How To Get Booked For Shows (Insider Details)

How To Get Booked For Shows (Insider Details)

It’s really not that hard to learn How To Get Booked For Shows for rap artist, musician, pop artist or anyone who wants to start booking shows.

In this video I talk about the business side of music venues on how they operate as well as how show splits work and merchandise for when you do book shows.

If you are interested and want way more information on how to get booked for shows you can check out my how to book shows course.

All you have to do is make a free login and you can get your hands on it for a few bucks. That knowledge will make you back $1,000s in the course of your music career. Good luck Smart Rapper… or whatever kind of artist is currently watching this and trying to book shows for yourself 🙂

* The How To Book Shows Course That Teaches You EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Booking Shows *

How to book shows as a rapper and how to book shows for a hip hop artist isn’t as hard as you might think it is.

– Your Friend Rob Level

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