numbers.

It’ll be good to boost your Instagram to a higher number naturally though.

Just type in ‘Shout’ into your search tab in Instagram and follow EVERY SINGLE shout page. Like 50 of them.


All of the people wanting shout outs are going to these pages and following the followers of these pages hoping that they follow back.

This is a VERY sneaky trick. Kind of time consuming but it does work. You’ll almost instantly gain 50 followers when you do this.

Smart Tip

The real trick is to do this in your web browser and book mark all of the shout out pages so you can open them all in 1 click.

Then you just follow and unfollow them through out the day. That’s the smart way to do it.

how to get followers on instagram fasttons of instagram likes

15) Like every picture in your Instagram feed, even if you don’t like it.

Who cares if you don’t like it? You already took the time to see it. Why not like it and make the person come to your profile and return the favor?

Plus the more likes someone gets the happier their day is. It also brightens people’s day for them to get more likes on a meme, video or picture they took time to post. Consider it good karma by liking the picture you see in your feed.

I like every photo I ever scroll across on my Instagram. (Unless it’s racist or perverted or something like that.)

how to get followers on instagram fastfollow while you follow

16) Follow ALL Recommended Follows

Whenever you follow a person on Instagram it gives you a list of recommended follows 3 at a time. As soon as you follow one, another one pops up. Doing this, you can follow about 20 people PER page of people you follow. Plus these people are all typically related in some way shape or form so you are kind of networking in the same circle which is really smart for Instagram marketing.

I follow about 15, then I go to one of the recommended pages itself and I click follow on their profile. Then, you guessed right, I repeat the process.

Remember, you can follow about 60 people PER hour to stay cool inside of the Instagram algorithm and not have any problems.

how to get followers on instagram fastbest instagram tricks

I Saved The Best Instagram Tip For Last

17) Use Instagram software to gain you fans while you sleep.

If at this point you don’t think I know a little bit about Instagram marketing you are clearly Lindsay Lohan before rehab crazy.

This is priceless so please pay attention because I never had to share this but I know it will help a lot of people grow their businesses and fan bases.


To help me in my growing my Instagram page I have implemented some smart strategies such as using a software that automates my tasks. All businesses use them whether you realize it or not. It helps save time and is also great for customer acquisition and leads.

How To Gain 1,000’s of Instagram Followers A Month While You Sleep

I show you how to get your Instagram to automatically Follow people, Unfollow people, Like people’s pictures, Comment on people’s pictures, DM people and more with the press of a couple buttons.

I’d like to show additional proof it works, aside from the proof I already showed you on the page for the software.


I have it set up to automatically comment on people’s pictures and occasionally randomly tag 2 users on the picture so that the person says “Who the f is this guy and why did he just tag me in a picture? How does he even know who I am?”

Then when they say something to me, I go to their profile and like some pictures or respond back. Then they usually follow me. Here is proof I screen shotted yesterday just for this guide.


1) This is what happens when you use the software to AUTO COMMENT. I set it up to tag random people on random pictures. So when they see I tagged them they say “Huh?” or “What?” 


2) I go to the picture to see what the “Huh?” was for. To make sure it wasn’t a comment like “Interesting” that I also leave sometimes. If It is a comment, I respond. But It wasn’t. Below you can see it tagged her randomly. No idea who this girl is lol.

I swear, you guys better love me for showing you this stuff lol 


3) Then I go to her profile and like a few pictures she recently posted. Sometimes I comment, in this case I didn’t. I just liked 3 of her pictures. You can see it’s her screen name top left and that I liked her picture. 


4) Two minutes later she liked my picture, Then followed me, then liked another picture of mine. Then she probably clicked my link bio to find out more about me. You can also see it was just moments before that she commented to me “Huh?” in the RED BOX at the bottom. 



And here is another example!

I have it searching Hashtags in my home City of Chicago. So it likes every picture with the hashtag Chicago and it also comments on those same pictures. 


1) Notice it liked the picture already. 

2) The RED BOX is an automatic message I made and put into the software to say. 

3) The person responds wondering if MAYBE we really met. 

4) In the BLUE BOX I Then respond manually, being witty to show them I’m a nice guy. 

5) That person now follows me 😀 

The other benefits of this same software are 

1) Runs all day and you don’t have to do anything but set it up once
2) It comments on pictures
3) It likes pictures
4) It’ll even post your pictures for you if you want it too
5) It Follows people and only unfollows people who aren’t following you back
6) It will Direct Messages people for you


Don’t Forget That The Instagram Software Is Key

The automation software will guarantee maximum growth every single day.

Let’s do the math here, I have this Instagram Software set to:

1) Like 1,000 Pictures A day
2) Comment on 200 pictures a day
3) Following 800 people a day
4) Direct Message 20+ new followers a day

That is a reach of over 2,000+ people a day potentially
coming to my profile and becoming fans.

2,000+ people seeing you a day X 30 days in a month


Make sure to check out the software by clicking here

how to get followers on instagram fastwrapping up

This article took me DAYS to put together lol I hope really hope it helps you in your journey no matter what it is. If you wanna be nice you can hit me with a follow 


Clearly you know follow for follow works so I didn’t even mention it in the article haha. I just leave follow for follow to the Instagram software. Doing the follow all additional recommended people trick just helps when you are already following people you want to follow anyways.


Don’t forget to sign up to my E-mail list on the right hand side. You’d be surprised how much more marketing tricks I am going to start releasing for all social media sites here soon. I got the goodies haha. You should see my YouTube tricks 😉


– Novi Novak


how to get followers on instagram fast


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