WINNER: Would You Rap To These Beats (Week 1)

Artist: T Sams(@tsams201) 

Song: “Insufficient Funds” 

Producer:  Siete (@prodbysiete) 

Beat: Wasted 


Yo what up gang I hope you’re hustling hard and moving forward! I would like to introduce to you our first winner in our “Would You Rap To These Beats” series. T Sams was born and raised in Jersey City, and has been rapping since the tender age of 14. A year later, he began recording music  and honing his craft. Fast forward to 2019 and he’s a well versed and dope emcee who is slated to drop his first official project shortly titled “Insufficient Funds”. 

Ironically,  the song he submitted for the contest is also titled “Insufficient Funds” and was really solid and stood out from the first batch of artist submissions. His word play and reality raps capture you as soon as the record starts. The song was produced by Siete (@prodbysiete) over the beat titled “Wasted” from our Smart Rapper beat store. Overall, T Sam’s song was a strong start to our weekly contest. Make sure you follow him on Instagram @tsams201 and show him some love! 

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