NEVER Pay For Music Promo… Do This Instead!

NEVER Pay For Music Promo… Do This Instead!

In this video I am going to show you how to gain 10 TIMES the fans than most uninformed rappers would…. And that’s NOT an exaggeration I am even going to break it all down for you.

I want you to take this idea in and apply it for when you start doing collabs with bigger music artist.

I get a lot of questions about music marketing because… well at the end of the day the music marketing is one of the most important skills for actually getting heard.


If you aren’t heard, it’s like the music you released never even existed.


I had a fan ass question about if you should buy a collab from a rapper for $1,000 to $2,500 or if it would be smarter for you to spend that money setting up Facebook ads for yourself.


In this video I am going to clue you in on a few things.


Let’s say you buy a collab from a rapper like… NBA Young Boy who generally charges like $10,000
And I know you probably don’t have $10,000 but I want to use this as an example because it could also be shown as a rapper that cost $1,000 for a collab.


Now if you got a collab from NBA Young Boy you’d now have a Star artist verse on one of your songs.
The thing is, when you buy a verse from an artist, it generally comes with absolutely NO promotion FROM the artists for YOUR song.


The management and his team doesn’t want him promoting anything but HIS projects that align directly with his brand and show HIS growth.


So now you have a hot song from an artist but now you still have to market it… It only markets itself by the name being on it.
Meaning that people are more likely to click it because his name is on it… but you still have to get the song in front of people before they can click it.


You see the issue don’t you?


Buying a verse from a bigger artist doesn’t really get you the eyeballs… it just gives you the credit when you get the eyeballs.
So if you had the verse, you’d have to get it in front of his fans… stick with me here because by the end I am going to blow your mind on how to reach 10 times more fans than you would gain even if he posted your collab together.


And this will work with any collab from any rapper. The secret to this video is that you wouldn’t even NEED him to promote it.
Keep that in mind.


Now… I know… some smaller artists WILL promote it to their fan base for an extra cost… Right… Now you can gain some of their fans since you have a song with them. That’s awesome.

So let’s say you bought a $1,000 verse but you also have to pay an additional $500 for them to promote it to their audience.
That’s cool!


Let me explain something about the YouTube, Facebook and Instagram algorithm for you really quick…. Lets say the rapper you bought the verse from had 50,000 fans across all of their social media…


On Facebook only 2% of the people see the post the artist would make with your guys’ song on it. That means ONLY 1 thousands people would possibly see it… and maybe 400 would listen?


On Instagram, generally 10 to 15% of the people will see the post….
And on YouTube it depends on a lot more factors I won’t even go into.


So basically you would be paying the artist $500 for you to be seen by less than 5,000 of his followers.
That doesn’t really seem like it’s worth the $500 unless you have a budget with extra marketing dollars.


I’m about to blow your mind… check this out.


Let me ask again… Do you know how many people you can reach with a Targeted Facebook ad with $500?
The number is about 50,000 people. 50… THOUSAND targeted people.


What I recommend… because this IS Smart Rapper… is you combine the two.Let’s say you have a budget of $1,000…. Find a small to mid sized artist who has a fan base of like 30 to 50,000 people that will do a collab for $500


See what they charge to promote the song to their fans as well.
If it’s too expensive… Skip it…


Now check this out… You can take that same money they wanted to promote the song to their fanbase…. Let’s say that they wanted to charge an extra $500 to post it to their fans….


You can use Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram ads with that same money and reach around 50,000 targeted people.
Wanna guess who we are going to target?


We are going to target THAT RAPPERS Followers on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram!


This means you go from reaching 5,000 of his fans…. to reaching literally… 10 times that many people… 50,000.. all because you were a Smart Rapper.


Now of course you need to go learn how to do Facebook ads… it’s REALLY not hard at all… but now you can gain more fans.
You just became a smarter rapper that’s going to grow faster.


I have an entire course on how to do Facebook, YouTube and Instagram ads for rappers. I’ll put a link below for it for you guys and girls!

I’ll show you how to target fans of rappers you sound like and HOW TO properly promote to them so they turn into fans.

– Rob Level

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