How Money Will Evolve You As A Rapper | Kanye, MGK And Wiz Khalifa Before And After Money

how to grow your rapper image

One key thing I learned is you have to look like who YOU want to be.

You want to make sure the first thought when someone looks at you is “Who is that person? They look like a Somebody Important!'”

Our human brain has a part of it called the reptilian brain. As soon as I see a person, the reptilian brain instantly puts that person into a category for me. It instantly judges a book by it’s cover before the other part of my brain can process and say “No, that person might be pretty cool.” It’s human nature, there is no arguing this fact.

The way you look is essential to being taken seriously as an artist.

If you don’t look like an artist, it’s harder to be taken seriously as one. I know I know, you are sitting there arguing with me, but that’s okay, you’re allowed to have your opinion. I’m trying to help you, not argue with you.

Compare the before and after pictures below if you don’t agree right now and you’ll see which set of pictures you would take more seriously as an artist.


Your style will evolve as you evolve and acquire money. I mean let’s start with a prime example of when you have no money or style to when you grow as a start and have your money and style.

I’ll use TWO hip hop examples from a white guy and a black guy that most people know in rap, MGK and Wiz Khalifa.

MGK BEFORE Money And Style Knowledge


MGK AFTER Money And Style Knowledge


More tattoos, neck wear, rings on both hands, an actual hair style and clothing style, a better demeanor and I’m sure his shoes were on point too.

wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa BEFORE money and style knowledge
Wiz Khalifa BEFORE Hollywood and moneyWiz Khalifa BEFORE Hollywood and money

Wiz Khalifa AFTER money and style knowledge

Wiz Khalifa AFTER Hollywood and moneyWiz Khalifa AFTER Hollywood and money

Look how ordinary he looks in the original pictures. That was his original style. He blew up with that style! Then he evolved. They removed his reading glasses for a fiercer more edgy look. He was already tattooed but now he shows it off a lot more.

The Proper length chains to compliment his slender frame, numerous rings, look at all those wrist accessories, different earrings and a streak of blond to make him more ‘super star’. This is what making $15 Million dollars a year will do for you.

What I’m proving is….
We all start somewhere. You may look and feel lame now, but we all start there. Everything takes growth, knowledge and understanding of that knowledge. 🙂 That’s what Smart Rapper is here for!

I personally never had extra money to try out things, I was more in the background writing 20+ songs a week for the last few years. I understand and know that as I gain money and fashionable friends and influences my style will gradually build.

Plus I am a person who prides himself on his skill set more than his image so It was never THAT important to me. But now that I have honed my skills to the level I feel necessary, My mind is shifting much more towards wanting to complete my entire look for WHO and what I am.

Sometimes we don’t know who and what we are till later.

It took me forever to find myself, but now I know how I want to look. Like I told you, I learn from my mistakes, one mistake I made was not building a solid image that could grow with me from the start (since it wasn’t a priority, because I didn’t realize it was so important).

You can start now and build that image and be ahead of your later self!

Let’s go over a few keys to the rapper and artist style.
kanye west

Let’s not forget where Kanye started

Kanye west rap imageRapper look and image


And Where Kanye Is Now

kanye west fashion style

wrapping up

You will get there! Just keep doing you but be conscious of your image. Constantly looking for ways to improve will allow you to get your desired look that fits your brand perfectly over time!


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