1 Hack To Get YOUR SONGS Finished WAY FASTER

1 Hack To Get YOUR SONGS Finished WAY FASTER

This is why you barely ever finish songs

Today we are going to talk about the reason you start songs but you never finish the songs.

In my experience there are 2 favorite parts of songwriting to me, the first is creating the initial melodies and song ideas and the second is having a finished song ready to be released.

The parts that suck, and probably suck for you are the writing and rewriting until the lyrics are perfect, finding melodies and rhythms that are better than your initial fun freestyled ones and then of course recording and recording until you get the right tone, delivery and feel of all of the lyrics.

So really… the work part of making the song is the hardest part, right?

Some people don’t have an issue with this but let me ask you this, are you actually writing and rewriting your song until it’s actually GOOD ENOUGH to record or are you just laying down your first drafts and ideas because that’s NOT how to make a great song.
Making a great song requires writing and rewriting, recording and re recording until everything is just right.

So if your songs are lacking and aren’t coming out as AMAZING as you want them to when you actually finish them, this is why.
But let me tell you WHY you aren’t finishing these songs okay.
It is because you are overthinking this process.

YES, it is work, we know it’s work, that’s why it’s hard to finish songs sometimes right?

But when we really step back… and we look at everything we have to do to make it all right… it’s really not that hard is it?

You write, you rewrite, you record, you record more. It’s just WORK. You have to think okay… if I spend 3 hours a day on this song for 3 days, I can finish this song RIGHT.

Plus going back to a song over the course of a few days allows you to come back to it everyday with a fresh ear and critique it better and make it better.

And listen, it doesn’t matter if it takes you 2 weeks to finish a song. What matters is that you FINISH THE SONG.

I mean… how GREAT does it feel to finish a song?! Doesn’t it feel absolutely amazing and accomplishing!

I mean doesn’t laying down 1 verse feel amazing. When you finish the whole song it’s amazing.
Now how would you feel if you were finishing a song every other day or even 1 full song a week?

That’s 52 songs a year… that’s like 4 or 5 full albums even if not ALL the songs are AMAZING.
I’m going to make another video on how to determine what songs to actually finish

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