Why You Should NEVER Drop Music In December

Why You Should NEVER Drop Music In December

Best time to drop a song and best time to drop a single is definitely NOT in December and here is why Smart Rapper!

Have you ever heard the saying “Never in December?” Probably not because I just made it up right now but I hope it sticks because in this video we are going to talk about why you SHOULD NOT release music or a project in December.

Now some people will tell you November and December are good months to release albums and yea sure… that USED to be the case. But as you will see from number 3, I have a trick you can use to get that Christmas money from people

1. It instantly ages your song a year this is why I’m releasing spray in January

2. Media dead zone from holidays

3. Start pre orders for a project or single Christmas eve because ppl get iTunes gift cards and money to be able to buy your project

They have expendable income for the first time the year

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