How To Increase Your Chances Of Being Famous

How To Increase Your Chances Of Being Famous

In life, anything that you generally focus on is what comes into your life.

If you focus on being more gangster, you get more aggressive, thuggish, easily irritated, and demanding of respect.

If you focus on cars you are always looking at cars, wanting cars, souping up cars in your mind, and telling yourself you are going to get that car.

If you want to be a basketball player you are always thinking about basketball, You know the NBA players and even their stats and you probably even play all the video games. Your life revolves around basketball so it’s always in your mind.

There is something I realized recently… I am a rapper, I spent over 10 years learning how to rap and record myself and release projects. I moved to LA and realized to survive and thrive I need to make money so I started growing businesses and now I run 5 businesses that all generate income for me to help me move forward.

In the process, I messed myself up and got SUPER business focused and that focus is what allowed me to grow those businesses immensely to helping me generate $30,000 to $50,000 a month as well as give jobs to a bunch of people to help them live comfortably.

I surrounded myself with business people, I read over 100 business and entrepreneur books, I listened to over 200 online business podcasts and learned SEO, how to make websites, how to make money online, and everything else… But while doing that… I separated myself from music for a while because making money seemed like the necessity

I suddenly realized why I became so successful at that stuff… I was so intensely focused on it.

I’m making this video to tell you how I am transitioning back 100% into music and that is by replicating what I did to become successful in my businesses.

I am now surrounding myself with rap 100% of the time, I am reading rap articles, watching rap news and videos, I am signed up to all the hip hop news sites so I get emails daily and I am listening to rap podcast.

What does this do for me? Well, I am immersing myself in hip hop and the culture, something I haven’t done for a long time because I was so focused on building businesses and a lot of other things.

I believe if you put your focus into everything in your life around hip hop and music you are more likely to create music more often, understand your reason for creating music more often, and also manifesting that THAT IS what you want in your future.
Whatever you want, surround yourself with it.

And I don’t mean smoking weed and doing lean… That’s not going to make you a rapper. Being inspired by what hip hop is, how it sounds, and what it takes to make it is what is going to help you make it.

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