What Is Perfect Rhyme In Rap (21 Savage Bank Account Example)

What Is Perfect Rhyme In Rap (21 Savage Bank Account Example)

What’s up smart rapper family. I’ve been noticing a lot of people have been watching the videos that have to do with how to write lyrics how to write songs or write choruses and how to find your fellow and all of these things. I was like you know what. It really would make more sense for me to go back and actually make some more videos that are about the fundamentals and the basics of rapping. Even the most minuscule even the smallest little pieces once you understand the small pieces you can build better on the bigger pieces. It’s like if you don’t know how to use a nail in order to put the boards together then you know it’s going to be really hard for you to understand how a building is built. You know when you’re at the you’re trying to get a jump in at the top of.

What I’m saying here don’t go back and start doing that. The more simple thing is in some of these videos not all of the nowhere some I know some of you guys are seasoned rappers. You know what I’m saying. But I want to make sure that people who don’t know can actually learn and learn and understand. Oh that’s what that is. Oh now I understand because it may make some clicks for you just something very very basic but still you need to know these things. And I’m also going to well you’ll see them saying today I’m going to talk about exact what a perfect crime is. And it is something that you need to know what took will other things and other videos and you’re going to get the hang of these things are right. But others are teaching these things so that you’re ahead of other rappers who think that they’re smart.

Right. I’m rob level this is smart rapper TV / .com and you’re about to get smarter right after the intro. So today. Perfect right. Right.perfect rhyme perfect rhyme. I’d say three times is when a rhyme has the same endings sound as another rhyme that you have. Okay so I’m not going to give you examples from rappers that you may already listen to or at least songs. I’m positive that you heard if you listen to rap music I want to be a rapper so they’re going to use that example is it to be 21 savage bank account I’m going to show I’m going to go do his lines I’m going to say this is a perfect rhyme. This is not a perfect rhyme and you’re going to see that very quickly and I’ll explain the difference.

What Is Perfect Rhyme In Rap (21 Savage Bank Account Example)

OK. So. That right in front of me because I made this thing earlier and I still don’t even those lyrics because I don’t listen to 21 savage but I figured let’s go to his lyrics. I’m sure that he uses a lot of perfect rhymes because of. His style. It’s basic but it’s so basic that whatever I have a hole in the bit I’m going to go on why he blew up. You know I’m saying.

No distract him this fuckin works and it sounds great. You know I’m saying sounds very good for him. So anyway. All right Louis triple homicide. Put me in the chair. Yeah triple homicide. Put me and now I’m finally in a chair. You know. Right. Let me read the damn lyrics they’re gay triple homicide. Put me in a chair. Yeah. Triple crossed the plug. We don’t play we do not play fair. Yeah okay. Chair and fair. They both rhyme and air ay ay are okay. That makes a perfect rhyme because it ends in the same exact spelling and sound right. Chair. Bear. OK. Then it moves on to another perfect rhyme. Got him got antenna’s chains on a real blink. Drake will make you do the chicken hey like chewing the hell he raps into it. That

is rough it on blingy chingy. So they both an  i n g y right.

blingy chingy they both rhyme and then the same rhyme the same the same letters. Okay. Okay. And because of that. That’s a perfect rhyme. You see that green right and then the moons the other ones that are all they also rhyme but these ones in red. They’re not perfect rhymes. Okay look. Walk in with a walk in Neiman Marcus and I spent like 50. Please proceed with caution shooters day be right with me so 50 in with me. They don’t rhyme in the same letters they don’t rhyme at all like Chair chair and fair or blinking. So which are perfect rhymes but 50 with me. And then you can see titties that those are. They rhyme but they’re not perfect rhyme even 50 entities are not even of 50 titties. said you can make them run or a jacket ashes jacket passion’s while you can make the time.

They do not jacket Ashes Action. You could make those run depending on how you say them but not perfect rhymes. Okay bastard faster. They rhyme with assonance bass bass. That’s assonance I’ll make it out of you on that right. But that is those aren’t right. So again chair. Fair perfect crime. Believe me. Cheaney perfect crime because they and in the same letters.

What Is Perfect Rhyme In Rap (21 Savage Bank Account Example)

Okay. And notable and the words like that. And with -ing it’s the rhyme part of the ends with the same rhyme part. OK. Now you know the rhyme is used became a smarter rapper. If you guys have any questions on basic stuff which you know here’s the thing about these videos you probably don’t even know that this stuff exists. I never concerned myself with what a perfect rhyme was but when I saw what it was now you can identify and go okay right. And the thing is as times I try not to use perfect rhymes unless it is extremely necessary because it’s better to bend the words using assonance which MNM does on a regular basis for a reason because basic perfect rhymes have been used over and over and over and over again it’s often what a very simple rapper does because he only knows to rhyme those words because his vocabulary is not big enough and he has been rapping long enough so we always use uses perfect rhymes you can avoid perfect rhymes when you see them.

That’s good. But don’t ever think that line makes sense and it flows right. Use it OK. When he says blini Cheney these go here. These worked perfectly fine right chair fair. That’s fine. But think of how often you write and chair of affairs right. That’s right. You can try to use words that are going to bend or be different words that people haven’t used before that can help you stand out from the crowd but on the other videos on that. Got it. This is about perfect crime. So you became a rapper. I hope you learned something today. Well you did because you can’t more Amirov level.

This is smartrapper.com hit me with a comment with your 4 bars of the day and the go ahead and make all of your bars. Today the four boys were below. Make them all perfect right. I want to see if you understand Reitman’s. It’s simple. Just make sure it’s simple. Even if you want to use fair share air sand go ahead and use those as the rhyme that things are going to start your rhymes. Your rhymes off with and see what you can do with them. As is good practice for you ought to really help sticking your head and a light and then moving to subscribe and then hit the little bell when you hit subscribe because it’s going to notify you every time we release a video which is every day so you can become a smarter rapper.

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