How To Start A Rap Song

How To Start A Rap Song (Fully Detailed Article)

how to start a rap songHow To Start A Rap Song

So you want to know how to start a rap song? No problem!

I have written over 5,000+ songs and know all you need to know about starting a rap song.

First let’s go over the fact that if you are asking “how to start a rap song” you are probably a bit new to rapping. So disclaimer now: this article “how to start a rap song” is for new rappers but you may still learn something from it if you are a bit seasoned.

How To Start A Rap Song

The Truth About How To Start A Rap Song

The truth is that this question is a bit vague, so I’ll answer it in all ways you may have wanted an answer for it. 🙂

We are always trying to be as helpful as can at Smart Rapper to help you out.

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Start With A Chorus/Hook (Duh!)

Realistically when asking how to start a rap song you should realize that a chorus (known as a hook) is the most important part of a song.

Honestly you shouldn’t even be writing verses to a song or beat if you don’t have the chorus already.
hook chorus

*Make sure that last sentence sticks in your head. It will save you months of work in the long run.

The chorus is what makes people love the song and the verses are what carry people through the song to the next chorus.

So the true answer is to start a rap song by writing the chorus.

All of my methods to songwriting choruses can be found here in the songwriting course


Well once you have a chorus that you KNOW is good, the rest of the song is easy. All professional songwriters start with the chorus.

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Entertain Or They Will Turn Your Song Off Immediately

I’ll probably turn #2 of How To Start A Rap Song into it’s own full out article soon.

This is a HUGE tip! Something I was doing but didn’t realize the importance of for a long time.

The first 4 bars someone hears from you in a song could be the only 4 bars they EVER hear from you.

Why does that matter? Are you serious?!


Because if someone is even listening to your music with all this noise out there nowadays you should be grateful. You should also want to give your new potential fan and current rap fans the best music and lyrics you can give.

Let’s go a bit more in depth here.

Those first 4 bars of a verse need to be entertaining in at least one of the following ways so that the listener is immediately hooked:

1) It needs to start with a catchy chorus to pull them in
2) It needs to start with a super funny or witty punchline so they say “Wow, didn’t expect that! He/she is good.”
3) It needs to start with speed rapping (which people are impressed by naturally)
4) It needs to start with a crazy wordplay or rhyme scheme

This is MASSIVELY important!

People are typically doubting they will like your song UNTIL they hear you say something that impresses them. That is how the listeners mind works. 

So make sure to literally “Go In” at the start of a song with the most impressive thing you can and then follow that up with even more impressive pieces.

If you think I’m just talking out of my ass…. feel free to go to anyone of my freeverse/remixes of major songs and notice that I always start with funny witty lines, wordplay or speed raps. People expect that from me and that’s why they all have 100,000+ views.

My song with 5 Million views on it immediately jumps in with a speed rap then smacks people with a sick punchline.

If you want to see my 6 hour video course on how to write sick punchlines check it out here

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If You Are SUPER NEW Here Is The List Of Action

Now for answer #3

In order to start a rap song, clearly… you need to do everything in this order from start to finish

to do list1) Find A Beat To Rap On And Download It
2) Write A Rap Chorus To It
3) Write Your Rap Verses
4) Record The Rap Song
5) Mix The Rap Song
6) Prepare Marketing For Release
7) Shoot A Video
8) Release The Rap Song

And that is all the basic answers on how to start a rap song.

Congratulations! You finished another Smart Rapper article!
You just gained 2 more points to your Rap IQ and you’re officially a Smarter Rapper!
The more articles you read, the smarter you get! At this rate you’ll be a pro in no time.

– Novi Novak 

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