“YOU STOP FALLING EVENTUALLY” Motivation For Music Artists

I have these random moments where I realize something great in life. As I realize those moments I want to share them with you to help you through your journey as a music artist.

Everyone falls down. It is the people who get back up that eventually become the champions.

Think about a baby, when a baby is starting to learn to walk, it falls down 100s of times. But what does the baby know to do in it’s brain before anyone even teaches it? It gets right back up.

The more you fail and you realize you can get right back up, the faster you will rise every time you fall. And like I say in this video, eventually you just stop falling altogether.

You get stronger with every blow the world throws at you. You will learn to dodge them, take them and feel more numb to the punch and eventually you’ll start throwing your own blows that knocks down anyone that stands in your way.

You can only be a champion if you stay on your feet the entire fight, remember that.

Rob Level

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