Should You Mix Your Own Songs At First? Is It Hard?

Should You Mix Your Own Songs At First? Is It Hard?

My answer to this question is a definite yes and I’m going to talk to you about the benefits and reasons why you SHOULD be mixing. Don’t be scared because I’m not telling you to learn everything, you just gotta learn the basics.

Here are the advantages to mixing your own songs at first

1) You will have a firmer understanding of how things work This means later when you want to suggest something to an engineer you can tell them in their own language.

Turn up the compressor a bit on the main vocals. Pull some of the high end EQ out.

If you don’t understand how something works you won’t know how to explain what you want to make better.

2) You won’t make excuses like “I can’t release a song because I don’t have anyone to mix it so why even record a song”

3) You can make money from other rappers in your neighborhood WHILE learning how to get better at mixing. You’ll be the go to guy and gain more fans and respect that way. Everyone wants to be a rapper, you can have the studio AND mix for them.

I’m going to make another video that will tell you what you need to know to mix your own songs. The basics and how to grow your mixing abilities the same way I did since I have mixed a bunch of my music projects.

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