Rob Level vs Famous Dex SoundCloud Stats (WTF IS GOING ON?!)

This subject is 100% to educate artists. This isn’t to throw shade at anyone. I have songs with people in Famous Dex’s camp that are coming out soon which everyone would go nuts over. Because I’m from South Side Chicago I have a lot of love and respect for all artists who put on for our city.

When you have an ENGAGED audience and use the right music marketing tactics, your stats will literally be 10 times higher than what a major artist would get. I’m going to show you just how powerful marketing is.

Shameless plug: I have to mention the entire course I created showing how I did all of this to get REAL followers, REAL PLAYS, REAL COMMENTS and more. Go to my SoundCloud and checkout all the profiles commenting and following. They are 100% real. 

I’m just getting started! I have yet to post about my SoundCloud account or new song on Instagram. None of my time has been used to promote anything. I’ve only set up the SoundCloud marketing.

What blew my mind was once I actually began writing an article on SoundCloud engagement. I wanted to use a famous artist from the platform to set as an example for you guys. So, what better rapper is there to examine than Famous Dex? At the time, I was just trying to check out his ratios of plays to comments, as well as likes to reposts.

Here Are Famous Dex’s Stats

On one of Famous Dex’s popular songs he released a month ago, he generated…

187,000 Streams



And 348 Comments

And this is with 255,000 followers on SoundCloud

Here Are MY Stats

Remember I just started a brand new SoundCloud a month ago. My song was released 10 days ago at the recording of this video. Yet, it already has 300 comments and 736 reposts.

My single gained 200 more reposts than his song does. Also, there are 48 less comments on my profile in comparison to his. I have only a fraction of the plays he has and my song has only been out for less than half the time his has.

Famous Dex has 250,000 more followers than I do. What this proves is that my methods of music marketing create massive engagement and social proof with others. Again these are ALL real people, you can go look for yourself and see the profiles liking, following and everything.

If I was at 187,000 plays on my song, I would have 20 times the current stats. So this song would be at: 12,440 Likes which 14,720 Reposts which is how many likes he has and almost 5,000 Comments.

Keep This In Mind…

Of course, we need to take into account that there are people playing that song on repeat which adds to the streams. But please note, not all those plays are resulting in anybody commenting, reposting and liking. Mine did.

Famous Dex’s marketing is all ORGANIC fans listening to new songs. My strategy is focused on proactive hardcore methods which push my music to get heard. Imagine what will happen when I’m as big as him AND using those same marketing tactics. It’s all because of the way I marketed the song as an independent artist.

I have a course below that shows you step by step how I did it. 100% FREE. Go to

As I learn things as a music artist, I teach them to you. That’s what Smart Rapper is for.

Last Thing 

I’ll be reposting 5 songs I liked onto my SoundCloud. This way, as I grow rapidly on SoundCloud moving forward, your music can get heard as well. All you have to do is follow me on SoundCloud and Instagram AND DM me your song.

After I check to see if all is followed, me and my team will listen and decide who to repost. It’s that easy. Can’t wait to hear all the submissions. I’ll see you at the top.

– @Rob_Level

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