How To Start A Record Label In 5 Minutes (Video)

How To Start A Record Label

How To Start A Record Label

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People have been asking about starting a record label so I have the quick tips to making it happen. Learning how to start a record label is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes no matter where you live. People have been asking me how to start your own record label for a while now so I had to answer it.

What’s up y’all today were going to talk about how to start a record label, the departments, more information, and even how to legally set up your LLC record label. Super easy. you’ll be able to do that within minutes and I’ll go over and show you how to do it. This is and I am Rob level. Number one choose your record label name. Because before you even start, you probably already have something in mind but I need you to do this I need you to choose the name and then choose two alternative names in case that name is taken. And there’s things around it like even if you do start the LLC under a different name, you can DBA which means Do Business As under the other name, there’s a lot of factors here, but I’m just going to go over the basics.

So when you have your name chosen, I want you to google all three of the ideas that you have and check the first page and the second page of Google and see what comes up. If it’s already taken, then consider that you may want to use a different name. Very easy.

# 2 – yes I know this is how to start a record label but I want you to understand the different departments that a record label has just so you can keep in mind the work that you’re going to need to be doing. Of course you’re going to be creating the music, but you’re going to have promotions, sales, merchandise, everything like that. I mean distribution, there’s a very long list of things. I’ll show little chart right here. So you can see the different departments of a record label. Give it a look for a second. The couple things there. The thing is though that as an independent artist, but I’m going to assume that you are, if you’re actually googling these videos. You’re the person wearing all these hearts. You’re doing all these things, like me. I shoot and edit on my own music videos, I’m working on my own music, I set up all the marketing strategies, I’ve done everything I’ve gotten myself – record label deals, I’ve done everything myself. I mix and engineer the primary mount of my albums. Which are the ones that actually gained me success. I bought my own music gear and taught myself how to use it. These are hats that you’re going to have to wear as an independent artist who is going to run his own record label. I’m going to assume that if you’re starting a record label, you’re out there super hustling because you’re taking the effort to do it all yourself. So I believe that you can do that. I just wanted to go over those departments with you really quick. Stuck with me, we’re going to get into it.

OK number three and four I want you to go out there and I understand that you have to go buy your web domain. you don’t have to put anything on it but you need to lock down the web domain so that nobody can buy your web domain and start impersonating you. Or even think that, hey, this record label name’s not taken because the websites not taken! if it’s real and if it’s a real record label, it probably has a website domain. For example if your label is indecisive records if is not taken, then you can assume that it’s open and a lot of people will, so they may try to name their name that. So you should really just lock down your website name. I’m going to put the links below to show you where I set up all my web domain plus there’s ways to start your website. I built 100% by myself.

Over 300 articles, everything I completely all did it myself, you can do it too, it’s not complicated, it’s a little bit time-consuming, but at least let’s think about this. Just lock down the screen name, lock down the domain name, it’ll cost you about $12. I’ll put the link below to where you can do that. OK and lastly for how to start a record label, I’m gonna show you how you can set up your LLC and legally have a record label started in just minutes. Let’s go to the screen cast.
going to be a link below that will bring you straight to the website that I use. I established – I own four LLCs and I recently used this site that I’m showing you inside of this video in order to establish it. Got this sent to me and you’ll see here there’s other forms that I still have to file because I have to establish – a new state there’s different requirements not going to get into all of that that’s all explained to you when you establish it and they keep you updated on what you need to file don’t worry.
Let’s get into the screen cast of me going through and showing you how easy it is to set up your LLC in any state that you live in. And the link will be below is that is it let’s get into it. I put a link in the description that you can go to that I’ll bring you straight to the site to the front page. I have personally established LLCs through this website. I know it works. It works amazingly they go above and beyond. OK? It’s super. Easy click that link and then watch this quick LLC under entity type and then you’re going to choose your state. And then you’re going to click get started. I’ve already done all of this other work stuff so it’s going to save us time in the whole process I want you to understand this here. You are establishing a business.
It does cost money to establish a business. Don’t let that scare you at least let me explain to you why you need it and everything else like that and how it works OK? You’re not gonna want to do this one because it’s missing a lot of the key elements I’ll scroll down and show you why OK? This is the one that I always do but don’t waste your money and do this one this is completely unnecessary. The gold package is going to work fantastically. Let’s go down here and look at why, OK?
If you look at this, we are not going to get with the regular silver package you’re not going to get the employee identification number and tax ID. You’re going to need that and if you don’t get it in this package you’re going to have to go out and do the work to get it and you don’t want to have to do that. You don’t want to have to set up your operating agreement your banking resolution in order to start your business bank account. Just trust me. Just go get the gold stuff that comes with it OK and then you’re not going to need any of this other stuff either.
I already went through all of this and figured out what I needed when I did it. Now here’s the thing every state’s going to be a bit different OK? OK so let’s say for instance, here’s Alaska. Look at this – every state has a different price. Arizona it’s cheaper, and here’s the thing this website is not really making much money. What it’s doing is, it bundles the filing for you. The state fees and everything else, these things actually cost money anyways. They help you make the process easier. Click “get started.”This is where it takes you.

It’s super easy. All you’re going to do is type in your contact information this is bogus information obviously I just typed it in to get it out-of-the-way real quick for us. Then when you click next it’s going to bring into the next page you can expedite all of this stuff which means you’ll get all of your packages and everything faster but it’s $50. You don’t really need that because you can still do business, less you really need to get everything going, you need your banking resolution set up, your business account, because you have clients which is what happened in the last case when I needed at all that stuff, I had to expedite it. You don’t need to expedite it. You’ll get your stuff it’ll come in the mail gradually, but you can always do business as if it’s already established. Hit next.

Here’s the company information we spoke about you’re going to have to choose your LLC name OK you’re gonna put that here. And it is going to be an LLC. So you can actually choose how it’s going to be labeled on your government information for your state and everything like that. LLC itself works perfectly fine.

And then it will show you what it’s going to look like on the paperwork here you’re going to type the type of business that it is you’re going to go out go a little more in depth here and type what you’re going to be selling selling CDs this is so that the state understands what it is and if you ever have to go to court it looks more official.

So you’re going to really want to make sure you fill this out OK? You only need to type in 100 characters here. Now the company address. Here you can use your home address. There’s nothing wrong with that. But do be aware that this is going to be publicly available information so if anyone looks at your business don’t know where you live. But nowadays I can get your IP address in 30 seconds and find out where you live anyway so it’s not really a big deal right? Then, you’re going to go to the next one. The member information.
Now as far as when a member is I’m going to assume it’s only you it’s 100% you this is the percent of ownership so if you have a friend that’s 50% or however you split it up this is just, make sure this information is correct because this is the person who is going to have ownership of it and that needs to be right for you to follow up with everything else OK? Now this is really important. You got one year of a free registered agent and you actually really do need that. This is actually one of the primary reasons to go with the 250 instead of the other one, because you’re going to have to have an agent. You’re going to have to find somebody to let you use their address for a business paperwork and stuff like that. It can’t be a family member. OK so just say yes you’re going to want that for a year, it’s super valuable.
Then this is the EIN and tax identification number. This is your employee number. For your company what you’re going to need when you file any type of paperwork. Now type this information, whatever, here. This is part of the 250 thing as well you’re going to get the tax identification number. If you go with the cheaper when you’re not actually going to get this one you have to register on your own and that really does suck because it’s too much of a process and a hassle. Hit next again. Now this is going to be where you review the information you’re already almost done it’s really this year Z. Review everything if you need to edit anything change it make sure everything looks good. triple check it. Quadruple check it. This is your new company this is your record label.
This is trying to upsell you something you don’t really need this OK? So quick no thanks I’ll do the work myself OK now business tax consultation. Actually you got this for free, so you can get help on doing your taxes and everything like that. I’ll send you an email. It’s like a little webinar that happens I think twice a month. I said yes to it just to understand what it was. I didn’t really need it because I already have accounts that explain these things to me.
Now you pay, and a soon as you pay, you’re actually done. We are good to go. They’re going to email you everything. They’re going to send everything in the mail. And then you’re going to get notifications, letting you know what additional paperwork needs to be filed, and they’ll send that to you after The paperwork is already in the mail, keeping you updated on what you need to do to complete it. It’s that easy to start your own record label. So I wanted to go a little bit deeper, just so you understand what happens as soon as you do pay. You’re actually going to be able to go into the back end and see stuff like the documents that you just paid for, everything that’s accessible to you, you can download it and view it.
Filed articles, operating agreement, statement of organizer, everything. Everything you need right here for you to download and put into a file plus you’re going to get that stuff in the mail as paperwork as well. And then also if there’s any ongoing requirements this is the thing I was talking about. Your ongoing requirements will tell you in every state what’s required in every state for you and this will let you know what you need to do this this and this. starting a record label is easy as you can see super fast super quick going to get to that. site is in the description check that out and I’ll bring you straight over there you can fill that out and get all that stuff going and within 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll be sent your paperwork that you need.
Start doing business as soon as you file. You can say you have a record label, you own a record label, and then you’ll get your binder, you got your legal documents, you can actually prove that it is a record label. For more information there’s another video I’m going to put at the end here that will show you about using your name, the different departments of a record label and stuff like that, not going to make this too long. Check out those videos, I’m Rob level, this is! Please hit me with a subscribe and here’s more videos.

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