The New Way To Get Famous | Getting Fans To Suggest You On Snapchat

how to use snapchat suggestHow To Suggest On Snapchat

How To Suggest On SnapChat


How to get famous on SnapChat

I find this very interesting…. and a very Smart Rapper like thing to do.

You can now suggest your friends to add someone as a friend on Snapchat.

While this might not seem like a big deal to closed minded people… this is actually HUGE for music artist and other brands…

You may be asking “Why is this huge? It’s just suggesting?! You stupid brah.”

Nah! I’m not though.

That is where my marketing brain and people who aren’t good at marketing differ.

This now means that if you are a rapper with FANS, you can ask your friends to suggest you their friends who might like your music.



How To Suggest On Snapchat lets do some math

Let’s do some math.

I know you usually hate math but this will be fun.

If you have 100 TRUE fans of your music RIGHT NOW… You can ask those 100 true fans to suggest you to 5 people on their Snapchat.

Since the feature is NEW, they will probably think it is cool to do it.

So… You now have 100 people suggesting you to 500 NEW people…

That is 500 NEW potential fans… INSTANTLY….

These people can now see your personality/brand on your Snapchat and become fans of you.

This is MASSIVE! Now… if you are like me and you have 15,000+ people on Snapchat and you get 3,000+ watches on every Snap…

Well this is my lucky fucking day.

I now have the opportunity to gain thousands of fans all in one swoop by simply asking my fans to suggest me to people who may like me.

I wouldn’t leave you confused on how to do it so of course I made you a step by step tutorial using pictures below on how to Snapchat suggest.

You’re welcome.

Let’s see how getting famous on SnapChat works, shall we?

How To Suggest On Snapchat
number 1 rapper

1) You go to your ‘my friends’ or  screen and you simply press and hold on the screen name you want to suggest to your friends. 

Or search for your friend inside of the ‘my friends’ section to find who you want to suggest.

That screen name could be anybody… like… maybe my SnapChat = iamnov   🙂

How To Suggest On SnapChat 1
How To Suggest On Snapchat
number 2 rapper

2) This will pop up, all you have to do is press that little blue arrow on the right

How To Suggest On SnapChat 2
How To Suggest On Snapchat
number 3 rapper

3) Now it brings you to a list of your Snapchat friends.

Now you click the name of the Snapchat friend(s) you want to suggest the add to

How To Suggest On SnapChat 3
How To Suggest On Snapchat
number 4 rapper

4) It will then send the suggestion to your chosen friend(s) inside of a chat where they can press ADD instantly.

Since it’s so easy to do, people are more likely to actually add the person.

Tell your fans to explain who you are if the person they suggest to happens to ask.

This will increase the likely hood that they add you.

Also let your fans know that their recommendation is NOT public so only them and the person they send the suggestion to will know.

How To Suggest On SnapChat 4
Please Note

If you don’t see the arrow, you just need to update your Snapchat app.

How To Suggest On Snapchat
wrapping up


Now you can exponentially grow your fan base by simply asking a favor of your REAL fans.

Easy way to get famous on SnapChat.

Ask your fans to do this every couple days and watch the new fans pour in.

If they don’t understand HOW TO suggest… just send them the link to this article. It’s that simple.

It’s step by step, even your mom could do it and you know how good your mom is at doing things.

Lol, I think I’m funny when I make up random jokes 😀 Ignore me I’ve had a lot of coffee today.

*sips more Starbucks coffee*

PS You should add @TheCompanyMan – He runs Hip Hop DX which is one of the biggest Hip Hop news sites on the internet.

I go to the Gym with him every morning since I moved to LA.

He is really entertaining and intelligently opinionated. You will see him hanging out with some big rappers too which is always fun to see.

Don’t forget to add me on Snapchat – iamnov

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