RCA/Sony “You Just Got A Record Deal” Scam!

RCA/Sony Record Deal Scam

This HAS TO STOP… It’s getting out of hand so I’m going to do my part to make sure all of you are informed on this to protect you.
So look, some human garbage is out there trying to scam every single artist out, even 14 year olds are being sent e-mails by these degenerate pieces of shit.

I’m legit mad about this.

I’ve been sent AT LEAST 100 people DM me on my Instagram JUST THIS alone with people asking me if it’s a scam.

If you get an e-mail from either of these e-mails or e-mails like it…. BEWARE!


This is another scam e-mail going around from the SAME person Universal.DeccaRecords@gmail.com

I’m going to show you guys screen shots, explain how we can identify this is clearly a scam and hopefully you can protect yourself as well as spread this information to others to protect them.

We’re going to get into it, right after the intro.

Even last night somebody messaged me about it again

and this girl I’m talking to who is an upcoming artist…. she fell for it too… that was just the final straw for me, she messaged me saying OMG LOOK


So basically, your friend got scammed and is unintentionally getting you scammed too.
So this HAS TO STOP.

So let’s talk about the scam, really the 2 MAIN scam types I am seeing happening right now.
People are collecting the e-mails and contact information for upcoming music artists and they are e-mailing them this e-mail that says they have the ability to either


2 Types Of Music Industry Scams (RCA/SONY, Atlantic Records, Universal)

1) Send your demo to get reviewed by A and Rs for a low price of only $179….


2) They already love you and you’re going to get a record deal and given $290,000 + a $40,000 signing bonus.. you just need to pay for the flight and hotel stay to come to the label meeting.

It’s only $700…

If I am going to go somewhere I’ll book my own flight and hotel stay and it’ll be cheaper than $700.

The fact that they don’t let you make your own trip plans is a red flag.

Please do me a favor and comment below if you have seen this scam yet or have been offered ones like it before. Talk about a bit of it in detail to help others!

Listen y’all, I’m sure you are an amazing artist, I know you have the hustle because you watch these videos and you’re trying to learn and educate yourself to progress, make your life better and move forward…

But no one is going to open the clouds for you and let the light shine down like collective soul.

*Plays Collective Soul Heaven Let Your Line Shine Down*

No one is going to SAVE YOU. YOU HAVE TO DO IT.

When you are gaining buzz and really starting to grow, you’ll know when real A and Rs are talking to you and they WON’T be asking you for money.

And it probably WON’T Come from an e-mail.

In just a minute I am going to show you how you can help stop this scam and be one of the people that shut this persons whole operation down.


Dissecting The RCA/SONY Record Deal Scam E-mail

Let’s go over a few more red flags in this e-mail just so you can be on the lookout for scams like this.
The law of the scam is that if it’s too good to be true…. it probably is… okay.

1) look at the e-mail it came from…. in this case it came from Info@SonyRecordings.com
If you go to SonyRecordings.com it’s not even an operational website


2) You should Google the e-mail it came from to confirm anything you can find.
In this case when you google it obviously it has Sony and recordings in it so it brings up Sony Records but you can’t see the e-mail anywhere. After I publish this article on SmartRapper.com you’ll see it pop up as a scam though.


3) Again so you remember… if they ever ask for money up and it’s not a person you know and trust… don’t trust it.

One guy even said he called Sony to ask if anyone knew this guys name and nobody knew who the guy was

It’s the same thing I did for the live nation scam artists a few months ago where I e-mailed and spoke back and forth with a guy at Live Nation and he was like… we have NO idea who that person is and if you get anymore information please let us know.

Because it’s making them look BAD and they definitely don’t want these people going around using their name to put money in their pockets.


How To Stop This RCA/SONY Fake Record Deal Scam

To help STOP this Scam, I would like all of you to please take this video link…. and e-mail it to Sony/RCA so they can take the time and energy to stop this person from scamming anyone else.


I’ll put the e-mails for their Publicity departments below for you to e-mail.


I’ll also put their Twitter and Instagram so you can Tweet or Comment on their profile

Hopefully together we can stop this scam artist.


I’m going to attache all of the screen shots I have been sent in a link below this video so they can see the information of the scam artist and what they are sending to people.

This is hurting their reputation and I’m sure they will appreciate me doing this to try to help in some way.


Please do me a favor and comment below if you have seen this scam yet or have been offered ones like it before. Talk about a bit of it in detail to help others!

And also please like this video and take the e-mails and social media in the description and send this video to these people so you can be part of something protecting upcoming artists like yourself.

Imagine if they scammed you out of $700 feeding on your hopes and dreams or even just the $179…. that’s a lot of money when you’re on the come up.

I used to work two 40 hour weeks to get $700 that’s ridiculous.

Let’s stop these people together.

I appreciate y’all gang. Keep hustlin, I’ll see you at the top!


Info@SonyRecordings.com Universal.DeccaRecords@gmail.com RCA-Sony-Records-Music-Industry-Scam

– Rob Level

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