Marketing Your Music With Instagram Stories | Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Instagram Stories Secrets Plus TipsMarketing Your Music With Instagram StoriesInstagram Story Secrets Plus Tipsinstagram story tips and tricks

Marketing Your Music With Instagram Stories

So… Instagram came in and just straight smacked Snapchat in the mouth.


getting smacked gif

Absolutely disrespectful.

It maybe even threw Snapchat on the ground and kicked it in the ribs a few times with this new change to it’s platform.

If you didn’t know… basically Instagram has implemented the same EXACT idea that Snapchat is based on

Stories last for 24 hours, it gets thrown to the top of your followers feed, you can add text to it, emojis, the whole 9 yards.

So now basically Instagram is Snap-A-Gram.

Instagram Stories Tips And Tricks

The major benefit of this addition to Instagram is that you can post content to your followers that doesn’t have to sit on your profile, receive likes, receive comments etc. You can just be you and not worry about interaction.

I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Instagram Stories in this article and then wrap it up with a bunch of Instagram Stories tips and tricks.

Let’s gooooooooo

Instagram Story Secrets Plus Tips

HOW TO Market Your Music With Instagram Stories

First off let’s go over how to use Instagram stories if you don’t know how

number 1 rapper

1) On your home screen there is a + top left that you press. After you press it, it will bring you to a camera where you can take photo or video in Instagram Stories mode.

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2) Now you just take a video by holding down the button or simply press it to take a picture.

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3) Now you can edit it. You can add filters, add text, add emojis, resize stuff and pretty much everything that Snapchat can do.

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4) Then to post it to your Instagram Stories feed you simply press the UP arrow which throws it up into the Instagram Stories news feed.

Instagram Stories Post Button

TIP: You have more colors than the bottom of your screen shows. You can get more colors by holding down on the colors and it will open advanced Instagram Stories options like this.

Instagram Story Secrets Plus Tips
instagram stories how to


Just like Snapchat, every time you post a new video or picture it jumps to the front of the line on your friends feeds.

People who are following you will see your Instagram Story come across the top of their feed screen like this.


You can access and see your own story by going to your feed page and clicking on your profile picture.


Instagram Story Secrets Plus Tipsinstagram stories view countHow To See How Many Views Your Instagram Story Got

When you are inside of that screen it will show you how many views you got today on each video or picture.

Such as this video here of me backstage at Warped Tour with Waka Flocka yesterday. You can see it received 1,290 views since it happened 16 hours ago.

Instagram_ Stories_Views
Instagram Story Secrets Plus Tips
how to see who watched your instagram story

How Can You See Who Watched Your Instagram Story

You can also see anyone who watches your Instagram Story by pressing the up arrow on your story.

Then it brings you to a page like this where you can see each person.

This is also where you can delete your Instagram Story post or download it.


You can also take your Instagram Stories story and add it from there directly to your actual Instagram page. As if you posted the picture to your profile the same way it was before they changed over.

If you want to post your Instagram Story picture or video to your permanent Snapchat page you can just press the UP Arrow next to the trash as shown in the picture above.

Instagram Story Secrets Plus Tips
music marketing with instagram stories

Marketing Your Music With Instagram Stories TIPS AND TRICKS

There aren’t TOO many marketing tricks with Instagram stories but I’m going to tell you the simple tricks to get seen as much as possible.

Since Instagram stories is so new, not everyone is using it yet.

This means you have a much higher chance of getting seen.

1) Post as much as you can all day long to constantly jump in the front of other users stories.

This is a duh, well… for some people haha.

Keep it consistent…  at least post 4+ times a day such as every few hours.

2) Make sure that the content you are posting is actually entertaining

Because if you don’t they will stop going thru your stuff by the 2nd or 3rd picture/video.

Make sure that it is valuable content. If it is just you shooting pictures of the ramen noodles you are eating for lunch or your cat falling asleep no one is ever going to want to watch your Instagram Stories.

Be creative and entertaining.

It is the only reason anyone follows me on SnapChat or Instagram… I am being myself 100% of the time and I am silly af all the time cause Idc.

Add me on SnapChat lol

Snapchat Icon

3) Vogue U.K. Said

“We have found that views initially appear to be higher for Stories than those on video posts and exceed the average number of likes we see on a photo post,”

This means that you should be posting to gain more awareness in general.

4) Some companies are seeing higher watch rates through their entire story even when the same story is uplodaded to Snapchat. 

On Snapchat they are getting 50-70% retention through their story but on Instagram Stories they are actually getting an 8% rate of completion.

Meaning 8/100 people watched their ENTIRE story even though it was extremely long.

5) Brand your snaps the way you would brand your Instagram or website etc.

Meaning always use the same filter, the same color text and doodle color.

The familiarity of doing that will help people glide through your Instagram Stories more fluidly and also know when they stumble upon your story.

6) Don’t forget to keep posting to your Snapchat too. 

It is still smart to spread fans across all of your social media networks incase a massive change happens and you suddenly lose the ability to contact the fans on one platform.

For instance, this Instagram change could technically completely eradicate a large part of Snap Chat’s user base.

That means that all of the people you spent time pushing to Snap Chat will now move back to Instagram for the combination of features.

This is why I recommend you build everything up instead of just one platform.

And I especially recommend you start building your E-mail list. I teach you how to do that here.

7) Watch Other People’s Stories And Network

You can’t comment on Instagram Stories but you can send messages.

If you are following people that you want to network with you can instantly message them when watching their story by pressing ‘send message’.

This is exactly like the Snapchat send message feature.

I use it every time a hot girl is in my feed lol jk jk. Kinda.

No I’m not.

just kidding
just kidding gif

8) You can also BLOCK people from seeing your stories 

Simply access your Instagram Story settings and choose who you don’t want seeing your stories. 🙂

Stalkers are no fun.

instagram stories settings
Instagram Story Secrets Plus Tips
wrapping up

Let’s hear it again for Instagram being a bish and straight smacking Snapchat.

getting smacked in the mouth gif

Business can be ruthless.

Now I have the sudden urge to go watch some Shark Tank.


– Smart Rapper Owner

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