How To Inspire People | 14 Uplifting Ways To Start Changing People’s Lives

How To Inspire People

If you truly want to know how to inspire people, I commend you on your noble efforts. Being someone who takes their time and energy to change other people’s lives for the better is an amazing selfless thing. Right now, I’m assuming that’s you! You’re awesome!

I had to learn how to inspire people, I do it for a living! I use my crazy life story to show people that no matter what you went through in life you can work through it and do anything you want.

Today I am going to show you how to inspire people by showing you what inspiration is and what it takes to know how to inspire people so you can do it the right way.

how to inspire people

How To Inspire People

be worthy of inspiring people

Be Someone Worthy Of Inspiring People

First off you need to know that no one is going to be inspired by you if they don’t have a reason to look up to you. We are inspired by people who we want to emulate. Moms, Dads, heroes, people who do amazing things that make us say “Wow!”.

You can be an inspiration through a myriad of things.

You can be so knowledgeable that it inspires people, such as teachers. You can be so incredibly athletic, outdoing other peers that are athletes so that it inspires people. To make a long list short, you just need to be someone who is GREAT at something. You could even just be a GREAT friend or family member because you are a great person.

Are you not inspired by your closest friends sometimes when you have conversations with them? They wouldn’t be capable of inspiring you if you didn’t take a lot of value from their words because you trust and respect them.

What I’m getting at is, it’s going to be hard to learn how to inspire people if you aren’t someone who does something a level higher than others. When we do things to our best ability so often that it makes us shine through in some way, we are capable of inspiring.


show you care to inspire

Inspire By Showing You Care

Remember the tacky movies where the white teachers were put into hood schools and the only way they could get the kids to learn was by showing them that they truly cared about their futures. Other teachers didn’t, but they did, and that was how they knew they could teach those kids! Well, it’s true.

Show people that you care about them directly or about inspiring people in general. When people can clearly see you have good intentions, they are wiling to believe you because they know you want what is best for them. We can’t be inspired by shady, conniving, bad people. The most that will inspire us to do is to stay clear of them.


show why you inspire people

Have Your Dreams Organized To Inspire People

When you show others that what you are reaching for is so incredibly big that most people don’t even believe you can attain it, they are inspired. Especially if they believe in you as a person. They will think “Man, if he/she believes in themselves that much, I definitely can too!” Shoot for stars, not clouds. It’s not impressive when your goal is something that anyone hearing it can easily attain.

“Oh I’m starting a YouTube channel to release some videos here and there” is nothing compared to “I’m starting a YouTube channel, with 3 series that release once a week and My goal is to get a million subscribers in 1 year.” The little things make a big difference when inspiring people.



Show Confidence To Inspire People

When people see you are confident they have to ask themselves why you are so confident. A confident person is happy, upbeat and believes in themselves for a reason, right? If you want to know how to inspire people easier you just need to add some confidence into your life.

If you’re not confident in how you talk and act, people are going to question a lot of things you say when it comes to presenting them with inspirational wisdom.

Imagine that someone talking to you keeps their head down, isn’t smiling, isn’t stuttering when trying to tell you something inspiring. That isn’t inspiring at all! It’s sad! I can’t be inspired by a sad person lol We are inspired by happy people. Unless the inspiration is derived from sadness… which isn’t the inspirational approach I’m trying to teach today.

If I walk into a room with my head held high, smiling, saying hi and complimenting everyone, I am going to be able to inspire anyone I talk to 100 times faster than if I look depressed.

I am a very confident person and have a bunch of tips I use to stay this way!


prove you are inspiring people

Show And Prove

You will be more inspired after you read this part and this is sheer proof in the power of show and prove.

Like I said at the beginning, if you are someone who goes above and beyond, you are going to know how to inspire people. So don’t only say you have big dreams, actually go out there and accomplish them. The more things you can add to your list of accomplishments the easier it is to inspire people.

For instance, when I tell people all of the things I do, almost every single time they tell me they are inspired to do more. I bet you will be to, look at my list of accomplishments and things I do weekly and daily.

I have released 8 albums as a solo artist and have done big record label deals

I write songs for major artist that are literally 10 times bigger than me

I created 2 websites from scratch with no help, taught myself the coding, write the articles on them, made the e-products, sales copy, sales funnels etc!

I go to homes for abandoned children and do motivational speeches to them using my life story as a tool to inspire them. I started where they did and now I’m here!

I listen to 2 new audio books a week to expand my mind

I release 5 Youtube videos across my 4 YouTube channels I run. Yes.. I run 4 YouTube channels. All of which have 5,000-100,000 subscribers. And I’ve released over 500 videos total!

I taught myself how to shoot and edit my own music videos by learning everything about cameras, their sensors, lighting, editing software and more.

I moved to LA and have written full length movie scripts that are already being looked at by major movie networks

I am on TV shows and big internet shows

I had no mom or dad, no rich family, no one teaching me the rules of life. I have been in and out of jail and homeless shelters and I motivated and pushed myself to be a better person. I now take all of the things I have learned and went thru and I use it to inspire people to know that no matter where you started, you can make it anywhere you want to be.

Here is a list of all of the places my music has been featured

Places Ive Been posted up BANNER 2

And I did 99% of this… BY MYSELF! The 1% is the person I collaborated on the movie script with.

I don’t say any of this to brag, I say it to show you that you can do literally EVERYTHING and be accomplished at it. I bet you take me at least a bit more seriously now that you know my accomplishments. That’s the power of knowing how to inspire people by working hard, accomplishing your goals and then show and proving!

If you’re wondering, I do believe I may be part machine lol.


inspire people

Show Your Mindset

When you show people that you are truly a good person, they have a lot more reason to look up to you. I know this from daily experience. People watch my Instagram stories and SnapChat (iamnov) videos and always say they love how happy and upbeat I am. Whether people know it or not, they all want to be happier. So they love seeing other people with great attitudes chasing their dreams. It’s inspiring!

Be a positive minded person. Smile all the time, be a good honest person. Show people that you are someone they should model their mindset around.


be inspirational

Stick Up For Things You Believe In

If you truly believe in something, make sure that you stand up for it. It’s inspiring to see someone divulge their beliefs and knowledge on something. It’s even more passionately displayed when it’s something they truly care about. For instance, if you saw someone hit a dog or a woman, you would be outraged and definitely would speak up. On the other side of the spectrum, how uninspiring is it when people are scared and sit back and don’t say anything. That’s just a tiny example though.


go to inspiring events

Go To Inspiring Events

You could be going on marches, go on runs for charities, go to events for charities! All of these things are in place to help people and when you help people, it’s inspiring. These are things you can add to your resume to let people know you are truly here to help others and you prove it by doing these things. That’s how to inspire people!


deliver inspiration

Learn How To Deliver Constructive Feed Back

You have to learn how to help people grow. But in order for someone to be able to grow they have to want to listen to the things you tell them. If they don’t respect you, they won’t listen. (Like I said before) People are more prone to listening to criticism from you if you show them why you feel they are good first and then deliver criticism in a soft and gentle way so they can absorb it, think about it, apply it and eventually permanently implement it into anything they do.

They won’t do that unless you learn how to inspire people and give that criticism properly.


listen more than talk

Listen Instead Of Talk

People love being listened to and having people hear their thoughts and problems on things. When you listen to someone talk, they enjoy having you around. That is because they love the feeling you give them when you are around them. They want to keep you around more! And when people like you, they are more susceptible to being inspired by you!


make it a habit to inspire

Inspire People Daily To Make It Habit

I’m all about telling people about habit building. Once you do things enough, it becomes easy and completely normal to just keep doing it!

So if you make it a goal to try to inspire 1 person a day, you will see how it works, why it works, how it feels, how easy it is and that will help motivate you more every single day to inspire more people.

It will also make you want to learn how to inspire people even more and that will make you grow even faster.

So with that being said, check the next part.


inspire people more

Come Out Of Your Shell To Inspire People

You need to start today by coming out of any shell you may be in. You need to go out there and start smiling at people, overcoming any shyness you may have and being someone that is capable of being a ‘people person’.

If you are not a people person, you cannot inspire people! I want you to overcome any fears you have, any anxiety you have and anything that might hold you back from being able to influence someone to be inspired.

It’s rare we would ever listen to someone who isn’t confident in themselves or who isn’t really that great at interacting with us. Which brings learning how to inspire people to the next point.


be a source of pleasure

Be A Source Of Pleasure To Inspire Others

Confidence and cocky are two different things even though the line is so thin between the two.

They call you cocky when confidence is all that you got – Rob Level

It’s rare that we will take advice or be inspired by someone so incredibly egotistical or annoying to be around. It’s a huge turn off in so many ways.

Someone bragging about unnecessary stuff, having a negative attitude,  being cynical or being overly offended at simple statements you make isn’t a fun person to be around.

Would you like to hang out with that person everyday? Would you be inspired by that person?

You need to be a source of pleasure so that people enjoy seeing you in person or seeing you online on your social media. If you’re a person that annoys them, why would they watch you?

And how could they possible be inspired by you if they don’t care enough about you to watch?

Learn how to be charismatic and bring happiness and joy into people’s lives. That is when they will love seeing what you are up to, watching your content, liking your posts and liking YOU which in turn will inspire them 🙂



Be An Unstoppable Force In Order To Inspire People

To accomplish a lot of the things we spoke about earlier I want you to know that you are going to have to become a monster. A beast! A smart working, always hustling and trying to get to the next level animal!

I’m assuming if you looked for how to inspire people it is because you want to become an inspiration and not just influence someone into doing something right now. That’s not inspiration, that is manipulation lol

To get to the level you need to reach to know how to inspire people you have to be dedicated, willing to give up instant gratification, be prepared to work more than rest and be passionate about the things you want to accomplish.

You can inspire people without being a workaholic but it is very important to know that you WILL NOT reach any of your goals UNLESS you are working for them. So know now that in order to inspire people you have to be willing to work on yourself and your dreams to do so.


wrapping up

In my journey to learning how to inspire people and wanting to help change people’s lives, I have learned a lot of things. The biggest thing I have learned is that everyday I am alive is another day I can grow myself and become better. But you have to actively want to become better and you have to work at being better.

I have now read nearly 200 books in just the last 3 years and they all added up in helping me learn knowledge across many parts of life. It all combines in other parts of my life and allows me the ability to help even more as well as grow faster because I have more knowledge.

I say all of this because there are a bunch of books I recommend specifically for increasing your personal attitude, your drive, your charisma and your people skills.

Being better with people will allow you to inspire people easier and start seeing why being so charismatic, happy and friendly truly work when you are learning how to inspire people.

If you don’t read much you might want to start with a book that shows you how powerful the knowledge in books is. Here is my top 7 list of books that changed my life forever.

I hope you learned how to inspire people today! You’re on your way to changing people’s lives forever!


Your Friend, Rob Level

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