How To Set Up Google Alerts For Yourself | VERY IMPORTANT! (Video)

How to set up google alerts

How To Set Up Google Alerts

In this video I discuss how to set up Google Alerts so you know when you’re being talked about anywhere on the internet. This way you can get a Google Alert instantly anytime someone talks about you and can insert yourself into the conversation.

I’ve been doing for years to see what people were saying about me (good and bad) and making sure that I give people the truth if they have been told a lie.

Learn how to set up Google Alerts and protect your career from liars and haters. But also, learn how to set up Google Alerts so that you can talk to new fans and guide them towards your other social media if they are talking about you.

It just makes sense. Be Smart.


What up smart rapper today we’re talking about how set up google alerts to instantly know if someone’s talking about you or your music anywhere on the Internet. I’m Rob level and this is

All right this is a really cool trick and a lot of people don’t know this –  I know – I asked my email list. If you don’t Know what a google alert is, I’m gonna show you today. a Google alert as when you can set up keywords –  any keywords – your rap name, your rap group, the name of your town, your mom’s name – whatever and if there’s going to be a search results anywhere in Google – if Google comes across an article, you’re being talked about in a forum, if anything is being talked about with those keywords, it sends you an email, a Google alert, that will let you know where you’re being talked about. Pretty cool right, and it’s super easy to set up. I’m going to show you how to set it up. let’s go to the screen cast!

I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up a Google alert. All you do is go to And anything that you want to know that pops up in Google, or is going to be search of all, you type it in. What say you want to know more about 50 Cent. Just randomly. All you do is type in 50 Cent, you click create alert, and then, it’s going to email you every single time 50 Cent comes up in the Google search somewhere. And you can edit this. Choose to send it to you once a week, exactly when it happens, once a day, what language it comes up in, specifically where at, and then it shows where you want it to be delivered you. All results, the best results, there’s going to be a myriad of different results OK? And it’s really that easy. And when you’re done, it’s in there. And you can adjust all of your settings. You’re going to get emails about your name. And where it was posted that will link you to the place you were talked about.

All right now you know how to set up a Google alert and find out if you’re being talked about anywhere on the Internet. This is extremely valuable. When you want to join a conversation, when people are saying good things about you, in order to get them to be stronger fans, because you can join the conversation and say “hey I appreciate that guys” and they’ll be like damn he came out of nowhere. You know ? or it allows you to defend yourself if you need to do that. If someone saying bad things about you, you can join the forum and say no that’s not true here’s the real information. And that is extremely important. That’s being a smart rapper. All right now do me a favor, help me out, hit me with like, hit me with a comment, join the conversation. If you didn’t know what a Google alert was let me know below and please subscribe! I have tons more tips and there’s a new smart rapper video every smart rapper Saturday and Sunday. also if you sign up now I will hook you up with every single major label A&R contact free list over 50 pages of their information. That’s 100% free the link is below to the A&R sign up – super easy. Looks like i’ll see you guys on the next video. keep hustling. I’ll see you.


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