Playlist Push Review From Someone Who Has Paid Over $3,000

Playlist Push Review From Someone Who Has Paid Over $3,000

You read that right. I have paid a total of over $3,000 to them and I think it’s about time for a honest Playlist Push Review since no one else in the Spotify Game seems to be giving them.

I also don’t seem to see anyone who spent as much as I did on Spotify Promotion or music marketing anywhere else.

I’m going to show you inside pictures and statistics from my campaigns so you can clearly see where every penny went and if it was worth it or not to hire Playlist Push for your next singles music promotion.

Their pricing is about the average cost of any Spotify Playlist Promotion.

Their reputation online looks pretty good… 75% that’s a passing grade and it’s still in the green. Now let’s see your thoughts after you see the rest of this Playlist Push review.

Playlist Push Coupon Code

I know a lot of you are looking for that sweet juicy money saving playlist push coupon code and I’m going to give it to you in just a second.

First let me show you my experience and give you my Playlist Push Review so you can decide “is Playlist Push legit” or not.

Why Can I Do A Playlist Push Review?

Well, I met the CEO and founder of Playlist Push George Goodrich many many times.

I invited him to a Balt Getty Music event at an opening of his new creative space (Balt Getty was a client of my Social Media Agency)

I really wanted to see what Playlist Push could do for me so I could then share and spread that information to other upcoming artist who wanted to get their music onto Spotify Playlists.

I wanted to further my relationship with the Playlist Push CEO and I even went to his birthday party.

He has even been to my house and we have discussed Playlist Push in a lot of detail over the past 2 years since I ran my first Spotify Promotion campaign on Playlist Push using my song ‘Way Up’.

Have I Used Playlist Push?

If you read the last chunk of text you can see I did use Playlist Push, and I used it more than one time if that’s your next question.

To date I have used it on 3 songs I have released.

I’m going to break them down in detail below so you can see what I got from each Playlist Push campaign I ran.

Was I happy with the results?

You’ll see. 

If You Want That Playlist Push Coupon Code

I know you are fiendin for the coupon code. I want you to keep reading but if you want that coupon code to save yourself a bunch of money you can go here.

What Playlist Push Promotion Did For My Single

My song Way Up is almost at 550,000 streams on Spotify and it’s over 1 Million Streams On YouTube.

Obviously this is no where near just Playlist Push promotion. The song is actually the theme song on my YouTube channels so it has been heard and seen by probably 10-15 million people so far.

Lucky for me that all converted into the numbers you see on the song now.

This was about 2 years ago but I do recall being very happy with the results of Playlist Push at the time.

My 2nd Single’s Playlist Push Experience

Before I even start this section I want to mention that this song wasn’t exactly my best song I have ever released.

When you spend time and money on music promotion and Spotify Curator out reach, they aren’t going to pick up your new song if they don’t like the music.

This song was good but it wasn’t good enough to cut thru the noise of all the other music marketing and promo going on. These Spotify Playlist curators get sent a lot of music everyday.

While my single Way Up and my newest one Built Like This are beautiful and stand out on their own, ‘Spray’ honestly didn’t.

A lot of my fans like it and it did numbers. I mean it’s over 425,000 on Spotify just over 6 months.

My Recent Singles Promotion From Playlist Push

At the time of this writing it has only been about a month and my song Built Like This is already at 125,000 streams.

This is absolutely beautiful. Of course, this is the beginning of my new music style and I am massively excited so I spent more time promoting this song than I did the others.

Here is a screen shot of what people said about my song just the 5 I see right in my Dash Board. You’ll also notice some of these people actually watch my Smart Rapper Videos from this site.

Look at the 2nd comment.

Now this obviously isn’t just Playlist Push. I also hired another Playlist company to help me on this too because I absolutely love this song.

I also did a lot of my own music promotion to get it off the ground and it’s clearly working.

Is Playlist Push Legit?

There are a lot of factors involved in getting your music promoted to the right Spotify Curators and getting your music onto Spotify Playlist.

If we are being 100% honest, if you are someone who HAS money to spend on a few campaigns from numerous companies, choosing to use Playlist Push as one of them is something I do recommend doing.

Do I recommend paying for the $1,000+ Playlist Push Pricing?

Well to be fair, I don’t recommend paying that pricing for ANY playlist curator outreach site if you are an upcoming music artist.

And it’s not that it’s not worth it…. it’s that a smart artist who learns how to use their money properly can easily gain more exposure with that $1,000.

If I was you, I’d test Playlist Push for yourself using one of the smaller campaigns and then at the same time, learn how to market yourself so you can spend that other $750 on a list of the following things that I know work better from experience.

  1. $5 a day perfectly set up Facebook ads to drive traffic to your Spotify at less than .2 cents a click. Meaning you can drive 250 people straight to your Artist Spotify a day…. for $5 if you set it up the way I can show you.
    This means for $1,000 you can drive 50,000 people straight to your Spotify page, not just a Playlist your song is on. Think about that.
  2. Fix your branding up and make a viral campaign using smaller Instagram Hip Hop pages who only charge $5-$25 for a post up. Testing these I have seen my videos get over 300,000 views on their Hip Hop Instagram pages for less than $500.
  3. Spending time and energy building relationships directly with Spotify Playlist curators to save yourself money and build relationships to get posted more than just one time.

Spotify Promotion Company Insider Secrets

Those are just a FEW things, I actually have about 30 different places you can put that same money to promote your music properly and really get the best bang for your buck to make every dollar count.

After all, isn’t that what you want? To grow as fast as possible with the current resources you have?

I show you how to do everything above yourself and WAY MORE in my Music Marketing Masterclass.

I show you Sound Cloud Promotion, Spotify Promotion, YouTube Music Promotion, Facebook Music Promotion, Instagram Music Promotion, Radio Promo and so much more.

It is easily the number 1 music promotion information anywhere on the internet.

I have the testimonials to prove it and those testimonials are from just the smaller products that come for FREE in the brand new Masterclass.

Music artists who have the drive and hustle will never have to pay a music marketing company again. I mean, knowing everything we teach you, you could start your own music marketing company and start making money running it.

So… now that we broke down and did a Playlist Push Review, here are the options we are left with for you.

Let’s Say You Have $1,000 To Market Your Song

What should you do with that $1,000?

Should you spend all $1,000 on Playlist Push Spotify Playlist Promo?

That’s up to you but here’s what I recommend you do if you want to be smart with your music promotion money.

I say you test a $250 to $500 Playlist Push campaign and see the results it gets you to see if it’s for you.

Again here is my coupon code (Affiliate Link)

Then what?

Well let’s say you only have $500 left because you just spent $500 on the Playlist Push Promo.

Instead of paying another music promotion company to promote you, why don’t you do the smart thing and learn how to market yourself so that you save a ton of money every time you release a new single?

Look at it like this

500 bucks left and you can save some of that and put it towards your Spotify Promotion or any other music marketing budget next week.

By Next Week You Can

  1. Have Facebook Ads running to promote your music
  2. Have a team of robots helping you promote your music while you sleep.
  3. Be gaining fans on autopilot
  4. Pitch to music blogs and major sites like a professional publicist
  5. have a firmer understanding of music promotion
  6. Know if Playlist Push is legit or not since you’ll have some stats back from them next week.

Why next week?

Because this week I am going to teach you how to market your own music with my Music Marketing Masterclass.

Then you can take the remaining money and use it on all the Music Promotion strategies and genius ideas I teach you.

I’ve released 9 albums, I’ve tested everything you can imagine and I did it all with my own money.

I know what works and what doesn’t work.

I even started a multi million dollar social media agency that had Fortune 500 companies and the Getty Family (Billionaires) as clients. You don’t think I know how to market and promote?

Do It Yourself Music Promotion? 

Well that’s easy, by getting my Music Marketing Masterclass you turn yourself into your own Music Promotion company.

Even better, you can start making music with the marketing strategies in mind before you even have the songs finished.

This way you are preparing marketing for yourself the right way before you even have your music done.

This is way smarter than finishing songs and then wondering like most artist “Okay what do I do now?”

Why ever be stuck in that mindset again when I can show you exactly what to do?

But Hurry Up Because This Isn’t Around For Long

My Music Marketing Masterclass is only around SEASONALLY and when it I do what is called an ‘Open Cart’ it means you can ONLY get it during that cart being open.

Once the cart closes, you have to wait until next year to be able to get it again or you’re paying almost double the price.

If you want to check out my Music Marketing Masterclass which will show you Spotify Promotion like Playlist Push does you can check it out here.

If you want to try Playlist Push because you liked my honest review you should do that too just to give it a go. You can check out the discount I get you which is above their average discount by going here.

There you have it. I hope this helps you get further on your path to greatness. Keep hustlin! I’ll see you at the top.

Rob Level

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