Top 5 Things On Amazon For Rappers For February 2017

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Top 5 Things On Amazon For Rappers

Number 1

Novation Launchkey With Ableton Live Free

A great way to really start learning to write songs is to actually get your hands on a keyboard.

This way you can learn notes, steps, tuning your ear, scales and creating melodies easier.

I personally just got my hands on this Novation midi controller for a bunch of reasons but a huge one is that it actually makes me a better songwriter.

It’s also impressive for people to see when they come over to your house. It lets them know “Yea I do music, so what about it” haha

Novation keyboard

Check out the Novation Keyboard here.

And of course you’re going to need a keyboard stand for your keyboard if you don’t have a desk to set it on. Check this one out for a great price HERE

It comes with Ableton live for FREE so you can start making beats as well if you like to. It also works in all other Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc.

There are a bunch of other MIDI Controllers out there. You don’t have to get this one, but I can tell you this one is one of the top rated keyboards for beginners as well as production for a reason. It’s priced incredibly well and is a total steal for that price.


Number 2

Hip Hop Poster For Daily Inspiration

If you want to constantly be reminded that you are on the grind to become a great rapper… why not have a poster or painting of all of the legends behind you to remind you of your goals every time you walk into your room.

Here are a few options of great Hip Hop Inspiration posters for your studio and or bedroom to stay inspired on a regular basis.

Hip Hop Poster

Check Out Poster 1

And Then Check Out Poster 2

rap names poster

And this one is pretty cool Poster 3


Number 3

Cool New Hip Hop Clothing

Here are a couple cool shirt options that are in style now. The longer shirt helps your body not look so boxy and not only makes you look fashionable but more slender.

I only wear shirts like these nowadays because they look so great.

If I have learned anything about fashion it is that you have to try a lot of looks, feels, colors and accessories over time to find what looks best on you.

This is why I buy so many bracelets and shirts on a regular basis.

When I see cool looking shirts and pants I’ll be putting them into these monthly Amazon wrap ups 🙂

camo shirt

Camo Shirt that I just added to my Amazon Cart


COol shirt

Cool shredded shirt look


sick shirt

I don’t know why I am so into black and grey camo right now but this shirt is sick too and there is almost every single color available too.

Check it out here.

Major Note

When you go to buy any clothes online make sure you check to see how it fits to other buyers. Read reviews and see how they say it fits.

fit as expected amazon

I have learned that everything generally fits best if you get it 2 sizes larger than you normally wear them.

This is simply because they are made overseas where the people are smaller than us 😛

A ‘large’ to an Asian man is a small to me since I’m 205 Lbs at 5′ 10″.

Everything I have ordered from Amazon so far fits great! You can see that in my last Amazon list.


Number 4

Phone Tripod To Shoot Videos

It’s never a bad time to start building your YouTube channel.

You should be making videos or live streaming so that your fans and potential fans can get to know you.

But who wants to hold their phone the entire time they are shooting a video… Get yourself a tripod for dirt cheap, put your phone in it and hit record/stream.

It just makes sense to own one of these especially for the price.

As you can see I already own one.

Phone tripod

Get it here


Number 5

The Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

This is cool for numerous reasons. For one, it is completely voice activated.

It listens to anything you say and responds to you.

Simply by talking or asking the Amazon Echo you can do things like

1) You can call an Uber with it
2) You can order food with it
3) You can play music from Spotify, Pandora etc.
4) It will tell you the weather
5) Get sports updates
6) Set Timers
7) Control other technology that you connect it to
8) Get traffic updates
9) Order stuff from Amazon
10) Set shopping lists
11) Get movie times
12) Search the web

Amazon DotI like using it when people come over. I talk to it and tell it to play my music or even instrumentals sometimes.

If you get one now before everyone else, it will be a really cool thing to own that will impress all of your friends. It’s super portable, gets used to your speech patterns, vocabulary etc.

It’s just cool asf in general.

If you don’t want the Echo you can get your hands on the Amazon Dot too which has a lot of the same features.

Good luck my friend!


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