Today Is The Last Day! Don’t Miss Out On This

Today is the last day… Then You’re Out Of Luck




You guys know I never put any pressure on you for ANYTHING but this is something special so I have to make sure you know what’s going on just in case you have not been informed yet.

There is only 3 days left until the OG Smart Rapper… meaning YOU deal… is gone.

Everyone who is part of the Smart Rapper community Album, Gold or Platinum level gets an OG badge when signing up to prove they have been here from the beginning.

As well as over $700 in courses smart rappers like you can use to propel your career forward.

Information and secrets that will put you ahead of 99.9% of other people who say they want to be rappers but don’t take the time and energy to learn the information and apply the knowledge to actually get ahead.

Since there is ONLY 3 days left I want to talk to you really quick about what you receive instantly if you join the Smart Rapper Gold Member Level


1) Music marketing course with over 130 music marketing strategies you can use to market your music that I have learned over the last 10 years of trial and error.

It’s nearly 3 hours of straight marketing strategies that you need to get your music heard.
2) How to get famous on Instagram course

Again, another marketing course on how to automate your Instagram profile to go out and gain you fans automatically while you are sleeping
3) How to get famous on YouTube course.

All of my secrets on how to grow a YouTube channel and get your music heard on YouTube

4) Hip Hop Blog List Contacts + Interviews

I’ll just stop there… you get WAYYYY more. Go to the link below and see everything you get when you sign up.

I’ll put the link below that leads straight to the Gold Level sign up page. You can sign up in less than 20 seconds and start taking your courses and getting further in your career today by getting the knowledge you need to succeed.


Also if you sign up for the Platinum Level which is the level above Gold Level you get to be involved in a monthly mastermind group with all the other Platinum Level rappers and myself. We all help each other with music feedback and career ideas on what to do next in our careers.

The price on that nearly doubles after October 31st so if you want help from me directly and your other serious rap peers… you need to get that… now… It also comes with all the courses.

I’ll put a link below to that as well!

You are getting over $700 in stuff if you sign up before midnight on October 31st.

Pretty much you have until Halloween is over.

After that you will no longer be able to get all of this stuff for this price.
Click those links below. I’ll see you guys in the forums.



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