How To Write A Melody (Writing Melodies Like A Pro Is Easy!)

How To Write A Melody (Writing Melodies Like A Pro Is Easy!)

If you want to know how to write a melody, all you need to do is stop overthinking the process. Whenever we are writing melodies we tend to force ourselves to make something or write something. Instead, it’s best to just let go, vibe with the beat in front of us and create freely. Close off the logical side of your brain and let the creative side completely take over.

People always ask me how to write a melody and while there are a lot of ways this can be explained and while we COULD get into music theory…. we won’t because it’s honestly not even necessary.

When writing melodies it’s best to not even write. If you want to know how to write a melody just freestyle without overthinking it and create.

This is why rappers are always high or drunk. It’s to put them into a carefree space where they won’t overthink and can just…. create.

One of the things I wish I knew sooner in my music career was the power of freestyling when writing melodies. It makes the songwriting job so much easier. You create and write these sounds, flows and melodies you never would have made if you were purposefully trying to write them.

In my secrets to songwriting course I teach you every single step of the process that took me over 10 years to learn and perfect. It’s actually ridiculous how much faster you will write melodies and finish writing songs when you have a process you know to follow.

If you can’t afford it, I totally understand but I can tell you right now it would change your entire songwriting game as soon as you got your hands on it.


How To Write A Melody

If you want to check it out and learn how to write a melody better here is the link:

Now for those of you that can’t afford it let me give you basic break down of how to write a melody.

1) Turn on a beat

2) Do you best to vibe with the beat

3) Record freestyles on the beat for the full length of the beat. Not just 1 time, but 5 to 10 times.

4) Go back over the freestyles you just laid down and intently listen for specific flows you did that were super catchy. Basically anything that caught your ear.

5) Take the best melodies your wrote and the best flows and decide which one is your catchiest chorus melody, your best verse melody, your pre-chorus, your post chorus and your bridge. (Depending on what kind of song you are writing – not all songs will have pre choruses, post choruses and bridges)

That’s about all you need to know to start. But to see me go through beats for 2 hours and show you how to do this just right you can check out the Songwriting Course.


Writing Melodies And Choosing Melodies

A really big issue I have seen with a lot of upcoming music artist we see on Smart Rapper is that they seem to have this lack of understanding as if they are always asking “What is a melody?” Even if you understand what a melody is, after that (in my personal opinion) I feel like we all need melodies in our heads to reference when trying to decide what is the right melody to choose from our writings.

If you have never heard any hit songs, how could you possibly tell what makes a hit song? Therefore how could you make a hit song?

I recommend everybody goes to Billboard and listens to every single number 1 song that has ever existed from the beginning of the charts. Honestly I know almost every single one of the songs because I grew up on so many different kinds of music across many genres.

Having this catalog of music styles and melodies in my head has definitely helped me be the most versatile rapper alive that I am today.

Go listen and build your music bank up in your head so you always have something to pull from when you’re writing melodies.


And that is how to write a melody. Hope this helped you today. Keep hustlin I’ll see you at the top gang.

– Rob Level

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