You’ll Go Full Force Fearlessly After Seeing This

You’ll Go Full Force Fearlessly After Seeing This

You’ll Go Full Force Fearlessly After Seeing This Transcript

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What up gang, in this video I’m going to tell you something that’s going to help you fearlessly, go full force with your music. And talk about some tricks that you can use while you’re running your ads. Stop being scared of the word ads, ads are how you’re going to gain your fanbase on the back end, back in for the cheapest amount of money possible, and also guarantee results that you’re going to see because it’s showing your music to people that are targeted. I’m gonna teach some stuff today.

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All right. I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper. That means you’ve got to get smarter. Let’s go and get into it. Right now. I want to show you a little shum shum. If you go into your creator’s studio, which can go up top here, top left, and it’ll be here from any other page. You can click here, go across your channel, and you’re going to type in whatever video it is. I want to bring you to A Screwed Up True Story real quick.

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I want to show you something about the analytics because you can really use this go here to the left game, which is analytics. All right. And we’re going to be able to really go dive deep into this. And we want to find the advanced mode right here so we can click advanced mode here. Okay, Then what you want to be able to do, what I like doing is you can look for, you know, different trends.

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All is so much data here. All right. Let’s go to geography now. This is what I really like looking at is just, you know, where’s all the traffic coming from? And because I was running, see this here, right. It’s because I was running it, you know, obviously at the CPM and at the cost per view being as low as possible with it being super, super inexpensive.

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Right. Super inexpensive. Getting those almost ten views for a penny. Right. But what happens is this is you can go in here, you can look at the average duration and the average duration of this is more than half of the video. Before I was running it to anybody for the viewability, which was still, by the way, converting, which bring me a tremendous amount social proof, almost every country and actually have proof of it.

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One second here. If you look here right beforehand I want to show you. So if you look in this, look at the retention time on every one of them is at least over 1:36 1:33 here. So like this is in every country, no matter what country they were in. Look at that. That is every country around the world.

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Right. And you know what that says? That’s proof that it doesn’t matter. They obviously speak English. They wouldn’t keep watching if they didn’t understand the video or if it wasn’t intriguing to them. Do you get that? So I just wanted to kind of show this as proof to you that these other countries are paying attention. Okay. Now, let me hit you with some other facts.

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Okay. You can Google this. Obviously, I pulled this from Google. Look at this. Okay. Crazy. And by the way, look at this. This this statistic was 2012, 125 million people spoke. Now, look at this. It doubled. Okay? And then it went to frickin 20% of their population. It’s like absolutely ridiculous. In total, now over 200 million people inside of India alone speak English.

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Okay. And when you’re running your ads, it’s only going to target people who speak English if you click English. Okay. And I just wanted to show you so you understand, it’s okay to run it overseas and get those views. Yes, it is converting. This is what I was running and I gained 12,000 subscribers. I got 5 million views in one month.

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Whatever your budget is, you can scale this up and you can really be gaining fans. It’s don’t worry about it being somebody who may not speak English. They speak English in other countries to my friend. Okay, so last thing we take into account in Canada, there’s only 37 million people to speak English. And in the UK I think it’s one like 16 million or something like that.

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So if you take that into account, everybody in India, there’s almost five times the people in India, four times the people in India, no, five times, four speak English. That’s crazy. Just in that country alone. Oh, my God, It just blows my mind even saying it out loud again. Anyway, let’s go ahead and let’s keep it going.

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I just wanted to stop you from being fearful so you would really take this to the ultimate limit for yourself. All right. And that was a free video from my YouTube Ads Masterclass and also Spotify Masterclass that teach you how to do everything at once to grow YouTube and Spotify at the same time as I show you how to do. Link is below for that.

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And if you don’t want it, you want to see a little bit more information, free cheat sheet below. I’m going to give you two cheat sheets to the YouTube cheat sheet and I give you the 22 Spotify hacks cheat sheet okay, they’re both yours. Just tell me where to send them. Link is below or go to All right because I’m hook you up. I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper. Hit me with a subscribe, hit me with a like. I hope this helps you out. Keep hustling gang and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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