smart rapper freshman list

Smart Rapper Summer 2019 Freshman List

Smart Rapper Summer 2019 Freshman List

We didn’t choose artists based on politics or buzz they got from luckily being attached to another rapper or platform that helped them blow up. We chose artists we came across that had a good sound who deserve to get heard who didn’t have that kind of luck.

All of these artists are right where you are in the game, they have less than 5,000 total fans across all of their social media and we believe they should be heard. So we are giving them a little bit of shine and a push into the lime light to help them get their career’s moving.

If you want to be in the running to be a Freshman for the Fall season as well as get a review sheet like the one below, you can go to this link to submit your song. 

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Smart Rappers…. We are back… new video EVERY SINGLE DAY on this channel starting NOW… 

and I am kicking it off by show casing talent from you guys. Showing you some of the artists just like you who are grinding to make it and are using Smart Rapper videos to help them on their journey. 

Today I am going to show you the Top 10 Smart Rapper Gang members that we have come across. If you have ever commented on a Smart Rapper Video… you might one of them so be sure to watch till the end. 

This… is the Smart Rapper Summer 2019 Freshman List. 


First off, it was pretty tough to choose a Top 10… I will be doing a freshman list for every season.

But now what we are going to do is, If you want to submit your music to potentially be considered as a freshman and also get a professional grading sheet back LIKE THIS on your submitted songs you can do that by going to a link will be below.

As youll be able to tell after you watch this video… we clearly review EVERY SINGLE SONG. 

When you submit for a review you are also reviewed to see if you are good enough to get on the upcoming Smart Rapper Mixtape that will be hosted by BIG NAME DJs and more. 

I’m going to talk about these artists in no particular order, then play a short snippet of one of their songs. 

Smart Rapper Freshman #1

Donn Chii

Residing in the city of Dallas, Donn Chii’s melodic sound is the definition of feel good music. His project “Taiji” is one of the most complete EPs our team has heard in a while (“Paper or Plastic” is going to be my song of the summer). While Chii’s sound is tailor made to be blasted on radios across the country, he isn’t afraid to take musical risks like including electric guitar to his trap-flavored songs. Give him a listen! Paper or Plastic (00:12- 00:42)

Don Chii – @don.chii – “Paper Or Plastic”  


Smart Rapper Freshman #2


Houston native MaudestMind brings a new twist to the Southern flavor in hip-hop we all know and love. By fusing folk and R&B inspired tunes, killer guitar, and beautiful vocals, Maudestmind has crafted a sound very much in the realm of today’s hip-hop while maintaining plenty of crossover appeal. Play his song “throwback” for ANY of your friends and I guarantee they’ll be bugging about it. Throwback (00:25 – 00:55)

MaudestMind – @maudestmind –  “Throwback Jam”  


Smart Rapper Freshman #3


As the winner of the Smart Rapper Legion Beats Christmas Contest and many other rap contests across the country, it’s no surprise that Washington state native Nyukyung is getting a taste of the spotlight for his incredible music. An extremely versatile artist, Nyukyung matches melodic choruses that’ll be stuck in head all day to aggressive bars that will get you hype. Check out his song “Dedication” if you’re looking for some real inspirational music that’ll have you feeling good all day.



Smart Rapper Freshman #4

Alexander Kain

You know this guy is on the right track with his music when our team members won’t fucking stop playing his music! Hailing from Kenosha, Alexander Kain has done a great job of taking Chance the Rapper-like tunes and pairing them with boom bap beats to make music the midwest should be damn proud of. I highly recommend checking out his song “I Reminisce” if you’re having a bad day. Or a good day. Or are just alive and have ears that work. “ I Reminisce” (00:11- 00:42)

@AlexanderaKain in the zone 


Smart Rapper Freshman #5


Southern drawl has never sounded so good! Mississippi’s own Lootenant brings to you blast from the past 2000s inspired beats that are right at home in today’s hip hop. Lootenant’s verses demonstrate the skill of a seasoned vet confident in his ability to body your favorite rapper’s music. Check out his song “Buck Bounce” if you’re trying to have a fun weekend. (00:55- 01:25) Buck Bounce 

Lootenant – @Lootenantmusic

Lootenant Buck Bounce



Smart Rapper Freshman #6

Reggie Coop

Cincinnati’s own Reggie Coop has bars and bars worth of material to throw at you,  but we’d like to sum up what we think of him in one word: SMOOTH. Reggie’s voice and easy to digest beats create wonderful vibes of music that will give any listener a feeling that they can relate to him. Give “Morning Sun” a listen if you’re trying to think about all those drunken nights out in the club! (00:55- 01:30)

@ReggieCoop100 “morning sun”


Smart Rapper Freshman #7


Meggaman’s name might not even be enough to describe just how good his rapping abilities are. This east coast artist brings plenty of different sounds ranging from sing-song hip-hop to some of the heaviest bars we have heard this year. Look up “The Wave” to hear a GREAT beat that allows Meggaman to show just how good of a rapper he is. “The Wave” (01:00- 01:30)

@i_am_meggaman “The Wave”

Spotify – 


Smart Rapper Freshman #8

Better Unsaid

If you’ve ever worried about finding music that you can play with your boys, your dates, or your parents, Better Unsaid is your first choice. This guy knows what it takes to craft a hit, pulling together catchy choruses, melodic beats, and smooth vocals that you’ll be singing along to way after the song has finished. Check out “evil girl” if you’re ready to sing along to the same song for the rest of the week. “Evil Girl” (00:22- 01:02)

@betterunsaid_official Evil Girl (Prod. SpeakerBangerz)



Smart Rapper Freshman #9

Original Virtuoso

Brooklyn’s own Original Virtuoso is doing the East Coast justice and somehow dropping SchoolBoy Q- like sounds at the same time. OV’s (im rolling with this nickname for now) hard slapping beats pair perfectly with his aggressive, in your face sound. Give his song “Mood” a listen if you want to feel like a trap lord who slaps people with stacks of money. Okay maybe not that crazy but its still a really good fucking song. (00:12- 00:55) 


Spotify: “mood”


Smart Rapper Freshman #10


Definitely wouldn’t have expected this much flavor out of Delaware! Luwavyy brings a sound that feels like a mix between KYLE and Lil Uzi. His melodic delivery does his catchy beats justice on every song. His warm, vibrant style gives you the feeling that he’s really having fun in the studio. I recommend checking out his song “Drippin’ N $auce” if you need a pick me up, or are just trying to brighten up your day!

“Drippin’ N $auce” 


“drippin n sauce”


If you want to be in the running to be a Freshman for the Fall season as well as get a review sheet like the one below, you can go to this link to submit your song. 

Remember guys, NEW VIDEO EVERYDAY starting TODAY on ! Don’t forget the song submission link is below too so you can get a review sheet and be considered for a the freshman list and the smart rapper mixtape! 

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