How To Know If A Song You Made Is Truly Worth Releasing (My Personal Test)

how do I know if a song i made it good or not
is my new rap song good i cant tell

release my song

Is that new song you just finished REALLY worth releasing?

Or is that just in your head from all of the excitement of finishing the song?

Today we will uncover how to know if a song you made is good.

Let’s remember here that most major artist do around 100 songs for every 10-15 song album they release. They make the songs but then end up just tossing the songs or using them later for filler/extra material. This is the case with 99.9% of rappers. That’s another story though let’s get into this technique that I personally use to determine if a song is really.. truly… worth releasing. 🙂

Smart Rapper style. 

how do I know if my song is a hit song

I have this method of deciding whether I know if a song I made belongs on a rap mixtape or album or move it to another project or to sell it. Well I have a few methods but this one is a great one. I’ll get into the other methods in another article that I’ll link at the bottom.

rap music video shoot

Here it is, here is what I ask myself before I decide if I am going to release a song on my hip hop/rap mixtape or album:

I ask myself “Would I be willing to take the time and shoot a music video for the song?”
It’s a lot of work to shoot and edit a music video for a song. I shoot and edit my own music videos btw (by the way) if you didn’t know that. In your case you may have to ask yourself if you would be willing to pay for someone to shoot a video for it.

That’s just about as much of a decision.

hit rap songs 2016

Now why is this the question I ask myself?

Well if you would actually LOVE to have a video for that song, that is a great indicator that the song is worthy of releasing to the public. Right? If you like it so much that you truly think it deserves a music video, that means it’s a great song.

I think this way because I know it gives the song a bit more of a story. Plus I know a video would just make people love the song even more than I already love it. I obviously love it because it’s what…. That’s right… it’s good enough to release. It’s that simple!

because it matters

Don’t go lying to yourself though. Don’t just read this and say “Yeah, definitely.” Put yourself into the circumstance of whether or not you would be willing to work for $300-$500 and pay to have a music video shot for your song. If not… It’s honestly NOT worth releasing.

This is an incredible way to determine what your best songs are. TOSS IT IF YOU WOULDN’T SHOOT A VIDEO FOR IT.

If you wouldn’t shoot a video for it than it’s definitely not going to be in the running for a main single from your rap mixtape or album and that means it’s not even going to cut through the noise in today’s music industry where we are flooded by filler ass songs (which your song would be if you weren’t willing to shoot a music video for it!)

Notice how many times I said music video and repeated the same thing above. It’s because I want that idea to really really get into your head. This is the mindset of a Smart Rapper. I know you are Smart Rapper or you wouldn’t be here right now.


(W) Rapping Up

wrapping up

I’m not saying that you have to shoot a video for the song. Because you can only shoot so many videos because your budget is only so big. But imagine if you had $5,000 for your new rap mixtape or album’s budget. Would you take the time and energy to shoot a video for it?

MORAL OF THE STORY FOR THE 20th TIME: If it’s not video worthy, it’s not worthy of releasing at all.

There is also another test I have for making sure a song is worth being a single. A single DEFINITELY deserves a video and definitely needs it if you want to gain more attention to the single. You can check that article out here —>

You finished another Smart Rapper article, you’re officially a Smarter Rapper!
The more articles you read, the smarter you get!
At this rate you’ll be a genius in no time.

– Novi NovAK 

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