I Spent $350 On A SoundCloud Promotion Package And This Happened

What I’ll be showing you Smart Rappers is the exact 10 step process I used, day by day. I went from a brand new Soundcloud profile with 0 followers that had only 1 song on it, and saw extreme results.

Yeah… that’s insane. Numbers kept changing every day as I’d refresh my page. By the way, don’t worry, you can use this on the FREE level tool without having to spend any money.

Send me your results and I’ll shout you out in my monthly Soundcloud round up video. You can either DM me on Instagram or message me on SoundCloud.com/RobLevel. I tend to check messages once a week or when I’m on the toilet.

Up to your imagination what happens…

First off, if you don’t know what Repost Exchange is, here is a quick round up so you can understand the crazy stuff I am about to show you in this video. 

Repost Exchange allows music artists to share fans by reposting one another. Every time you do that, you’ll receive a certain amount of credits based on how many followers you have. You also earn credits just for logging in daily and leaving comments on other people’s music. Click here for more information on Repost Exchange.

I spent a lot of time and energy everyday researching this for you guys. I went in, tested it, and recorded the results of what this SoundCloud promotion package site did for me. 

As you all know, I test new softwares, promo companies, and everything else using my own money so you can see if it is actually worth to invest in for your own music marketing budgets. That’s what I am doing here. You know I got your back.

So as you’re already aware, I upload one new single every month onto all platforms. My single from last month already has 200,000 streams on Spotify

I don’t really use SoundCloud at all because they don’t pay me for my streams so why waste my time pushing my fans there? But, I did want to find the best tool and see how well it worked for the people who DO use SoundCloud on a regular basis.

I’m going to put all of the links below for you guys for all of this stuff. 

You can earn credits and not have to spend money at all to do most of what I did. You will still see growth.

Here are the detailed, 10 day by day steps I took. I can assume if you do the exact same thing, you WILL get similar results especially if you already have your SoundCloud operating a bit.

Day 1 : I created and upgraded a brand new profile

I didn’t do anything on SoundCloud but make the profile, add a picture, connect it to the site, and upgrade to SoundCloud pro on this day. That was it. This brand new profile was created from scratch with the plan to test every single one of the sites key features. I wanted to see if it helped a profile grow from absolute 0 to something significant.

Day 2: Streams already?

I returned back to the page and saw I had 114 streams simply from having my song on the site. I was able to be seen by other users and gain listeners even before I really started. There are 3 paid levels of this site that are pretty cheap and have great features for a SoundCloud promotion package. Personally, I started with the free level and then bought 1,000 credits for dirt cheap to see what that would do for my SoundCloud growth.

I gained 114 plays and three followers after one day.

Day 3: Breaking free from the limitations

You’ll end up facing certain limitations on the FREE level but I wanted to see how well it worked–honestly, not bad. I came back on day 3, clicked refresh, and here were the results after only one day.

I still only uploaded one track on the page but grew to 27 followers in total and 315 plays.

I was so impressed that I upgraded to the network plan. It’s only $10 to remove limitations, get more features, and boosts. After seeing what 1,000 did to my page for barely any money, I bought 2,050 credits to see what kind of damage I could do with that.

It worked even better. I used those credits to see if they worked more efficiently and reach more people so I can target exactly who I’d have repost my song. The network plan I upgraded to came with a boost to put my campaign at the top of the Browse Campaign list. This means every person who clicks to listen gives me a stream. With every stream comes the potential to gain a fan.

Step 4: What 2,500 credits did…

I didn’t touch it at all, I got busy and let the campaign I started with the 2,500 credits run in the background. I came back 3 days later. Now I was only on day 6 of SoundCloud promotion package and here were the crazy results.

Step 5: Going through with the follower campaign

Then the next day (on Day 7), I bought a quick 500 follower campaign to see if that would gain me 500 real followers from other people on the site. Basically, they way it works is it’ll show your music to SoundCloud listeners and if they like your music, they follow you. Since it was a NEW profile with low followers, I needed social proof for people to take my profile more seriously.

Real quick Social Proof is EXPLAIN SOCIAL PROOF

EXPLAIN SOCIAL PROOF for SoundCloud Promotion Package 

Step 6: Running the results on the Follower campaign

Two days later (on day 9 of running Soundcloud Promotion package) I saw the results of the followers test.

Was it worth it?


Time to unleash the beast. I bought their big dog SoundCloud promotion package which is called a Managed Campaign. This blasts my song to 500,000 people…. all at the same time. Yes, you can reach half a million people from one SoundCloud promotion package.


Step 7: The numbers kept pouring in

I got busy again and came back 5 days later. Yet, everything from the Managed Campaign SoundCloud promotion package had literally tripled or quadrupled all of my numbers. I didn’t even think it was real at first until I started checking out every single SoundCloud profile that engaged with my page.

Also, I ran a Soundcloud Realness Tester Tool and everything was real… I was mind blown. 

Isn’t that NUTS? This was only after 14 days of a BRAND NEW SOUNDCLOUD PROFILE.

Check out the Music Marketing Playlist on the main Smart Rapper channel which has music marketing for SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram and way more. 


Step 8: Buying Another Set of Credits

On day 15, I bought another 2,000 credits worth of the SoundCloud promotion package.

STEP 9: Came back two days later to see an unexpected change

I let the rest of the SoundCloud promotion package campaign continue running. This took me more time than anything else did on this site. I spent around 30 minutes doing this. I’ll be honest, it was NOT worth the time and energy. Barely any of the people even responded or reposted because they had to see the request within 48 hours.

I also only chose specific people that didn’t just repost anyone so that I could make the credits count and gain more real followers for people who cared more about what they repost. 

It wasn’t worth it. The campaigns save time and the SoundCloud promotion package managed campaign was the thing that shot it all up.

STEP 11: Using the last of the package credits on day 25

My final campaign ran with the rest of my SoundCloud promotion package credits to see what it would change over the next 5 days. I stepped back and let it do it’s thing.

For day 20, I didn’t set up a good enough campaign which is why I didn’t get much from the results. I set the boundaries of who could post way too high. I wasn’t too happy. We still got results but not the kind I had seen before. But again, this was my fault in the way I used the soundcloud promotion package. 


Here were the results after one month of using Repost Exchange from a BRAND NEW PROFILE. This is 100% REAL AND LEGIT. You can go look at everything on the SoundCloud.com/RobLevel and see the followers, likes and reposts are all real people. 

This is the ONLY program I used to grow the SoundCloud over a month period. The results are absolutely beautiful. 

I am going to be using this every single month when I release a new song onto my SoundCloud. I’ll be showing results for every single song so you can watch it work each time.

My plan is to see what Repost Exchange and ONLY Repost Exchange does for me over the course of 6 months. I want to see if I can hit 10,000 followers and really build a fanbase on SoundCloud using this and a combination of SoundCloud Manager with it. You’ll get to watch my growth on there.

Seeing that this is legit… I am okay with promoting this to everyone at Smart Rapper. Remember, there is a FREE Level you can use this without having to pay a dime for a SoundCloud promotion package and still be able to use features that I showed in Step 2 which DID help me grow.

I reached out the CEO of the company and even interviewed him to get insider tips and information on the site. Through this process, I got a code/link that will allow anyone who uses it to get 30 extra credits even for signing up to the FREE level.

Now I got A LOT of video and way more information on Repost Exchange I’m going to be posting during sound cloud week on Smart Rapper so look for those other videos on the channel or in the SoundCloud Promotion And Music Marketing Playlist on Smart Rapper. 

Use the code SMARTRAPPER to get your 30 extra credits and click the link below https://smartrapper.com/RE to get started using this and see how it works for you.

If you want even more SoundCloud secrets and strategies to massively grow, you can get the SoundCloud Marketing Masterclass that comes in my Music Marketing Masterclass bundle. I teach you all of these secrets for Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and everything else that I learned from running a huge marketing agency. 


If you learn how to market your music, you’ll never have to hire a music promo company ever again. You’ll SAVE money, be able to do it yourself, AND make money showing other people how to market themselves. It’s genius.

I can’t wait to release my next single and see what this kind of SoundCloud promotion package does for me. Don’t forget to let me know how this worked out for you.

– @Rob_Level

Repost Exchange: https://smartrapper.com/RE

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