How to Stay on Beat When You Perform LIVE

How to Stay on Beat When You Perform LIVE

What’s up smart rapper!Really quick video got to answer this question because it was asked and actually people ask it a lot. So when it comes to doing stage performances should you take the vocal out of this song. When you’re. When you’re doing a show. Or should you keep it in there. I’m going to give you a really quick answer on that. And we’re going to get smarter right after the show. I’m Rob level. It’s a smart rapper Don. Let’s get into a smart rapper family. OK. So when you do perform should you take the vocal Saluzzi of a song you know a two track song. You get the song and it’s playing in the background. Ok now imagine you’re on stage you rock the show was in the show right. OK. When your vocals are playing and you’re talking out the microphone you’re also coming out of the speakers.

OK so what you don’t want to have happening is your real cheerful track playing which your real vocals on it. Because when you talk to it now is distorting because you’re talking over the already already and you’re not matching it exactly it’s going to sound not so when the tone is not so good. Right so what you’re really going to want to do in this circumstance is what I tell you to do before you go on stage for all of your for all of your records that you had before you’re going to go out and perform what you wouldn’t recommend doing is you take the track you have the person and mixed it or if you mixed it you go when you take the main vocal and the Alexander thing and you pull you push them down like six decibels OK.

OK. And you played say that loud enough I’m going to sound you know and maybe push on a little bit more to where they’re just barely audible to you. And then when you’re on stage to the audience right. We’re just barely hearable but you can still hear that you lose yourself if you like Oh shit now I don’t want to lose stuff like I’m going out and suddenly you lose yourself when you’re flowing that oh shit what was that song. Oh she wrote that because I can hear myself right. So that’s what you want to do now. Often times for super professional artists takes it out completely and does the song just does it. But that takes practice. That’s like a lot actually you do a bunch of shows. You get used to doing that and you’re going to have to do that over time.

How to Stay on Beat When You Perform LIVE

But when you’re beginner shows you’re not doing huge venues you get a place they can hold probably 300 to 500 people or even maybe even a little bit more. You can do it where you just push down that OK and you’re going to you’re going to get onstage and you’re still going to sound good especially a hypeman helping you go through it. Right. That’s really the quick answer to that is. You should definitely at least lower the vocals the main vocals okay now. Oh shit forget. The chorus though. It’s a good idea to keep it a little bit louder because you can kind of like vibe with it. You can still do the lyrics of of course but if somebody is already a fan of you and they already know that chord sounds like they still like the vibe that that course gives so keeping a little bit more of it in there like maybe just keep em put that down like 94 decibels instead.

Then you can go along with it people like that vibe. So like that and that’s from my experience so six decibels down on your main vocals now lives with voiceovers push everything down OK. Were you still barely here. And then with the chorus keep putting down about four and go over that OK and when you’re really good you keep the chorus in there so people can buy into it but you take out the main vocals completely instead of your verses and be able to just feel that just wrap them OK.

Right. Any comments any questions get put those below. I appreciate your smile. Every family got him we would subscribe. And when you hit subscribe hit the little bell because it’s going to notify you every summer release a new video widget every single day. Every day. So you could become a smarter rapper. All right I’m going to show you guys tomorrow with another video but until then. Check out these other videos right here and the hits the scry. OK. This right. And then check them out the channel. OK. So all I’m asking. That’s all I’m asking. Well you to think going to ask again. So get everybody’s saying we asked me about this hour right here. I get to do some goofy show mercy on them. Stay safe out there on the street.


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