That Time I Met Logic Rapper…

That Time I Met Logic Rapper…

How To Copyright Your Rap Name So Nobody Else Uses It

The only way to guarantee KEEPING your name is to make a NAME for yourself haha.

Think about how rappers with these names MADE the name instead of letting it belong to something else.

50 Cent… 50 cent…..

The Game… thats a daily used name… I’m about to go play the game, I’m going to the game… but when you say his name you know what rapper you’re talking about.

Think Eminem… that’s the name of a candy that was created 76 years ago…. and the company it’s under makes 33 BILLION dollars a year…

Think about Future… the rapper name FUTURE… FUTURE! Or Ice Cube…. ICE CUBE!

You make the name for yourself.

You just have to work harder than anybody else trying to use the same rap name.


When Logic Rapper was growing in 2011 I was paid to do a show at a sneaker convention in downtown Chicago.

My team had been talking about how I should link with Logic rapper and he thought we had a lot in common and would be great on a track together.

I do the show and rapper logic is there and he introduces himself as logic the rapper and I’m like oh awesome man my team has been saying good things about you.

Had a great conversation with him… come to find out it wasn’t logic rapper it was some other kid that was a rapper named logic… clearly he no longer can go by that name lol

Make sure you pick a good name that’s memorable. And you make the name for yourself.

You just became a Smarter Rapper.




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