SECRETS REVEALED: 4 Ways Broke Rappers Seem Super Rich

SECRETS REVEALED: 4 Ways Broke Rappers Seem Super Rich

I am going to explain to you how broke rappers can seem super rich. In addition, why some smaller but upcoming rappers, always seem to have a lot of money, have jewelry and be driving nice cars.

I know a lot of these bigger rappers, upcoming rappers and stuff… but I’m not saying any names. This video isn’t to diss or degrade anyone. This is to explain how things work from what I have learned since I have moved to Los Angeles. I’ve seen the real side of the music industry.

1) Rappers Have Financial Investors

Most rappers have heavy investors in their careers.

They just never mention these investors. You never hear about them because this is all the stuff that happens in the background.

The rapper also wants to appear self-made and say they made the money and they invested into themselves.
I see rappers doing it and I am around them and know they have investors.

For someone like me who spent years building businesses to fund my own music career, I find this really disrespectful to people who truly hustled themselves… but I won’t get into that.

Again, rappers you know and love, top big artists… had people invest in their careers to help them get off the ground.

Why Have Investors?

It’s pretty much the same as getting a label deal EXCEPT they aren’t taking a 360 deal and aren’t as constrained or owned.
The financial investor is usually just super-rich and feels “COOL” investing in a rapper that will blow up so he can say he was part of that. He is a winner, his team won and he is even cooler because he is involved in the music industries bigger artists.

They hop from investor to investor collecting more cash and owing more and more people on their way up.
But they use each influx of cash to push themselves a little bit further up the food chain.

I’ve been at the club and suddenly the rapper next to me picks up a phone call. 10 seconds later he is like, “Oh shit I gotta go, I gotta meet with an investor.” It’s 1 in the morning.

What happened is his manager found someone with some cash flow and he told him “Get your ass over here, I want you to meet this potential investor and charm his pants off so he invests in you.”

On Smart Rapper, you always know I tell you, most rappers who are big… have about 15 to 20 people with their hands in the pot. When you don’t do it yourself, you OWE a lot of people.
At the same time, you gotta do what you gotta do to make it.

It all depends on your goals and if you feel you have the hustle to it without someone else’s money.
Generally…. you can’t.

And it’s tough to find someone who believes in your talent as much as you do to where they would invest a heavy enough sum into your music career that it would even help you.

2) Broke Rappers Can Be Really Good Friends With RICH People

Me knowing this one is one of the MAIN REASONS I made sure that when I showed everyone I had bought a new R8… that you saw the $83,000 down payment check from MY BANK ACCOUNT on my Instagram, I made sure that you saw the picture of me having just bought it from Calabasas Luxury Motors…

I didn’t want any confusion about whether or not IT WAS MINE.

Because in Los Angeles, a lot of people know what I am about to tell you… but you don’t learn it unless you are on the inside.

I know a bunch of people that live in LA that are actually REALLY broke or only live off of like $2,000 a month.
They drive around in $150,000 cars, BMW i8 Roadsters, Masaratis and even Lamborghinis.

You are probably wondering how this is possible for broke rappers, and I know I sure as hell was too when I moved to Los Angeles.
Then I realized what was going on.

I know people so rich they have 5 houses and 10 cars.

And if these people REALLY LIKE YOU, they will let you drive the cars they barely drive or stay at their extra house.
If you are cool, they are cool too by association.

A 45 year old guy who is a rich lawyer… he is never going to be a rap star… but… he can be good friends with a rap star, like him a lot and let him use his stuff on the come up.

This is COMPLETELY COMMON! I know at LEAST 5 people off the top of my head who barely make money and scrape by, but people LOVE their personality and let them use their stuff to flex.

3) Broke Rappers Can Be in a big rapper’s crew

I will be chillin with some people at the club, get their Instagram and we follow each other… then be like, “Who the hell is this guy with the Rolls Royce? Last week, he was in a Lamborghini… he only has 30k followers who the hell is this?”

I came to realize, after becoming better friends with the person, they are just part of big rappers’ camps. “Ohhhhh you run with one of the biggest rappers out and he of course hooks his entire team up with whatever they want. Especially if they are a day 1.”

And that person is generally also a rapper who is on the come up. The main artist knows that if his crew is shining, it helps him shine even more as well. Because that person represents HIM and his clique as a whole.

Also, the fake it till you make it principle comes into play, where if his artists are shining, broke rappers or not, people take him more seriously as an artist. So it’s a win-win to make sure that his artists are able to flex at all times… and appear as if they have more money than they really do.

4) Rich Parents Or Family

This one is a DUH, but I want to mention it because I know it’s true for a lot of people all over the place.
You know people like this, too, and I want to make sure that I mention it.

A lot of people are younger and have nice things because… they have rich parents, or they have an inheritance.
You know these people, but I wanted to touch on it briefly just a bit.

It’s really expensive to live in Los Angeles… especially in the nicer buildings. And you cannot possibly afford to live in those buildings unless you have parents paying for the $3,000 a month 1 bedroom rent and the $3,000 a month in additional living expenses.

People like me and you have to work for our money. We can’t ask Mommy and Daddy to buy us anything.
The people that are younger, clean cut and have nice things… generally have a parent paying for their stuff or HELP from their parents in some way.

It’s Common Sense

There is no way you drive an $80,000 car and have a $3,000 a month rent payment at 22 years old unless you started a business at 15… which even then would require parents help.
Most people don’t become financially independent or rich until their late 20s or 30s if they did it themselves.
I am saying all of this to be sure that I mention it, but also to point out that the people who have parents who gave them things will never be respected the same way me and you are respected for doing it ourselves.

We are the hustlers, the people who came from absolutely dirt and truly built our way to the top.
The people who started at the middle and made it up… that’s not a struggle… that’s starting your life with convenience, help, less stress, less worry and more opportunity.

Who can respect people who didn’t work for what they have?
Just remember, if you are in the mud right now, everyone will respect you 10 times more than those people. Let them have their parents money. What they won’t have is the amount of respect and money you’ll have in the end!

Rob Level

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