Setting Up Your Instagram To Gain Spotify Monthly Listeners (YouTube Ads Secrets)

Setting Up Your Instagram To Gain Spotify Monthly Listeners (YouTube Ads Secrets)

Setting Up Your Instagram To Gain Spotify Monthly Listeners Transcript

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What’s up gang?. In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up your Instagram to gain, tons of Spotify monthly listeners. Way faster than you would in any other way. And this is the thing. This is actually taken directly from one of my masterclasses, my YouTube ads masterclass, where you can get 5 to 10 views for every penny.

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And that’s real. I showed the proof, whatever, I’m putting a link below to that. But but how you’re going to learn today, I’m going to show you how to do this. You can gain way more monthly listeners and you know how powerful that is just from the perception of somebody else seeing you. How many monthly listeners. Okay, I’ll take him or her seriously.

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Okay. So actually, I do it in this video. I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper. You’re about to get smarter from one of these videos straight from my YouTube Ads Masterclass. Let’s go. All right. It’s time to talk about it in here. We’re actually going to talk about how to set up your Instagram for you to gain the most amount of followers in the fastest amount of time.

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The quickest amount of time possible. Okay. Here’s here’s how we’re going to go into this and explain this to you. Okay? Because there’s a couple of key factors a lot of people often miss, first and foremost, which you really want to take into account is your profile always needs to make you look like an artist, not just look, you need to show that you are an artist.

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Okay? Like ostensibly, to all outward appearances, they look at this profile, who is this person? So first and foremost, your profile needs a say musician. If it’s not already set up like this, you could change it inside of your settings. You could change it to say what kind of a company or brand you want.

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Okay? And you need to change that to musician. Not musician band. Unless you do rock music or if it is a band, if you’re a group of people. Musician I’m telling you right now, the first thing, even though is this musician here, the first thing you need to say before you say anything else that describes you is your a music artist is first and foremost.

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Yes, I do own nine companies. I do own a company that’s worth over $30 million, where I’m the number one music guru. All these other things don’t matter. You know what matters more than anything, and matters more than anything to me is that I’m a music artist and that’s why has to be number one. If I think about how this looks, if I take master music artist and I put it at the end, it looks like it’s the least important to me.

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So this is very small psychological things you need to take into account when building your Instagram. Okay. Next is you can say funny things and you can say things that really, you know, really kind of like go with you and make sense for you because you can be witty. Depends on your music, right? If you make street music, might be better, say like specific street type things like you know I’m saying like a chief of the, you know what I’m saying. Without getting, you know, you already know the deal I’m going to go to deep in to that, be careful with certain stuff.

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People will say funny things like oh I saw this girl, she had a profile said pony rider but I don’t own any ponies. So stuff like that, like, I mean, this kind of it’s funny, but she’s made like, freak, freaky girl music, whatever. But like you say, things like that that match with your brand and people are going to be like, oh, that’s what he did. I did not like when I had my Just Get In stuff going right like this. And since I had all these running, see this right here.

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When you tell your mom you’re majoring in art, whatever, have these going. Because that’s that’s actually from this video right here. You can see it. I’m just like a car salesman. I’m in a car. Car lot, rented out the whole car lot. Actually same one that they use in the new NBA movie just funny.

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But the thing is, is for that I said stuff like part time car salesman, stuff like that. Depending on the release that you’re doing, depending on the campaign that you’re currently doing, you can do that. Okay, Now you want to put other things right, like your location, right? Like, I want to let people know that I’m from South Side Chicago, but at the same time, they need to know that I’m in L.A. in case they want to network with me ok. Because if I just put South Side Chicago. I did that. That was mistake.

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I made, one time I was like, I’m from South Side Chicago, but the people are like, Oh, you even in L.A., Are you in L.A.? And I was talking to people, talking to girls, and they were like, Do you even live in L.A.? Like, you have to make sure that you do that. And last, I also leave it off on the end of the profile saying new music every 14 days, okay, with you, You need to say new music coming.

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Something. Let them know that there is new music coming. Now, if you look at these, like all of these that are in order are their music. Now the ones along the right side are actually inspirational video. So that’s on brand, but everything else is music related. Two out of every three post is music. And then I got some some other ones here, like me being posted as music superstars making an impact.

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How Rob Level of Smart Rapper is helping change our world. Posting stuff like that because it’s on branch shows what I’m doing. So you want to make sure that there’s music posted, videos posted, even if it’s a lyric video like album artwork covers stuff that like, oh, new music coming out all these different things and make sure that they’re on your profile so that people see that your a music artist.

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That’s what matters more than anything, is that you are a music artist and that needs to come across on the profile. You got really quick if you hit the subscribe button for me, I really appreciate it. Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together. That’s it.

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Let’s get back to the video. Profile picture really matters. You got to make sure that if you make your headline something that’s witty or something that really represents you, it’s tough to like give you specifics because everybody’s brand is different. Your thing is never going to say the same thing, mind us, right? It’s always going be different, but you have to be creative with it.

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Come up with a bunch of different stuff, making this alone with the exact amount and right character count, probably took me about 20 minutes seriously, because you can only use exactly a specific amount of characters and I maximized and used every single one of them. Next up, make sure that your ratio of how many people you’re following, how many followers you have, stays as low as possible.

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You need to go through and scrub people. You really don’t know, stuff like that and you need to remove them from your following. Remove them like ASAP. And the reason being is because if you have 5000 followers and you’re following a thousand people, once your number hits into the four digits, it looks like you follow for followed or like you don’t care about the ratio or you’re not even on Instagram taking it that serious, you follow whoever. Like it actually does matter.

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Once you go into the four. It’s not a good play, not a good play at all. So keep your numbers as high as possible. You need to post as much as possible and honestly, the best post times, believe it or not, it fluctuates. But right now it’s 6 a.m.. PST So on the West Coast it’s 6 a.m. and then on the East Coast. Okay, In New York it would be 9 a.m., three hour time difference, I believe its 3 hours.

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But pretty ridiculous if you live on the West Coast because you get if you get a post like that. So you have to use a software to pre upload everything, which in my Instagram masterclasses, I show you guys how to do all that.

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So all the work for you posting for months on end can be completely done. Here look at this. If I show you real quick, if you see this this file here, go going to June post if you look at this. Right. So you see me. If I go to June post, look at this, I made one folder for every single post and I pre-made every post for every month until the end of the year.

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So all I have to do is pre upload it and it’s posting for me on Instagram every single day until the end of the year. Think about it. The only thing you have to do then is actually just the stories. But yeah, you can check out my Instagram masterclass if you want to Anyway, so this is this is very useful stuff, whether you believe it or not.

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It’s very small, simple stuff that may not seem that important, but trust me, it is. You need to look like a music artist so people take you seriously as a music artist. When they go to your profile and then it needs to be content on there. It makes them want to follow you that allows them to engage with you.

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All right. So let’s keep going in this masterclass. All right. And that was a free video from my YouTube Ads Masterclass and also Spotify Masterclass that teach you how to do everything at once to grow YouTube and Spotify at the same time as I show you how to do. Link is below for that. And if you don’t want it, you want to see a little bit more information, free cheat sheet below. I’m going to give you two cheat sheets to the YouTube cheat sheet and I give you the 22 Spotify hacks cheat sheet okay, they’re both yours. Just tell me where to send them. Link is below or go to All right because I’m hook you up.

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I’m Rob Level this is Smart Rapper. Hit me with a subscribe, hit me with a like. I hope this helps you out. Keep hustling gang and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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