MAJOR Label Money With No Deal

What up, Smart Rapper Gang? In this article, we are going to talk about how to get major record label funding without signing a record deal. The secret: remixing popular songs. I’m going to help you think outside the box. You’re going to learn:

1) How I’ve gotten over 10 million streams and views on my music from this trick. I have over 40 million total, but THIS strategy has gotten me over 10 million.

2) How to get record label deal-like money for marketing your music without even signing a deal.

3) How to create the music and content to get these marketing dollars within only a few hours (with examples and PROOF).

4) How to guarantee your music gets these streams and views.

5) How all of this works legally so you feel safe, comfortable, and you know that it’s okay to do what I’m teaching you.

The Secret Sauce

I’m going to show you what I’m doing to get tens of thousands of streams and views across my social media every single week, and it only takes me a couple of hours to do it.

As you know if you’ve heard my music, any time I do a remix to a song, it really gets numbers. All but one have gotten over 100,000 views, which means that, off of one remix, I tend to get more views than 99% of artists that call themselves a rapper. I’ve done this over half a dozen times, and that’s just on remixes.

I got 5 million views on my Black & Yellow remix When it happened, those views were more like 20 million views today. The Thrift Shop and Head Band remixes are over 100,000 each. The Ransom remix is at half a million. I pushed the I Love It remix for only two weeks…100,000 views.

Lil Wayne’s career was massively upheld by him doing remixes to popular songs. Look at all of his mixtapes. I’m going to explain to you why that worked. Before you write this off as a stupid idea, I’ll explain to you 9 massive benefits of you doing remixes to songs.

The Benefits To Remixing A Song

Benefit 1) Anyone who hears your remix is already 50% more likely to like you as an artist. Why? Because 50% of the song is a beat that they’re already familiar with, and they already like. That helps you bypass a lot of haters that exist because they already like 50% of the song. You just have to make sure to make the other 50% good enough to like.

Benefit 2) Because remixes will organically come up in Google and YouTube searches, you can start making remixes to people who you actually sound like. You can start gaining targeted fans and organic clicks to your music on a regular basis.

When someone types the name of a bigger artist, you just happen to be next to that artist as soon as they search it. They’re intrigued, they click it, and they see you.

Drake gets 1.2 million Google searches on his name A MONTH. DaBaby gets almost 1 million (considering misspelling of his name). Lil Baby gets almost 400,000 searches on Google.

Take into account, these are only Google searches, not YouTube.

Benefit 3) These artists are getting organic searches; millions a month. Record labels spend millions of dollars to get them to the level where they’re that searchable and get that much traction.

Additionally, every time a label drops a single, they pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into that single. That brings hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars worth of attention to that artist’s name and that song title. That’s a song that drives millions of people to that song’s search.

Those same searches trickle down to your remix. If you do it right, you’ll be on the first page along with the big artist’s single.

How do you think I was capable of consistently ranking for doing remixes, getting people to listen, and gaining all of those fans? You’re getting hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars without spending a dime of your own money. This is why remixing a song is so valuable.

Benefit 4) You can remix as many songs as you want, as OFTEN as you want.

Benefit 5) You build momentum. What better way to keep fans entertained than by remixing songs they already like, and dropping your original music too?

Benefit 6) Weekly releases of these remixes shows the world that you’re actually an artist. You’re not dropping one song every 1-2 months. You’re dropping your original music on a regular basis, as well as slaughtering these beats in the remixes. This shows them how versatile you are.

Benefit 7) You get to show off your music style on a different type of beat.

Benefit 8) You get to PRACTICE your music style and versatility on someone else’s beat. DO you know how much better you’ll be at rapping if you’re doing this on a regular basis?

Benefit 9) Making remixes is easier than making original music. Once you gain buzz from pushing out a bunch of remixes, people will be begging you for original music.

Step-By-Step Formula To Remixing Songs

Without further ado, here is the step-by-step formula my team and I are currently using to do remixes, grow them, and rank in search engines.

Then, we’ll discuss the legal stuff. You might be wondering, “How am I allowed to use this beat?” I’ll teach you.

Step 1) Choose the most valuable and popular song out right now. Remix the song that makes the most sense for your style. The more recently it was released, the better. The sooner you put out the remix, the better.

If you wait too long, other people will do the remixes, rank before you, and you’ll be cut out.

Step 2) Get the beat. Beatmakers are doing the same thing rappers are doing because they want to get the search traffic when people are looking for the instrumental for that song.

As soon as somebody comes out with a new song, that instrumental is already up within a couple of hours. Get that beat immediately and download it.

I don’t use the original beat because I don’t own the beat and can’t monetize it. Instead, I get my producer to make a similar beat in 10 minutes that is inspired by the sound of that beat. It’s actually a remix/remake that I can still monetize. I can still put it on Spotify, and it sounds cool and unique. Lucky for you, you can skip this process by grabbing the beat from a producer who put it on YouTube. Just make sure you go through instrumentals from different producers because some people remake it a lot better than other people.

Step 3) Write your lyrics. Put your creative spin on it too. Slow down the beat, sing the hook instead of rapping it – anything to be unique and stand out.

Step 4) Create a video. In order to rank, you have to create something that is visually stimulating and entertaining. Even if you don’t have a camera, use your phone. This is a very important step. Don’t use, “I don’t know how to edit music videos,” as an excuse. It’s so easy to do. Take my course on shooting and editing music videos, framing, angles, color correction, etc. by going to

If you do not create a music video, you at least need to have a lyric video.

How To Get Your Remixes To Rank

Now, let’s talk about how to get your songs to rank on Google and YouTube. The first important factor is that people actually click your video. That’s why the thumbnail and title are so important.

The next important factor is how long they watch your video. If they turn it on, then turn it off in 20 seconds, that’s no bueno. That tells YouTube that this is not the video people were searching for, and that kicks you further down in the ranks.

If they watch it all the way through, YouTube sees that and declares it as valuable (especially if they are engaging). This is how algorithms work, and why we shoot a music video for it.

It keeps the person entertained and want to keep watching. If they like the song, they’ll definitely watch the video until the end. This tells YouTube to put them in the ranks when searched.


Legally, how can you use someone else’s beat on YouTube? You can, but you can’t monetize it. That means you cannot put it on Spotify, Apple Music, or any platforms that pay you.

Labels probably aren’t going to bother with you making a tiny amount off of a song, but it’s still not worth it. You probably could get away with it until you blew up, but then you’re just giving yourself problems in the future.

Keep hustlin’, Gang. I’ll see you at the top.

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