How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands

How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands

For all of you Smart Rappers I actually wanted to start reaching out to some of the big clothing brands and get them to start giving me clothes to give away to you guys in return for me just shouting them out on Smart Rapper since we are getting so HUGE.

This would be FREE clothes and a lot of value for all of you. I was thinking maybe I would do a weekly give away that could be cool for the community.
Let me know what you think about that below in a comment!

Any way, when I had that idea in mind, I collected a list of all of the big urban clothing brands contact information so I could contact them.

Then I thought hey… why not just give you guys the list so you SERIOUS Smart Rappers have the ability to reach out to all of these clothing brands to get yourself sponsored!

So I’m going to give you that entire list I collected 100% Free.

So you watch this you can take this how to get sponsored information from this video and contact all of the clothing companies to get sponsored!
Never say I didn’t do anything for you!

By the way that list is going to be 100% Free inside the Smart Rapper Community. It’ll be in the same section that the Free record label A and R contacts are and the music industry contracts and ALL the other stuff is in.

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The Reasons I Am Making This Get Sponsored Video

There are 2 reasons I am making this video, first, is to help YOU smart rappers get sponsored and save money on having to buy clothes and 2… I truly believe this will help clothing lines BIG and small grow by having the next generation of amazing artists like YOU wear their clothes.

If you have a urban clothing brand or have friends with a urban clothing brand that has a cool look and you think would want to be on the Smart Rapper Clothing Brand Contact List, E-mail that information to me, I’ll contact them and possibly add them to the contact list. I’ll put my info below for that!

Let’s get into it! First I wanna talk about the benefits to YOU if YOU get sponsored by a clothing brand.


1) You get to start telling people you are sponsored by a clothing brand… That alone proves someone believed in you as an artist and gives other people a reason to say “Really? Damn he might be pretty good”


2) You get FREE clothes and since you will probably only accept a sponsorship from a clothing company you like… you’ll be wearing clothes you would wear anyways but they will constantly be NEW and best of all… FREE


3) At a certain point clothing brands who want to sponsor you will PAY YOU to wear their clothes.


4) In your come up as a music artist you need all the money you can get and clothing can really get expensive. Having a clothing company sponsor you can save you thousands of dollars… a couple thousand dollars is a really great home studio set up!


Now we are going to talk about how the sponsorship process works and then after that I am going to explain what you can do in order to get sponsored by a clothing brand.


1) You gotta understand it’s business if you want to get sponsored

Clothing companies won’t just sponsor ANYONE…. but they love to sponsor talent that they feel like will make it to the top.
Because if they start putting YOU in their clothes and you blow up… you now make their clothing look more relevant and cool, right?
And it’s easy for them…

IF they sponsor you early and give you like $500 in free clothing, you are going to respect that clothing company for seeing your musical talent and believing in you from the beginning.

Here’s the thing, a clothing company doesn’t want to be aligned with you unless they see it as a smart business decision.

To get some free promo if you have a decent following, even 5,000 people, they’ll probably throw you a few T Shirts FREE.

Them giving you 3 T shirts that retail for $50 each but only cost them $4 each to make… means they are getting you to promote their brand to say 5,000 followers for all of $12 plus shipping.

Do you think a clothing line will have a problem spending $20 total to get hundreds of dollars worth of promotion?
That’s why I’m making this video.

You can get a lot of FREE clothes… PLUS help a clothing company grow at the same time.

But PLEASE…. realize… they don’t want to send FREE stuff to people who don’t look professional.

This is why your music sounding great, your fashion style and the overall look of your social media platforms matter A LOT.

The first thing they are going to do when you want to get sponsored is look at your social media, then listen to your music and see if it matches their brand.

So Number

2) Make sure whatever company you want to get sponsored by matches your BRAND

You wouldn’t make hardcore hip hop music and reach out to a death metal clothing company.
They would laugh at you and ignore your e-mail.

But if you did hip hop with a death metal rock mix to it like Zillakami, you’d get sponsored easily.

So make sure the clothing company you like MATCHES the sound AND the image you want to have.
You already know what clothing you like and want to get sponsored by, it probably matches your music style and look already!


The Script To Get Sponsored By A Clothing Brand

All in all this entire process will take you less than 2 hours so don’t be lazy! Just do this if you want to get sponsored.
Even if they say no now… you will have a line of communication open with them for the future.

What I’m going to do for you guys and girls that want to get sponsored is I am going to give you an example of what you should be sending to these clothing brands.

I would just give you a script you could copy and paste to get sponsored but 10s of thousands of people are going to see this video and if you all send the same text to get sponsored you are all going to get ignored.

First of all I recommend you build something similar to an EPK which is an Electronic Press Kit to show your social media stats, music and brand in a professional manner.

I have an entire video on how to make an EPK which is actually the top YouTube search for EPKs. I’ll put a link to the EPK video below for you so you can make one.

You’re going to need the EPK to help you book shows and other things so you might as well make one anyways it’ll help you look like a SERIOUS ARTIST.. a SMART RAPPER.


Next there are 3 key parts to what you need to mention when you make your script to send to the clothing brands to get sponsored


1) Why you want to be sponsored by their clothing company:

Here you are going to talk about what you think is so special about their company that it interests you and why you chose them over the 1,000s of other clothing brands.

Tell them why you are a fan of their clothing, maybe tell them your favorite pieces of clothing they made and especially tell them AND show them if you already own some of their clothing.

This is the primary part of the e-mail that needs to be customized because if it isn’t they will just think you are copying and pasting the same e-mail to ALL of the clothing companies you want to get sponsored by.

Number 2 can be copy and paste to get sponsored but number 1… can’t be!


2) Their benefit to sponsoring you with clothing

People and businesses are all self driven. If we are going to do something, we want to know what is it in for us!
So Explain here the benefits to the clothing company of sponsoring you.

How many people can you reach if you get sponsored? Can you generate them sales? Do you have any pull in your local area? Do you open shows for big artists all the time at local venues? Mention all the ways you will be promoting THEM if they sponsored you.
This is very important.

Also mention how you will wear it in photo shoots and how many music videos you’ll wear the clothing in.
Then mention all of the marketing and marketing dollars you’ll be spending promoting the videos and photos AND the projected amount of people who will see it.

Remember, if they are going to give you FREE STUFF, you have to show them why it’s worth their time and energy to give you free clothes.


3) Actually follow the clothing brands on their social media

Their Instagram and other social media and tell them that you follow them.

If they go to your social media from their account and see you aren’t even following them… good luck getting sponsored.


4) Don’t forget to mention that Rob Level from Smart Rapper sent you.

What Artists Should Try To Get Sponsored By A Clothing Brand?

Please don’t attempt to try to get sponsored YET if you haven’t found your sound and at least worked on your branding a bit. And more importantly if you don’t even have 1,000 followers yet… Keep this idea in mind for when you do.

Go study the brands you want to get sponsored by and then work towards it.

If you try to get sponsored by a clothing brand too early, you’re getting ahead of yourself. You gotta be patient, work hard and be smart.
You’ll get sponsored when the time is right.

But if you’re ready I have the easy to do list on How To Get Sponsored By A Clothing Brand in the description along with the links but let me review it for you to show you how easy it will be to do this.

1) Sign up to any level of the Smart Rapper Community and get your hands on the Urban Clothing Companies Contact List

2) Make an EPK By Watching This Video LINK TO EPK VIDEO



3) Write up your custom e-mail for each brand you want to get sponsored by using the list from above, I’ll even put a link to the article so you can click to it and just follow along.

4) Manually E-mail your favorite brands your EPK AND your custom made script to get sponsored by a clothing brand.

Getting Sponsored By A Clothing Brand Wrap Up

Again, If you have a clothing brand or have friends with a clothing brand that you think would want to be on the Smart Rapper Clothing Brand Contact List, E-mail that information to me and I’ll add them to the contact list.

Again you can get the list of all of the urban clothing companies contact information 100% Free for anyone who is in the Smart Rapper Community.
You can sign up to any level and just click to the contact information and it’s right there for you.

Please comment below What clothing company you want to get sponsored by, like and subscribe!
ALL the links are below!


I got your back.


Keep hustlin, I’ll see you at the top.


– Rob Level


How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands Contact List Is Here

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